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The drive to a back ally was suspicious enough for me to guess that whatever they're going to do with me wasn't good. When we came to a stop, the masked man's men were the first ones out before he followed, leaving me to exit the car last. When my bare feet touched the cold ground I shivered, slightly enjoying the feeling as I walked towards men where they were removing a manhole cover. One by one the men dropped into total darkness and I wasn't afraid. The masked man looked at me like he expected myself to run, to say something but I simply smiled and jumped.

His men caught me as I came down, then placed me on the ground that was slimy and gross as can be. I welcomed the slightly dark tunnel as the masked man dropped down and we started to walk down the tunnel. A few times I slipped and hissed whenever I stepped on something but the one carrying my bag made sure I stayed up right. It wasn't long before we reached a large area where people were working and living at the same time. The people, mostly men of all ages worked on wires and weapons that were everywhere.

Then someone turned on a very bright light…

"Ah!" I cried and dropped to the floor, covering my eyes.

"What's wrong with you?" The masked man asked and I could hear that his voice was closer than if he was standing up.

"My father…he left me in the dark for so long…the light…it hurts my eyes." I whimpered out and I felt weak for admitting to my pain.

"You have to get used to it. You can't hide in the dark forever." He said and I covered my eyes to look at him. He was knelling down in front of me with this look on his face like he knows the pain of not seeing the light for a long while.

"How? I've always been in the dark. My father torments me with the light, but once I got used to the light, he torments me with the dark. How can I get used to it if I am only going to fear the dark?" I asked him and the masked man sighed before forcing me to my feet. He guided me by my arm as I started to adjust to the light. Whenever I stumbled he was there to drag me along. Lights blinded me everywhere and I had no where to run. Everything around is strange with their noises and their talking. Everything...seemed scary and yet oddly familiar.

Like from when I lived above ground in my fathers home...

The man lead me to a room that sat above where the water went into the outflows. There was one bed shoved against the far wall with technology all around it. A desk sat near it with a lamp and paper scattered all around. The man made me stand in the middle of the room while the lights turned off. I brought my hands from my face to look around the room and was amazed by the number of pictures that were taped to the wall. Maps, charts, and everything else in-between. The man rummaged through his desk as my stomach growled. The man the Masked man spoke to before gave me a look that I simply ignored as I sat on the ground, resting against one of the pillars. "When was the last time you ate?" The Masked man asked me.

"Yesterday morning." I answered him and all movement stopped. The Masked man didn't say anything but continued to look for whatever interested him at his desk. The other man didn't say anything except look at me with this strange look on his face. It was a mix of pity and confusion.

"Eat this." My head snapped to where the Masked Man was standing in front of me, holding out some type of food bar wrapped in a dull wrapper. I took it gently and nodded as a thank you before ripping it open and devouring it with this hunger that make my stomach ache. "Does your father refrain from giving you meals often?"

"Yes he does. The longest was three days but he gave me water to I wouldn't die. When food was brought to me room I asked why had he done it and his servant replied, "because he thinks it's fun." He wants me to feel pain so he gives me the pain of hunger, the pain of thirst, and the pain of sleep. When I was little he used to come into my room and beat me when something when wrong with his job. When my friend came and taught me to defend myself, the beatings stopped...and so did the food." I said to the man, finishing off the food bar. The other man, the silent one, walked over and pulled out another one, giving it to me as well.

"I know what it's like to feel that pain of hunger." He said and I took the food bar. The three of us remained quiet, the sound of the man's mask was the only sound made until I spoke up.

"What...what time is it?" I asked and the masked man didn't bother to look at me but replied with a short answer.

"Five fifty-nine." I sighed and the silence returned. I was beyond late but I still had another chance at eleven but this man...there's something about him. I'm scared to even think about what he has planned for me.

I wish Bas was here to take me away. He promised to come back...


(No one's PoV)

"What shall we do with her?" Barsad asked Bane who glanced over at the now sleeping woman.

"I have yet to decide her fate. There is something she is hiding from us and I plan to figure it out." Bane said, continuing to look over the plans for the up coming stock market heist. There was a silence between them but Bane noticed that there was something unspoken between them. "Speak."

"There has been...talk among the unwanted. They said the Lady of the Tunnels has vanished yet they cling to her returning when eleven comes around. They are uneasy for something like this has never happened. Not since they heard her sing." Barsad said and something, an idea, came into Bane's mind but he quickly dismissed it. It is nothing more than a questionable idea that is naive. There is nothing to be proven.

"Keep an eye on them. If they start to riot over someone's singing make an example of a few." Bane answered, never looking up from his work.

"And the girl? Shall I put her somewhere?" Barsad asked and this time, Bane did turn his head to look at the girl. She remained where she sat hours before, curled up in the old dress she wore, fast asleep. When Bane first laid his eyes on her he saw a frail small creature that seems odd for the home she lived in. It wasn't until he went into her room did he see what she truly was.

A survivor.

The pictures on the wall described her life in simple ways. This child was born in the dark and taunted by the very light she once dwell in. The pictures showed the torment she faces from her father, the happiness her friend brought her and the struggles she faces in her own hell her father created. She was like him, only she fought for her sanity unlike how he fought for survival. Her long black hair framed her face and her skin pale, untouched by the sun in so long.

She's beautiful...not that he would admit out loud.

"Leave her where she is." Bane said and return to his work. "You are dismissed Barsad. Get some sleep." Bane said and Barsad nodded, taking his leave. When Bane knew Barsad was well enough away he got up from his seat and approached the sleeping woman. Another idea, a stupid one this time, make him shake his head before picking her up gently. He crossed the room and laid her down on the bed, covering her up due to the chill of being underground but he found that she was unaffected by the cold. He subconsciously brushed away any of the fallen hair that fell in front of her face. She skin, soft to the touch, make him want to feel more.

Bane growled and quickly returned to his work. "Foolish." He said to himself but took another quick glance at the girl. Bane wanted to know the girl, hear the story untold from her pink lips, and listen with intent on the pain her father inflicted on her that made her sensitive to light. There was something else this girl wasn't telling him and this feeling in his heart made him want to slam his fist on the table.


That's what he felt. A weakness for this girl just like him.


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