The Heart of Man

100 Drabbles on Emotion, set in the Clone Wars.

Author's Note: I am doing a writing challenge put forth by my sister (Lt. Basil. You can find a link to her page under my favorite authors. She's working on the same challenge for Kingdom Hearts). Over the next few months I will attempt to write at least one drabble a day based on an emotion from a list she created. Each group of five I complete will be posted as a chapter. The drabbles are not necessarily connected, and are not in chronological order, but will all be somehow linked to the Clone Wars TV series. If you wish to attempt this challenge, I will post each of the prompts at the beginning of the chapter, and you can copy-paste. You are welcome to change any prompts that you find repetitive, boring, or uncomfortable if you wish. I will also post any warnings I feel are necessary at the beginning of the chapter. I believe my writing is mild enough to be listed as K plus, but if you disagree, please let me know and I will change the rating to T.

1. Happiness 2. Spite 3. Joy 4. Grief. 5. Lust

Warnings: 2 is kind of gross, 4 slightly depressing, and 5 a bit creepy (but not sexual).


Cheers erupted from the mass of troopers as Fives took a bolo ball to the face. The hapless clone who had thrown the ball paled and bolted in the opposite direction, the ARC hot on his heals. The spectators doubled over with laughter as Fives caught his quarry in a flying tackle and noogied him mercilessly. Said trooper burst out laughing too as he struggled and cried for mercy. Fives finally relented, helping his brother up and giving him a friendly slap on the back. A taunting call of "awwww…" split the air, Fives whirled, and the chase began anew.


Trap's nostrils flared as he neared his post, a tray balanced in his hands. Food was too good for that traitor, that beast who had endangered brothers to help the enemy. Trap spat in the mug, satisfied by the glob of mucus floating in the water. He opened Slick's cell while his fellow guards held their weapons ready. He set down the tray, deliberately tipping the ration bar onto the floor. Too bad the cleaning droids kept the cells spotless… Slick made no eye contact as he started eating.

"Enjoy, scum," Trap sneered, taking his place by the door again.


Sometimes Younglings were an inspiration. In the past few days they had faced certain death several times over, and yet here they were, all smiles. As Ahsoka watched them gallivant about, mercilessly teasing the pirates who had once been their enemies, she wondered if she'd ever been so full of life.

"Quite the show, eh?" Hondo threw an arm 'round Ahsoka's shoulders, his voice soft. "I don't think I've ever seen my men behaving like such imbeciles." He paused and glanced at Ahsoka. "It makes me… glad."

Ahsoka glanced up at the hardened pirate in surprise, then smiled. "Me too."


Obi-Wan was a Jedi. He was supposed to be above emotions like this, but however he tried he couldn't stop the empty feeling in his heart.

He ran his fingers over the holo of Satine's face. So many memories were caught up in those eyes: all the times they'd saved each other, their first kiss…

And now she was gone along with her dreams. Mandalore had fallen back into the control of killers. Sidious had his pet Dathomirian once more. Obi-Wan knew it wasn't the Jedi way, but at times like these he was sorely tempted to give up hope.


A cold smile crossed Palpatine's lips as the door shut behind Anakin. The boy was so strong in the force that the Chancellor could taste it. And his natural temperament was attuned to the Dark Side. It would only take a few carefully placed nudges to turn him: a dead friend here, a conflict there, perhaps some large failure to push him over the edge. Palpatine turned his thoughts to the student. She would have to fall, to bring her master down with her. He licked his lips in anticipation. Soon the boy, and the galaxy, would belong to him.

End note: Spell check tried to grammar correct "clone who" to "clone that." *grumble grumble*