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A few weeks later

Hermione was rushing around Diagon Alley trying to get some last minute things for the party tomorrow. She had spent the morning with Teddy but dropped him off with his grandmother so she could get some things done. She was in a hurry to get back to him.


Hermione turned and saw her best female friend, Luna Lovegood, walking up to her. "Where is Teddy?" Luna asked after she hugged Hermione.

"He is with Andromeda," Hermione said. "I had a few last minute things I needed."

"So, you don't have time for lunch?" Luna asked.

"Not today but next week, I will bring Teddy." Hermione said.

"Good," Luna smiled. "I will send you an owl."

Hermione was distracted. She saw Romilda Vane over Luna's shoulder. Hermione didn't like Harry and Draco's secretary. Hermione remembered how obsessed Romilda was with Harry in school. Now, Hermione could let that go but the girl still flirted with Harry (and Ron and Neville). She flirted with Draco more these days. It infuriated Hermione. She wasn't a jealous person but nature but this girl got on her nerves.

"I wonder why Romilda isn't at work," Hermione mused.

Luna followed Hermione's gaze to the brunette, "It's lunch time. Maybe she is getting lunch."

"I am sure," Hermione said but she didn't believe Romilda was here for a bite. It was summer time and the girl was wearing a cloak. Why would anyone wear a cloak in this heat? "I have to go Luna, I will see you tomorrow."

"Bye Hermione," Luna called as she walked away.

Hermione stayed a comfortable distance behind Romilda. She wasn't sure why she was following her-instinct maybe? Hermione knew this girl was up to something.

Hermione tailed Romilda for several minutes, watching her carefully. She saw Romilda lift the hood of the cloak up and pull it down around her face. Hermione's eyes narrowed when she saw Romilda turn into Knockturn Alley.

"What the-?"

Hermione followed her to an nearly abandoned looking apothecary. This was odd, why would she come here instead of Slug and Jiggers Apothecary out on the main road. This place couldn't have all the ingredients that Slug and Jiggers has?

A person would only choose to go to Knockturn Alley if they wanted to hide-If they were doing something they shouldn't be doing. But Hermione needed to see what she was doing. She needed proof of a crime. Harry and Draco wouldn't believe her otherwise.

Hermione walked into the shop. She wished she had Harry's invisibility cloak. Just as she was about to disillusion herself she tripped and knocked over a table with ingredients. The only people in the shop were the owner and Romilda. They both looked up at Hermione.

Hermione quickly fixed the things she broke and she ran from the shop. She had seen a enough. The ingredients Romilda was buying were enough to open an investigation.

Hermione just needed to talk to Harry. But he was out in the field. She would talk to him when he came home...

Teddy was is in bed. Harry was still at work. He was out in the field helping to train some of the junior Auror's. It surely be after midnight before he came home.

Hermione didn't usually mind the solitude but she couldn't get Romilda out of her mind. She had to makes sure that Harry didn't take anything from her- Harry or any of the other boys. Truth is all four of the senior Auror's were great catches for a girl like Romilda- any girl really? But they were all taken and Hermione wasn't about let Romilda manipulate her fiancé or any of her friends.

Hermione went to the kitchen. She pulled out a bottle of wine and poured herself a glass. She grabbed a book and went to the sitting room to read. She hoped she could stay awake until Harry came home.

Hermione had just settled on the couch when there was a knock on the door. She sighed and put her book down. She stretched and climbed to her feet.

"Would you like Kreacher to open the door?" the house elf croaked from the kitchen.

"No Kreacher," Hermione said. "I am already up."

Hermione crossed the room and went to the door. Her wand was in her back pocket. "Who is it?" Hermione called.

"It's Romilda."

Hermione thought about not opening the door but the girl already knew she was home. She pulled the door open, "What's up Romilda? It's late and Teddy is asleep."

"I think we should talk about what happened today," Romilda said. She looked anxious. "Can I come in?"

Hermione hesitated but then opened the door. Even if Romilda had ill intentions, she wasn't skilled at dueling or charms. What harm could it do?

"Sure, come in," Hermione said and stepped back.

Romilda slipped in and smiled at her.


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