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That's what I was feeling inside. I knew Grimmjow wasn't trying to make me angry on purpose, but I just couldn't help it. Throughout the entire hour I hadn't said anything to Grimmjow. No, not because I was angry with him. Well that's partly it, but I hadn't spoken to him because I knew if I said something now I'd blow it out of proportion. So, I sat there quietly. Only half listening to my cousin ramble on about his life before teaching. I knew for a fact that my silence was killing Grimmjow. I could feel his gaze on me as I looked out the window, waiting for this class to end. But Grimmjow wasn't the only one I could feel staring at me. It was coming from that girl, Rukia.

Just what the hell is she looking at anyway?

It was a dumb question, I know. I knew she was looking at me, but why is what I wanted to know. I hear the bell ring and I start to gather my things. Normally I'd wait for Grimmjow so I could make sure he'd be attending tutoring, but today I didn't care what he did.

"H-Hey Ichi! Wait a minute!" I don't wait for him as I walk up the stairs to the abandoned classrooms on the upper levels of the school. I unlock the door and flip on the lights then place my bag and binder on the front desk and begin to write on the chalk board 'Updates'. It had be a while since I'd asked them about their progress. It was then that I heard the door open.

"So this is what you do…I gotta admit when I followed you up here I was expecting something a little more secretive." I turn to see Rukia.

"I don't have secrets. None that you would know anyway…" she laughs a little before she starts to speak again.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." I tell her as I continue to write on the board. She doesn't say anything for a while as continue doing preparations for the tutoring class. I hear a desk shift behind me and I turn to see that she's sitting on top of it. Her head is hanging low so I can't see her eyes.

"I honestly don't see what's so special about you."

"Excuse me?" I ask her, not really knowing what she was talking about. She speaks a little louder this time.

"I said I don't see what's so special about you. You don't seem very funny, your hairs orange, you scowl a lot, and you barley pay attention when someone's talking to you. So why would Grimmjow like someone like you?" She questions.

I stare at her before I shift my weight to one side on my foot. I then shrug my shoulders. "Who knows? But you are right though, there's nothing special about me. Yes, I have orange hair. Yes, I scowl a lot. And yes, I'm not very funny, but I'm me. And that won't change…"

"So you know that Grimmjow's supposed to marry me right?"

"I do."

"Aren't you worried that he'll go through with it?"

"Not at all. I know Grimmjow well enough to know he won't hurt me." She hums lightly. She finally raises her head and she meets my determined gaze. Her large dark purple eyes look directly at me. She looks at me once more before she smiled at me.

"Your name's Ichigo, right?"


"Can I tell you about how I ended up as Grimmjow's fiancé?"

"If you want to. I'm not really eager about hearing it or forcing you to tell me. It's completely up to you."

"Then I won't tell you, not today anyway." She says as he hops off the desk. Once she lands, she smooth's out her skirt and begins to head for the door.

"Ichigo, I should probably tell you that I'm not interested in Grimmjow. I too, have no desire to marry that idiot. And I'd have to be a fool not to see that he's completely crazy about you and you for him. I have my sights on someone else anyway…" I blush at the statement about Grimmjow and me.

"Oh, before I forget, how old is your cousin?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Kaien? I don't know, roughly around 24 or 25. Why?"

"No reason…" She says as she turns to walk away, but not before I could get a glimpse of her bright red tipped ears.

"What a weird girl…" As I turn back to the board, I feel someone grab my waist.

"Was that Rukia that just walked out of here?" Grimmjow asked me.

"Yeah it was. Can you let go now?"

"What did she want? Did she say something to you that made you uncomfortable? She tends to do that…"

"No, Grimmjow. Now can you let me go? Class is about to start! I don't need the others walking in on us like this. Especially Nnoitra!" His grip loosens but he doesn't let go. He lets out a large sigh and rests his head on my shoulder.

"Well if she didn't harass you, then what did she want?"

"Nothing really. We just had an understanding of sorts." Grimmjow stayed quiet for a moment before I could feel his smirk against my shoulder.

"So in other words you stood your ground for your territory?" I roughly elbow him in the gut and he drops to his knees.

"Just what the hell do you think I am!? A dog? Huh, is that what you were thinking!?" I yell as I continue to stomp on his body. I hear the door open as I continue to assault Grimmjow.

"He just arrived here, yet he managed his anger Kurosaki already."

"Come on Ulquiorra, look who we're talking about here." I hear Starkk tell Ulquiorra. I pull off of Grimmjow and stomp to my desk. I watch as he crawls over to his sit and smirks to Nnoitra, who just so happens to be sitting next to him. He holds up a thumb.

"Didn't hurt a bit." I hear him whisper. I growl under my breath and grab my literature book and chuck it at him, successfully knocking him out.

"Still, that's gotta be some record for the fastest way to get someone angry…" Shuhei tells Renji who nods firmly. I put on a smile and looked over the class.

"Well since everyone is here, minus the one that's out cold, we can start! Ulquiorra, how about you start today? Tell us about your progress in your Home Ec. class." Ulquiorra quietly gets up from his seat and stands in the front of the class.

"Things have gotten worse. The more I try to infect her, the more crazy ideas she gets from the food that I pick…" I face palm myself.

"Have you tried not trying to kill her?"

"Yes, I've tried to poison her, but it seems she has a strong immune system."

"Ulquiorra! Poisoning could actually kill her!"

"Your point…" I sigh.

"How about we try things my way, yeah?"

"I don't know how your way will be any different than mine, but if you must."

"Try talking to her about her cooking. Ask her about switching it up or just tell her you don't like what she's making. But for the love of God, be nice about it!" I exclaim to him. He places a hand on his chin as if he was thinking about whether or not he should continue with his plans or mine. Finally, he sighs and his hands fall back by his side.

"I suppose I can try being…nice." I smile at him.

"That's good! Next week we'll see how it went. Okay, Nnoitra you're up next. Please just tell us about the class and nothing else."

"Yeah, yeah. I gotcha." He says as he searches through his bag. Renji speaks up.

"If you're lookin' for your brain, you don't got one, Scarecrow."

"Shut up, asshole! I got one. Besides I found what I was lookin' for." He says as he walks to the front with a piece of paper in his hand. He clears his throat and unfolds the piece of paper.

"In your fucking face, dumbass! You see this! This proves I'm smart!" Nnoitra cheers in Renji's face. I pull the paper from out of Nnoitra's hand and gaped at what I saw.

"You, of all people, managed to get an 87 percent on a pre-calculus test? Holy shit, you aren't dumb! Good for you!" Nnoitra grins back at me and takes the paper back.

"I'm puttin' this shit on my refrigerator…" I laugh at his comment and guide him back to his seat.

"Okay, who wants to go next?"

"I do!" I hear Grimmjow yell. I glare at him.

"Oh, I see that you're conscious once more…"

"You gotta hit me harder than that if you want me out for the count!" He says as he brushes pass me. He brings his book bag to the front with him and pulls out a large piece of construction paper.

"Remember that assignment I was given? The one where we had to draw someone you wanted to get to know better?"

"You mean the one you drew of Yoruichi-sensei suckin' you off?" Shuhei asks from his seat. Grimmjow smiles madly.

"Yeah, that one! Well, she made me do it over again. This one wasn't so bad, you guys tell me what you think…" he said as he held up a giant picture of…me!?

"G-Grimmjow, what the hell is this!?" I ask furiously.

"It's you!"

"It does look like him…" Renji says.

"It does." Shuhei replies back as he tilts his head to the side.

"I like the sun set thing you got goin' on in the background. The water's nice too." Nnoitra says as he laughs. Starrk picks his head up and gives a lazy smirk.

"It's nice. But, why is he naked and leaning back on a towel on the beach?" He asks.

"If you ask me, this is no different from your first project…" Ulquiorra informs.

"I agree Grimmjow." I say as I crack my knuckles and walk toward Grimmjow.

Grimmjow holds up his hands in defense. "Come on Ichi, i-it was a joke. A joke…"

"Well I'm not laughing!" I yell as I round house kick him in the face.

"1, 2, 3! Ding, ding, ding! And he's out for the count!" Renji exclaims as I fix my clothing.

"Shuhei, you make any progress in Physics?"

"Uh, yeah. Gin's been helping me out a lot, so uh, I've been okay…" He tells me as he blushes. I kind of figured he and Gin had some type of 'thing' going on. As long as Shuhei was happy and was making some progress, I had no problems. I nod my head towards him and look at Renji.

"And what about you?" I ask him. He smiles sheepishly and scratches his head.


"Unbelievable… Starrk! What about you?"

"Staying awake is hard. I've given up and there's nothing you could say or do to get me to stay up." He announces as he places his head back on the desk. Ulquiorra grabs his ear and tugs.

"You will not fall asleep in class or tutoring. That is what home is for…"

"Ugh, alright. You can let go, Ulqui!" He does and Starrk rubs his sore ear. I smile at them.

"Well that's everything. Tutoring's done this week so you all can go home. Be here Monday at the usual time!" I say as they file out of the room, leaving me with the unconscious Grimmjow. I sigh and bend down to his current level and I shake his unmoving body.

"Hey, get up. Tutoring's over and you promised to drive me home." He groans but sits up.

"You know, you can't expect me to be in tip-top shape after you chucked a book at my head and round house kicked me in the face…" I smile lightly at his pouting form. I lean over and kiss his cheek.

"I-I'm uh, I'm sorry…" I knew I was blushing by the intense heat spreading across my face. Grimmjow grins at me.

"I guess I can accept your apology. Come on, let's go to my house."

"But I have to go home!"

"You can call on the way to my place, now let's go!" Grimmjow says as he drags me out of the room.


After a 10 minute drive with Grimmjow, we arrived at his house.

"You seriously need driving lessons…" I inform him.

"What are you talking about? My driving skills are flawless!"

"Yeah, in Hell…" Grimmjow shoves me and walks me inside the house. He leads me up stairs to his room and once we're there, I set my things down and sit on his bed. I look around the room for a minute until Grimmjow steals my attention.

"You hungry?" He asked. I shake my head 'no'. He hums. He then places a hand on my head.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing…" I lie.

"If it was nothing, then you wouldn't be making that face. Now out with it." He commands. His strong, unwavering gaze lands upon me and I know it's too late to deny.

"It's just that the last time I was in here, it was because I ran off and then you carried me back. Then we did…stuff." I say as I blush yet again. Grimmjow chuckles at me.

"Stuff, huh? You liked the 'stuff' we did."

"I-It was okay…"

"Just okay?" He asks me. I nod firmly.

"Yeah, just okay."

"Hmm. I don't do 'just okay'." He said as he kisses me lips aggressively. I moan at the action and waste no time giving him the entrance he's seeking. I feel Grimmjow pushing me down on the bed so that he was towering over me. When he pulls away from my lips, he dives down into my neck. He grazes over a spot on my neck that's extremely sensitive. It's been his new favorite spot ever since he figured it out.

"Ahhn, Grimm. C'mon don't do that…" I groan as I raise my hips up involuntarily. I hear him groan at the action. He begins to trail his hands up my shirt and I shudder as he rolls my nipple between his fingers. He lifts up my shirt and nips at the nipple he's not already toying with. I hiss as he does so.

"Mmm, Grimmjow. Stop playing games with me…" I tell him as he grinds himself into my lower half. My erection is uncomfortably tucked in my pants and I can feel that Grimmjow has one too. I grip his hips and grind into him.

"Shit. You're gettin' a little into it, I see." He says as he pulls me back up so that my back is against his chest. He then makes quick work of my uniform pants and boxers as he throws them on the floor. I shiver as the air hits the lower half of my body. I suddenly feel Grimmjow's warm hands against my erection.

"Ah, h-hey. Ahnn!" I moan out as he begins to stroke it lightly. I feel him reach over to his night stand as he continued to stroke me. I hear a quiet clicking sound and I realized it was lube that he had got. I swallow ample amounts of saliva before I speak.

"Be gentle, s-stupid. Hnn."

"I don't know if gentle is in my vocabulary, Ichi…'

"Well, learn it! AHNNN~" I moan loudly as he unexpectedly thrusts two fingers inside me. It had hurt a little, but a warm sensation was distracting the slight pain. I found myself questioning the feeling inside my head, but my mouth wouldn't make words.

"Ahn? Ah, ah, haaa!"

"You like it? It's a lube that warms up. I picked it out just for you." He roughly thrusts his fingers in and out of me. He pulls one out and circles my entrance as he thrusts the other inside me. Grimmjow then puts the one finger back inside and pushes farther inside me, hitting my prostate in doing so.

"Grimmjowwww! I-I can't…" I say as he starts to stroke me again. I grip his forearm harshly, unintentionally digging my nails in it. Grimmjow groans but doesn't complain. My head falls back on his shoulder and I feel the pressure that was building rapidly release. I gasp deeply as Grimmjow pulls his hand away.

"Geez Ichi, do you jack off? Your cum is really thick…" I don't have the energy to reply back so I just rest on his chest for a minute. Until I heard someone at the door.

"Am I interrupting something?" A voice asks. My eyes shoot open and I frantically look for something to cover myself up with. I desperately reach for my pants that were on the floor, but I fall short. Literally. I fall off the bed, giving this man a perfect view of my ass. He then starts to laugh.

"You must be Ichigo. I've heard a lot about you from my dear Neliel. Although, I must say I didn't think we'd be meeting like this while you're in such an interesting position…" I groan and blush in embarrassment as I finally cover myself up.

"Long time no see, Pinky!" I look up at Grimmjow, who is smiling brightly.

"Hey, Grimmjow. Who exactly is this man, anyway?"

"Oh him? This is Neliel's husband, Szayel."

"Pleased to meet you, Ichigo." Szayel says as he bows politely towards me.

"Nel's married!?"

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