Just Another High Speed Chase

"Thar she stinks!" Throttle announced as he and his bros chased after Limburger again. Not only was Limburger's smell going all over the place, but it was also producing a horrible aftermath. You see, Limburger had stolen a stuffed buffalo previously used for decorating Charley's father's home (he was into hunting). Then he told Karbunkle to stuff the buffalo with 200 pounds of—you guessed it—cheese. Now mice are supposed to admire cheese, but the Biker Mice didn't; in fact, they despised it, not because they were lactose intolerant, but because they just hated the idea of it. There were some exceptions, like cheeseburgers or a chili cheese dog (thought the bros just preferred hot dogs). 99% of the time, cheese was an insult because of Limburger, and this was no exception.

"Get them off of me, will you, Karbunkle?" Limburger had been screaming.

"I'm trying, your rinded reakiness!" Karbunkle replied, frantically pushing button after button that was controlling the Limburger Tower's rocket-style movements. Squadrons of goons were deployed, and missiles kept coming, but the Mice were prepared with their own attacks. It was like any typical battle you'd expect to see from the Biker Mice, with one difference: air raids were also present that they couldn't handle. Not to worry, folks; Super Stoker was on the job! That's right! The ever-admired general and founder of the Freedom Fighter movement on Mars now had superpowers thanks to the new use of green and yellow tetrahydrocarbons he was using on his newly-built Regenerator, which now was under patent after the actions of the U.S. Patent Office. (This also explained how Rump went to jail on two life sentences and how all his money, with all his ancestors dead, went to the city of Chicago; Dr. Catorkian had been sent to Alcatraz.) Limburger was too worried about the Biker Mice to even notice Super Stoker was thwarting his air raids, and no matter how Karbunkle and Grease Pit tried to bring up the subject, Limburger paid no attention.

Finally, Vinnie got a good enough jump off a cliff to jump right at the tower. "Ha, ha! Make room for one more!" he shouted. He laughed his signature triumphant laugh as he fired some more missiles at the Tower. The Tower took a serious nosedive towards an abandoned desert in Arizona and touched down with explosive results. Vinnie landed 2,000 meters from the jump, turned around, and boasted to himself in delight. "Home run!" he shouted gleefully. "Chalk another one up for the Vin Man!" He laughed again.

"Whoa!" Modo exclaimed. "Limburger's tower is totaled—again!"

"Hey! We did it, bros!" Throttle smiled. "Another one in the bag for the toughest toughguys from Mars. Best of all, Stoker got some super-experience."

Stoker made a touchdown and paused to gasp for air. "Whew!" he exclaimed. "Nothing like an air raid to get the experience in."

"I think you are destined for greatness, bro," Throttle replied, giving Stoker a friendly slap on the back. "I mean, you are great, but in the superhero sense, you've got it coming to you."

"You really think so?"

"He knows so, and so do I, bro," Vinnie congratulated. "Nothing can stop you now, not even Rump roast!"

"Hey, who wants hot dogs and root beer?" Throttle spoke up.

"I'm in!" Vinnie replied.

"I'm in, too," Modo smiled.

"Count me out," said Stoker. "My super-hearing's picking up something."

"Go for it, bro!" Throttle waved good-bye as Stoker launched himself skyward. "We'll catch up with you later!" The Mice rode off to celebrate as Stoker took care of the next problem. Overall, all four mice were becoming heroes to be reckoned with.


Biker Mice From Mars © Rick Ungar, Tom Tataranowicz, Tom Tataranowicz Animation, Brentwood Television Funnies, and all others who own the rights.