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Welcome to my world that's painted in sadness
There's no light of sun
There you can't hear any sound at all

I was born in the dark.

I was born during a powerful storm that knocked the power out of the hospital I was born in. Just as I came from my mother's womb the lights went out and the only thing I could see when my eyes opened was the dark shadows of people moving around the room. The first noise I heard was my father crying over my mother's dead body. The birth was too much for her and she died giving me life.

I don't even know what she looked like…

As soon as I was born, my father hired a nanny to watch over me and to take care of me. She wasn't the best nanny but she did take care of me more than my father ever did. By the time I was able to walk I considered my nanny to be my mother and my father just a random man who visited the apartment often. I stayed and played in my room like a good little girl; never asking for anything for I had everything a girl could want. I always knew my father hated me for taking my mother's life but it was not my fault. The only way to get rid of the pain in his heart, he inflicted it on to the only person around. Me.

Please take me away, I desperately promise
To be a good girl, to be worthy of your love
I don't need the paint books, the doll, and the dresses

Even though I was born in the dark I feared it. It created shadow hands on the windows of my room and through my father's stories I became afraid of the dark. He would grin at my fear and continue to torment me with it. His pain went away with each move he made against me until one day, something snapped inside his head. It took a week but he managed to construct a concrete box in the basement of the apartment that he owned. Inside there was a bed, a bathroom, and a single window that lead to the outside world along with a grate that lead to the underworld of Gotham. He took me by the arm and dragged me inside, throwing me to the ground.

I was to stay in this hell…

My father left after explaining to me that this room would be my home now. I was to learn my mistake and know the pain he felt. He still managed to treat me like a person though, allowing me to have a tutor along with simple things that I ask his assistant for. His assistant liked me well enough to treat me with pity in my small hell of my own as the days passed into months, into years. By the time I turned ten my room looked as well as it could underground. Every night I would sit up late and watch the moon rise over the city, casting its beautiful glow on the floor of my room. During the day, however, when the sun is harshly shining down, making the room hotter than the sun, I seek the strange comfort of the darkness under my bed where the sunlight can't reach me.

The darkness shielded me when I feared it.

At night I would watch the moon and listen to the underground of the city through my grate; my only connection to the outside world besides the computer that sits on my desk next to my bed. Those are the only things still tying me to the outside world that bring me comfort in this cell I live in. As the days slowly went by I learned that the darkness of my room was my friend; protecting me and shielding me. I learned to love the dark.

Then I met a friend who I thought couldn't be real so I just assumed him to be figments of my imagination. There was no way he could get in except through the door but that door has always been locked. My father and his assistant were the only ones with keys, the window could not be opened, and the grate bolted with thick strong bolts. He couldn't have possibly been able to enter, much less find me here, unless he was a shadow.

Who are you, stranger with a red rose in your hand
I liked you from the first sight, I want to be your friend, let's play

I've never asked for this place that's called my home,
But hope, you will be staying with me until the end

"Fear not small one, I am a friend." He knelt in front of me as I huddled in the corner of my room; afraid of the strange man in my room.

"Who are you?" I asked in a small voice.

"Someone who sees your true talents and has heard you are a special child." He said and gently patted my head as a father would to comfort his child. "I would very much like to get to know you; to be your friend."

There was something about the strange man that made me trust him. He seemed familiar in my dark home and he said that the shadows made us family. He seemed like an older brother I didn't have and I missed him dearly when he left as morning came. He taught me to blend into the shadows, to use it to hide myself. Even in this small room we play games such as hide and go seek, tag, these board games that requires you to do a lot of thinking.

Please, don't be scared of me I'm a good girl
I just want to be with you to forget my sorrow
I'm tired of being the puppet of this world

Then I realized that I was given a gift I take pride in.

I can sing…

Every day at times 10 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon, and at 11 at night I would sit by the grate in my room to sing to the people outside the grate. I always believed that the people could hear me; hear my pain and maybe my knight in shining armor would come rescue me like in all those books I've read.

My knight never came.

Is he your true knight in the shining armor?
Who'll sacrifice himself just for your sake with no fear but then
Why he resembles the one, who created
This gallery and picture, which gave me a birth?

My friend never told me his name so I call him Bas. He laughed at the name I gave him but didn't seem to mind. When I asked him about where he's from he replied that he came from a place where they are sent out into the world to rid it of the corrupt humans. When I asked if he was going to kill my dad he laughed out loud and ruffled my hair. He said that even though my father is that of human corruption it is not yet his time. Bas stayed most nights until daybreak, reading me a book right before he left. As I lay in my bed, easing my eyes closed as Bas finished reading a book, he would lean over to lightly kiss my forehead.

"Sleep well young one." He whispered and disappeared into the night. Bas is my only friend and he is the only one I consider to family. I never wanted him to leave me alone but things changed when whispers of a dark figure, fighting the people of the underground, forced him away from my cell.

"Why must you leave?" I asked as he paced in my room. I'm twenty years old and I still am living in the basement where my father placed me in. My black hair now reached my ass and my body transformed from a small cubby body to one with full curves thanks to Bas's 'games'. Thanks to his games I learned how to move within the shadows, to defend myself against others, and learned my special gift can do a lot more than please hearts. Let's just say that my tutor has been more polite to me when I sing for him.

"My master has called me back for a reckoning to be had. I have told him of you and he has made me a promise not to harm you for he finds you valuable. But there is this fear that I cannot shake." He said and knelt in front of me with his hands on my knees. "I have taught you the things you will need to defend yourself should…" he shook his head to rid himself of any bad thoughts that entered his mind.

"Nothing will happy my dear friend." I took his face in my hands and made him look at me. "When your mission is done I know you will come for me. I have nothing to fear for I have none anymore. All I can do is wait now." I leaned forward and kissed his forehead. His bright blue eyes shone with fatherly love I never had. The day before he left he did something for me that would show other of his family that I am one of their own. I am marked by the shadows and no harm shall come to me should they find me. I can only pray to whatever god or gods watching me now, that they will protect my dear friend.

My tears are falling, why it's so painful?
I did nothing wrong, so why do you hate me so much?
This burning canvas became you're cruel answer
And now flames unsparingly kiss me goodnight.

Gotham had dark days were my room was filled with screams. At first they whispered about the dark figure, taming the streets, but then they started to scream of mad men running through Gotham, trying to kill this…Batman. On my computer I've read countless articles about him, what he's message is to Gotham, and most importantly who is Batman? Bas hasn't returned since he left and I haven't heard of him from the shadows. In the time she worried, her father made a rare appearance to her cell…

"I love what you've done with the place." He said as he stood in her room, looking about it with distaste. I looked at him from where I sat; drawing in one of my sketch books that Bas gave me. He looked like a complete stranger to me and I didn't care for him.

I hated him…

"What are you doing here?" I asked, placing my pad down to face him. He gave me a glare before he stalked over and backhanded me hard across the face. I lightly touched the stinging sensation of my lip to find it bleeding.

"It seems your time down here has rid you of your manners." He said walking around my room; looking at the drawing on the wall with taped up pictures. Childish drawings of my life spent here. "Your teacher has told me that you refuse to be taught with the lights on. Why is that?" He asked but I remained silent. "ANSWER ME!"

"It hurts my eyes. You left me in the dark for so long my eyes have gotten used to the dark." I answered him and got to my feet slowly.

"Oh, well that makes sense." He smiled and turned on the lights using a remote that he brought with him. I screamed in pain as the light made my eyes burn. It felt like someone was pouring hot water on me; my eyes made my head hurt as if someone was splitting it in half.

"Turn it off! Please! Turn it off!" I screamed as I tried to crawl towards the darkness under my bed but someone's foot stopped me from moving. Even after all of Bas's training I was still afraid of something…

My father.

"Never forget who put you here and why you are here to begin with." He removed his foot and went back towards the door where his assistant was waiting for him. My father laughed as he went but stopped at the door, dropping the remote on the ground. "Turn them off yourself." He said and left with this assistant following behind him before giving me a pity look. I closed my eyes tightly and started to crawl to the remote, only opening my eyes to take a quick look to see if I was going in the right direction. Once I had the remote in my hand I quickly turned off the lights; enjoying the cool darkness of my room.

I belonged in this hell; this prison….all because my father said so.

Welcome to her world that's lying in ashes...
There's a sea of fire, there is no way to run at all...
She only wanted to be with her father...
But little
Elvira is melting in her abyss alone...


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