For a long time I've played with the different ways stuff could happen in HoH, and now I finally feel ready to post the story about how I think it would happen if Percy and Annabeth got out of Tartarus before the Argo II headed towards CHB.
I hope you enjoy it ^.^

Percy's POV

Percy didn't feel like running anymore, but on the other hand, he really didn't feel like fighting either – that's all he'd been doing for the gods knows how long time; running, fighting, running, sleeping, fighting, running, eating, fighting, running …

He and Annabeth hadn't had enough rest for Annabeth's ankle to heal, and Percy had spend a lot of time half-carrying, half-dragging Annabeth through Tartarus.

They had been chased by monsters almost all the time since they woke up in Tartarus; chased by everything from the Minotaur to a drakon to some Cyclops.

Percy wouldn't be surprised if someone told him, that he and Annabeth had been fighting all monsters from the Greek mythology.

A part of him always expected to see Kronos wherever he looked, but fortunately Kronos hadn't shown up, yet.

Suddenly Annabeth stopped running, forcing Percy to stop up, too, since he had his arms around her waist and Annabeth her arms around his neck.

"Annabeth, come on," Percy said, his eyes looking after monsters. "We gotta keep running."

"I can't anymore!" Annabeth had tears in her eyes. She was biting her lips, which she only did when she was in deep pain.

Percy looked at Annabeth's ankle for two seconds before looking back at her face. "Right. Why don't we sit down here for some time?" He suggested while pulling Annabeth gently towards the wall.

"No," Annabeth said. She opened her mouth slightly as if she was going to say something more, but was interrupted by Percy.

"There's no way I'm leaving you," he protested. "Not now when we've come this far!"

"Please, Percy," Annabeth pleaded. "Go."

Percy was just about to answer as they started to hear some noise. They both froze and stared towards the noise. Soon a big group of telkhines appeared in the darkness. Percy was sure that there were over 30 of them.

"Run!" Annabeth shouted.

Percy knew that she wanted him to leave her there, but he didn't attend to do that. He placed Annabeth's arm around his neck, and placed his arm around her waist. Annabeth didn't even bother to protest, and together they started running.

Percy didn't know how long time they had run before Annabeth cried his name over the noise of the telkhines. She was pointing at something, but Percy couldn't see what she was pointing at.

"Look!" she cried.

While running, Percy kept focusing at the spot Annabeth pointed at. Was that … light? Seeing the light gave him new energy. He bended down and wrapped his arms around her legs and placed her on his shoulder. The he started running faster than ever towards the light, carrying Annabeth over his shoulder,

The light grew bigger and bigger and suddenly Annabeth started laughing; it was a hysterical and relieved laugh. Percy couldn't help but to laugh, too.

After so long time surrounded in endless darkness and cliffs and tons of monsters, Percy and Annabeth finally saw light and Percy was eager to get out there; get out and finally feel the sun on his skin, and finally seeing Annabeth's face clearly again.

"Percy! Annabeth!" a girl's voice cried and Percy soon realized it came from the light. He and Annabeth speeded up.

As Percy and Annabeth came closer to the light, he could see that it was doors – the Doors of Death.

Percy put Annabeth down as they reached the doors. Nico ran towards them. "I'm sorry," he said before he pushed Percy and Annabeth out and started sealing the doors from Tartarus, while Jason did it from the other side.

It all happened so fast, that neither Annabeth nor Percy could react.

"Why ..?" Annabeth started choked. She didn't seem to be able to finish the question, but Jason understood.

"He chose it. He said that he should be the one sealing the doors from the inside."

Percy leaned against the doors while catching his breath. "But he's just a kid!"

"We tried to make him change his mind, but he's too stubborn!" Piper said softly. "There was nothing we could do."

"He kept saying that we weren't meant to close the doors from the inside," Hazel murmured.

They stood there in silence for a few minutes. Then Jason said carefully, "Look, I know it's terrible that Nico is in there right now, and I know he meant a lot to you, but we should get going."

Annabeth and Percy had a silent conversation, and then they both nodded.

The crew decided to plan their next move before Annabeth and Percy got some rest, so they could let them get as much rest as they needed without losing time.

The others gave Annabeth and Percy some update about what had been happening while they'd been in Tartarus (according to the others Percy and Annabeth had been there for almost two weeks), but there was really only one thing they dwelled on – the fact that the Romans still were on their way to Camp Half-Blood, if they weren't already there, fighting.

"So the Romans could be attacking Camp Half-Blood right now, as we speak?" Percy tried to keep his voice calm.

"Uhm … yes?" Frank answered insecure.

"How long time would it take to get there?" asked Annabeth.

Leo thought for a short moment before answering. "Since we're in Epirus, we could get there on 8 hours, if we're fast – I mean, really, really fast."

"Then why are we still sitting here?" Annabeth demanded with a high-pitched voice. "Get this ship to the camp as fast as possible!"

Leo didn't let Annabeth tell him that twice. He ran to the control room, and soon they could feel the ship take off.

Hazel looked at Annabeth and Percy with a concerned expression on her face. "You two should get some sleep. As it seem now you'll barely get 8 hours rest."

Percy tried to protest, but none of the others, except Annabeth, believed that he could do much good without getting some sleep.

"Go!" Piper demanded. "Now!"

Okay, so this was the first chapter. I don't know how many chapters this could end up in (that depends on how much I can get out of this start), but I'm sure that there'll be at least one more chapter. After that we'll just have to see.

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