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Annabeth's POV

Percy glared from demigod to demigod to hunter to satyr. "Are we done?"

Annabeth couldn't help but admire Percy's leadership. She'd seen him acting like a true leader loads of times, but she had never seen him causing such a massive effect. Nobody said anything or even moved.

"Thanks," Percy said. "Now would you please just listen for a second?"

It was clearly not a question; it was more like an order, and nobody disobeyed – not even Octavian or Reyna.

Annabeth's eyes scanned the reaction of all the demigods, hunters, satyrs and nymphs around her. Her eyes stopped first at Grover, then Thalia and then some of the other familiar faces from her camp. A lot of them looked like they had tons of questions for Percy. Thalia mostly looked like the wanted to punch Percy for disappearing for so long time.

Percy took a deep breath. Then he turned towards Reyna, who'd appeared among the Roman demigods. "Reyna, by attacking this camp you're doing exactly what Gaea expects you to. She doesn't want the Romans and the Greeks working together, cause that is the only thing that can stop her: us working together."

"Your friend destroyed our camp! You Greeks started this!" Reyna said.

Leo appeared next to Percy. "I was possessed by an eidolon!"

"That is no excuse!" Octavian said. "Somebody needs to pay –"

"And that somebody shouldn't be Leo," Percy interrupted. "I swore on my life that they wouldn't attack, therefore I should be the one to pay if that would be satisfaction enough for you."

To Annabeth's relief Reyna hesitated. Then she finally spoke. "We will hold you to your words later on, but right now you and your friends seem to have something important to tell us."

For some reason Annabeth hadn't expected to hear Reyna say that, and judging from Jason and Percy's faces, they hadn't, either.

Percy quickly regained composure. He motioned for Annabeth to explain.

"Okay. We all know the 2nd great prophesy, right? For the Romans it would be the Prophesy of the Seven," Annabeth said. "As it seems we have to fight as a team against Gaea and her giants."

"And to kill a giant demigods and gods have to work together," Piper added before Annabeth spoke again.

"Exactly, and if the gods are to be capable of fighting, we – Greeks and Romans – have to call a truce at least until this war is over, so the gods will stop changing from Greek to Roman and from Roman to Greek." Annabeth looked around just to make sure everybody understood. "I think that was it."

Clarisse raised an eyebrow. "That's it? No brilliant Athena-worthy plan?"

"Well, we haven't exactly had much time to figure that out since Percy and I have been quite … busy," Annabeth said, trying to find the right word.

"Which, I guess, that the thing you've been 'busy' with also explains why you and Percy are so dirty and bruised and tired?" Thalia said, sounding sarcastic.

Annabeth caught Percy's eyes.

Should we tell them? his eyes seemed to ask.

You think now would be a good time? she said without a sound.

Percy frowned for a few seconds and then he raised his shoulders. How should I know? he seemed to say. Annabeth smiled at little.

"Seaweed Brain," she muttered. There was a reason why she had started calling him that to begin with, and he definitely still deserved the nickname.

"Hey!" Percy protested. "It was a fair question!"

Annabeth hadn't realized that she had spoken loud enough for anybody else to hear. "Well, what do you think?" she asked out loud, knowing that everybody had noticed their conversation anyway.

"I don't think it would hurt," Percy said after a short hesitation. "They're gonna find out later on anyway."

His eyes quickly flickered towards the ship, just to let Annabeth know what he meant.

"Tell us what?" Reyna asked, sounding a little impatient.

"Start from the beginning," Percy told Annabeth.

Annabeth looked at him with pain in her eyes: this was going to be hard and painful. "Okay, then," she begun with a little hesitation in her voice. "Before I left to find Percy at Camp Jupiter, Athena contacted me … or well, she wasn't really Athena. I think she was more Minerva-like. Anyways, she gave me this coin – the mark of Athena – and told me to follow it. Later on I realized that she the only thing that could stop the fight between the Romans and Greeks would be the Athena Parthenos, and I guess that it would be where the mark led to."

Annabeth stopped speaking for a moment, trying to figure out how to tell the rest of the story. Then after a minute or so she spoke again: "I went for the Parthenos alone in Rome. And I found it."

She stopped as she could hear a lot of murmuring around – especially from the Athena kids.

"But," she said before anyone could say anything, "of course Arachne was guarding the Parthenos. The quest would've been way too easy if she hadn't. I tried to talk to her and ended up tricking her to making her own trap from the web she had used to cover up the Parthenos. That's when the other came to my rescue. The Parthenos was too heavy for the floor so it started cracking. I told the others to get the Parthenos, and they did.

But as the floor cracked Arachne falls into the chasm in the cave. Suddenly I started to fall with her. Hazel pointed out that there's a spider web attached to my ankle. Percy managed to crap my hand before I fall into the chasm with Arachne.

I told Percy to let go of me, cause I knew it would be impossible for Percy to save me. He refused. He told Nico to lead the others to the doors of death, and that we would meet them there. Then, after Nico finally agrees, Percy let go of the ledge and Percy and I both fell down into the chasm."

"The chasm led strait to Tartarus," Percy said after Annabeth had made it clear that she wouldn't say more.

At Percy's words everyone started to speak at the same time. The Greeks and some Romans looked horrified, while the rest of the Romans didn't look like they believed the story.

Percy waited until everybody was silent – which would say almost 15 minutes – before speaking. "Annabeth and I went through Tartarus, chased by monsters, for two weeks just because Annabeth believed that the Parthenos could stop the fight between the Greeks and the Romans."

"Wait," Thalia said. "Where's Nico even?"

Annabeth and Percy looked at each other, neither of them wanting to tell Thalia where her cousin was.

"He volunteered to close the doors of death from Tartarus," Jason explained after some time. "We tried to talk him from it, but he's really stubborn. He believed that all the others of us would be needed."

Thalia suddenly looked pale. She opened her mouth to say something, but no sound came out.

"Look," Percy said calmly. "Annabeth and I did not go through Tartarus and Nico didn't close those doors from Tartarus just so you guys could keep on fighting."

Annabeth looked at Leo. "Show them the Parthenos."

Leo didn't hesitate on second. He dragged Jason and Frank over to the Argo II and together the three of them managed to get the Parthenos out of the ship.

The statue was just as Annabeth had remembered – if not even more glorious. And Annabeth couldn't help but once again notice how much it actually looked like Athena.

Everybody was silent for a long time until an Athena camper suddenly asked: "What now?"

"Honestly," Annabeth said frustrated. "I don't know."

"We fight Gaea," Percy announced. Then he looked at Reyna. "As a team. If the Romans accept, that is."

Reyna didn't hesitate for long. "The Romans accept."

Before anyone could react Octavian decided to protest, much to Annabeth annoyance. "This is disgraceful! Romans to fight beside Greeks! We fight against them!"

One look from Reyna was enough to close Octavian's big mouth.

Percy tried to hide a smile. Then he walked over to Reyna and held out his hand for her to take. After a few seconds she took it.

"As a team it is," Percy said.

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