"So, the unavoidable has finally happened." the Jaeger Joker muttered solemnly as he adjusted his hat while looking down at a chessboard with various chess pieces scattered all over it in various groups. "Blood failed in the end, but I am not surprised." he removed two pawns, one black, the other white. "The elimination of the pawns have began. Blood and Wes are the first to leave the stage…"

The undead Ben dropped the two pawns to the ground carelessly into a pile of other chess pieces before putting an index finger upon a black pawn that was on the chessboard.

"However, Blood's final action has turned this pawn into a more important piece." he said before plucking the pawn and setting it to the ground. He than picked up a black rook and placed it where the removed pawn once stood. "She and the other three will be the ones who will support the one they love no matter what he does. My dear friend unknowingly sacrificed his future to change the others' for the better."

The Eternal King examined the chessboard and frowned.

"Still… something doesn't feel right… Let's try flipping the chessboard a little." he said while snapping his fingers. "I've been seeing things how Blood has been the whole time, but I need to examine how this affects Eon and Ben respectively."

He walked around the chessboard, his eyes focused upon the black and white king pieces that stood at opposite sides. The brunet's eyes focused upon the white king first.

"Ben has suffered greatly ever since he first arrived… To where he learned the bitter truth that there is more malice and suffering than society even refuses to admit exists. He learned that people will torture him just because he simply helped them, unknowingly humiliating them in the process. That good deeds can result in spite and suffering. Being forced to steal just so you can live to see another day because you were denied repeatedly by even those who appeared nice. That trusting someone blindly could cause your demise. Those and the fact that the world is downright cruel to begin with."

The Jaeger Joker sighed as he looked at the Black King.

"However, despite having to endure such hardships, he still clings to the fragments of his morals, especially those regarding the ones he loves and how precious life can be, regardless of how cruel that person is." A smile formed on his face. "Ben was being controlled by Cross Wing's power and the rage he was harboring at the time when he almost killed Kayla. He is very fortunate that Blood intervened when he did, otherwise my future was the guaranteed outcome."

The undead Ben went to the pile and picked up three king pieces, two of different colors, a brilliant red and opaque purple while the third one was of a translucent green. He then carefully collected the other two king pieces before using an arm to brush off all the remaining chess pieces from the chessboard.

"The ones who came for personal gain…" The Purple King was placed in a corner away from the Jager Joker.

"The ones who rebel for freedom." The White King was placed at the opposite corner away from the brunet.

"The ones who rule through fear and power." The Red King was placed to the left corner that was close.

"The ones who move from the shadows." The Black King was placed in the final corner.

" Finally, the ones who stand in the middle of all this…" The Jeager Joker said solemnly while placing the Green King on one of the center squares.

"Five factions…" The Jaeger Joker said as he stared at the board meticulously, slowly realizing something. " No… not five…"

He went to the pile and picked up one more king piece, this one a metallic blue in coloration.

"As history dictates… One must divide into two…" he muttered before putting the Blue King right next to the Green King on an adjacent spot. "Unfortunately, it has to be this one… The question now is, where will the other pieces go exactly, and as which color for each one?"

The Jaeger Joker

Airi grimaced as her head started to throb in pain slightly.

Stella's body must be starting to reject me… she thought as the pain receded before looking at the slumbering Ben. I really must return to my original self, but Ben's in no shape to be moved still. And I don't want to leave his side either.

The body-swapped wraith sighed before looking over towards the elves, who were busy sparring at the moment with one another. Conflicted with what to do, she closed her eyes to think.

"One mustn't lower their guard." Alleyne stated from behind.

Airi ignored the forest elf, presuming she was talking to her student. Her false assumptions were clarified upon feeling the end of a staff gently placed against her neck. Opening her eyes, the currently blonde wraith looked over her shoulder.

"Sorry, but I was thinking." she said. "Where's your friend?"

Alleyne removed her staff from the girl's neck before replying.

"I understand that you're worried about Ben, but you need to remain vigilant for his sake." the elf explained. "I sent Nowa to get some water."

"I see." Airi said before nodding her head in acknowledgement. "Thank you for the advice."

As soon as the wraith turned her attention back towards Ben, she felt the staff once again against her neck.

"Tell me what you're doing with the boy." Alleyne demanded.

"What are you talking about?" Airi asked in confusion.

"You had me fooled at first, but when I was tending to the boy, I recognized that scythe of yours, and how you move also gave you away." the elf explained. "Are you in a disguise? Or did you kill a Gal Monster to take over her body to hide in, Infernal Temptress?"

The wraith's eyes widen before she held up her arms in surrender.

"I know this sounds like empty words, but I no longer serve the Swamp Witch, Alleyne." she said.

"Assuming you're speaking the truth, what about the boy?" the elf pressed. "Why was he hurt so badly?"

"He was hurt in a fight." the wraith replied. "Have you heard the rumors about the one called the Deceiving Youth?"

"I have, though I don't know whether to believe them or not. So many of those stories contradict one another." the elf answered before applying some pressure onto Airi's neck. "Is this boy that Deceiving Youth?"

"The one and only." Airi admitted. "However, Ben is not a monster or demon."

"The rumors of him working for the swamp witch are looking more credible than those about him being a hero." Alleyne pointed out.

"I know I can never ask for forgiveness for the things I've done." the wraith said solemnly before looking at Ben. "But I honestly have changed because of Ben."

"How can I believe you?" the elf questioned. " What makes me believe that what you're saying is true?"

"The body I'm in is rejecting me. The true owner of this body, Stella, is within my own, probably going through the same thing." Airi explained before looking at Ben. "I'm going to switch with her, as such, you'll notice a change of some kind. Keep Ben safe for me until I return."

"What makes you think that I won't simply eliminate you and him here and now?" Alleyene asked. "That or I take Ben away?"

"If you do so much as harm him, I will hunt you down and make you suffer a fate worse than death for killing two innocent people." Airi threatened. "Try to leave with him, and you've got a group of Gal Monsters out for your blood. Either way, you'll be making enemies with me if you don't comply."

"What about if I just leave you both behind?" Alleyne asked.

"You will be left alone." the body-swapped wraith said reassuringly. "You have my word on that."

The Forest Elf fell silent to weigh her options. Airi reached out and took Ben's hand into her own.

"I have one last question." Alleyne said, breaking her silence. "Why are you so worried about a mere human boy's well being?"

The wraith turned around and looked at the elf in the face.

"It's because he's the one I am in love with." she confessed with no hesitation. "Is it wrong to worry about your loved one?"

"But isn't he a child?" Alleyne asked.

"So what if he is? " Airi countered in a protective manner. "I refuse to let him suffer anymore. He's been through more hell than anyone else his age. Ben's been an outcast, hunted and tortured just because people think he's a demon. His heroic actions are mostly met with fear and discontent. He has no home, no family aside from a single cousin. He has to fight for his life just to survive in this forsaken world. "

The elf removed her staff as the wraith ranted, silent the whole time.

"Despite all the suffering, he still helped people out of the goodness of his heart, whether they were human or not. He accepts the presence of all, whether Gal Monster, human or elf. Ben isn't like most people. Why must the angels let a kid like him suffer so much?"

At this point, the wraith began to sob as she tightened her grip on Ben's hand.

"He's just a child, yet just about everyone wants him dead…What is his sin?" she asked. "Is it because of me? Or is it that he doesn't belong here to begin with? Or is it simply because he's alive?"

With that, the wraith broke down, crying loudly.

"You have definitely changed since the last time we've met." Alleyne said in a firm yet softer tone. "Before, you were willing to kill without a second thought. But now, you're the exact opposite. While you will not have my forgiveness for your past transgressions, but I can trust your words at least. Your actions have shown you genuinely care for him"

The wraith looked at the elf and remained silent.

"I shall look over Ben until your return." Alleyne stated. "Do not mistake this, I still view you as my enemy. I'm only doing this because I can understand your concern."

" I understand." Airi said while trying to stop crying. "I will leave my scythe behind as well if that is acceptable. Also, I will arrive with a small group."

"Very well." Alleyne accepted.

The wraith wiped her tears with the back of her hand before lowering her head to chastely kiss the slumbering brunet on his lips.

"Remember what I said, Alleyne." she warned while slowly rising to her feet and took several steps away from the boy. "If Ben awakes, please tell him that he is safe and that I will return shortly."

Without warning, the wraith grimaced as she felt Stella's body rejecting her once again. She shook her head and looked at Ben briefly before taking off without hearing the elf's reply.

Stella and Elina dove to the side as they avoided the monstrous bird as it tried grasping them with its feet.

"DAMMIT!" Stella cursed before looking over towards the unconscious Cerate.

"That's it, struggle." Sanguine said gleefully. "Struggle against what is of another world!"

"Another world?" Stella asked before frowning. "I guess there's more worlds than just the one Master's from."

"More than you can ever imagine." the hybrid admitted. "There are worlds with monsters more tenacious than the ones you're familiar with."

The Nevermore screeched as it ascended up towards the sky again.

"Damn…what can we do?" Elina asked.

"I don't know what I can do in Airi's body." Stella replied while gripping her sword. "At least it's ignoring Cerate for now."

The gigantic bird screeched as it banked to the left. The body-swapped Gal Monster looked at the white mask like face of the monster and pointed straight towards it.

"I'm going to take that mask face right off your face." She declared while tightening her grip on the serrated sword. "Even if I can't fight properly, I am not going to duck and cower any more!"

The gigantic bird stopped midair and flapped its wings, firing many of its feathers as darts towards the redhead. Stella ran while swinging her sword, deflecting several of the feathers away from her, while several grazed her body in various areas, the sword only preventing them from striking anywhere vital.

"COME AT ME BIRDBRAIN!" Stella screamed.

The Nevermore apparently obliged, ceasing its attack to swoop down as close to the ground as it could while darting towards its opponent head on.

"Wait for it…" Stella said to herself while switching her sword to hold it in reverse, running straight towards the beast.


Once close enough, she leaped as high as possible meanwhile thrusting her sword at an horizontal angle into the Nevermore's head, impaling it straight into the glowing eye. The monster screeched in pain and crashed into the ground, causing Stella to be struck by one of its robust wings, knocking her down to the ground as well.

"Oooh, that's gotta hurt." Sanguine jabbed while wincing a little before smirking. "Guess I forgot how resourceful you are, Stella."

He laughed as he leaped back to avoid a thrust from Elina's spear.

"I know every move you can make with that, Elina." he boasted while seeing the former noble's look of irritation.

However, the Sanguine Slayer stopped and growled as he saw something in the distance.

"What is she doing here?!" he said bitterly.

"What are you talking about?" Elina asked while poising her spear for another attack.

A bellowing roar filled the air as the Nevermore rose up, Stella's sword still jutting from its eye. It turned its attention in the direction the roar came from and screeched in response, not one bit phased by its injury.

Stella groaned as she rose to her feet, her eyes widening upon recognizing the roar before a grin formed on her face when a second roar came from nearby.

"About time you woke up, you dolt." the body-swapped Gal Monster quipped to Cerate as she shook her head.

The blonde simply glared at the Sanguine Slayer before screaming in rage.

"YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!" she screamed before charging towards the hybrid.

"I'd love to stick around, but I've got other matters to attend to. Enjoy playing with my pet." Sanguine said before leaping into a violet portal that appeared behind him. "Ciao!"

"COME BACK HERE!" the blonde roared before lunging, only for the portal to close just before she was close enough. She quickly recovered, going straight into a roll before landing on her feet before growling.

"Wow, haven't seen you this pissed in a while." Stella remarked.

"Not now." the blonde remarked before turning her attention towards the Nevermore. She inhaled deeply and roared as loud as she could , causing the monster bird to turn its attention towards her.

"He thinks it's fun saying that Master was going to become a killer." Cerate seethed before flipping her arm mounted horns forward. "Next time I see him, I am going to drive my fist up his ass… "

"Calm down Cerate." Stella said as she approached her fellow Gal Monster. "Focus on the giant bird before you for now."

The blonde nodded and looked at the Nevermore before relaxing a little.

"Guess you're right. At least I can blow some steam on this feathered bastard." she said before charging forward.

The giant bird attempted to take to the sky right then, only to be struck from the side by a flying boulder as Tino charged forward with a look of determination on her face.

"Tino!" Stella cried out upon recognizing her friend. " Why are you covered in blood?!"

"I'm fine!" the petite Gal Monster cried out while stopping. " I had some holy milk to treat my wound."

"What? We didn't have any holy milk, aside from what that lazy pigeon had." Stella said before she grimaced upon her head starting to throb violently.

"Are you okay?" Tino asked.

"Yeah… but my head hurts really bad for some reason." the body-swapped Gal Monster replied before grimacing once again.

"It could be related to the body swap you did with Airi." Elina pointed out as the Nevermore began to flap its wings to take flight. "Anyway, we need to help deal with this thing first."

Cerate closed in first, leaping up and driving her right arm forward, driving the horn into the Nevermore's foot, the force of the blow driving the tip straight through the leg entirely. Grinning in satisfaction, she started hammering her free fist away at the leg, trying to shatter it before the monster collapsed. It was unable to stand on its injured leg anymore after a satisfying crack filled the air as the leg buckled sideways in an unnatural angle, allowing the Gal Monster to pull free and leap away.

"Tino!" the blonde cried out before smirking.

"Right!" the petite girl said firmly before removing her cloak.

Ever since I saw that guy die, I can't remember what happened afterward. All I can recall is being told to run and doing that before being healed by some weird girl. Ani was it? But why do I feel so compelled to fight something right now? Why am I not scared?

Tino dismissed her thoughts as she began to transform.

No… Now's not the time for questions. Focus on what's in front of you.

Melona 's right fist turned into a spiked mace as she swung it at her object of hatred.

The Demon Breaker ducked down to dodge the attack easily, meanwhile grinning in excitement.

"Tell me Melona, how does it feel to be the one suffering for once?" he said before vanishing into a violet portal.

"I'll kill you!" the slime cried out.

A giant portal appeared as Breaker stepped through it, followed by a resounding roar.

"Allow me to introduce to you one of my new friends." he said.

A giant obsidian creature stepped through, growling. The profile of it would make one think of a Tyrannosaurus, but with longer, robust arms amongst other drastic differences.

The arms of the beast featured bullet-shaped "gauntlets" that covered its arms up to the elbows while a similarly shaped horn protruded forward from the top of the monster's head, covered in a glowing green slime. Its tail would think of a more cylindrical spikeless mace that was designed more for maximizing the blow of impact. One would notice the shape resembling that of a cog if looked from the end. The obsidian hide was smooth yet rugged in appearance, alluding to it wearing armor. The creature looked on with its yellow eyes before opening its mouth to roar loudly.

"Allow me to introduce to you to the Brachydios." Breaker announced proudly before he held up his left arm.

Covering his entire forearm was a black Ultimatrix like device, but the core was hexagonal with the hourglass replaced with three magenta lines that look like something with claws swiped at it vertically.

"Guess what, I can become one too. Allow me show you Sledgebomber!" he cried out before being engulfed in a flash of magenta light.

When the light died down, standing in the human's place was a matching Brachydios with the hexagonal emblem on its chest and with purple eyes. The pair of monsters raised their arms to lick their gauntlets, coating them with the exact same slime on their horns.

"Bring it on." Melona said, undeterred by what she witnessed.

The transformed brunet finished first and roared in a provoking manner. The slime charged forward while morphing her other hand into a mace, preparing to strike the monsters head on.

Ben sighed when he looked around, realizing that he was in a dream, as his surroundings were of his bedroom. Outside the window showed a blood red moon amongst a night sky tinted in crimson. Though aware it was a dream, it felt like it was real.

"Why am I here?" he asked to no one in particular before the bedroom door opened.

"Welcome to my abode." Shiftlash said casually as he entered.

"Your what?" Ben asked in confusion.

"This is my place." the slime clarified.

"Wait… what do you mean?" the young boy asked. "Why is MY room yours?"

"We're where I am within the Omnitrix." Shiftlash explained before closing the door. " Unlike the others in here, I don't have a specialized habitat, so it appears that this was the most suitable substitute for one like myself.

"Great… Am I stuck in the stupid watch again?" Ben asked dryly.

The slime chuckled at Ben's remark while shaking his head.

"No, I simply brought your mind down here by utilizing a little of Cross Wing's power." he replied. "Anyway, we need to talk about something."

"Look, if it's about what's good and evil, don't bother." Ben retorted as his face became serious.

"I'm aware of what you said as that Angel." Shiftlash remarked with a sigh. "I have a confession to admit. It's related to my nature as a slime."

"Okay…" Ben said, uncertain where the slime was heading.

"Has it ever crossed your mind why I know so much, yet don't act just like you?" he questioned while crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Not really…" the boy admitted, eliciting an amused smile.

"Do you know how Ghostfreak had a mind of his own while in the Omnitrix?"

"I don't know, and I really don't want to find out anytime soon."

"Listen to me, Benjamin Kirby Tennyson." Shiftlash said in a firm tone, causing the boy to tense up immediately. "That's because his memories and personality are a part of his DNA! And I am similar to him in that regard."

Ben's eyes widened upon hearing that.

"Wait… so you mean that…" he said, trailing off as his mind recollected his previous encounters with the Ectonurite.

"I have the memories of the one who you got me from." Shiftlash finished for the brunet. "I only learned of this because using Cross Wing's power caused whatever suppressed them to be lifted."

"So…Who did I get you from?" Ben asked.

"You know the answer to that." the slime replied. "Who is the only other slime you know besides myself?"

Ben's eyes widened as he recalled the pink slime.

"You mean that slime- what was her name again?"

Shiftlash chuckled again while transforming into the slime in question.

"Yeah, that's her!"

"Her name is Melona." Shiftlash spoke in the pink slime's voice. "As such, I have her memories."

"Ah this is just great…" Ben droned. "Don't tell me you plan on escaping and taking over the world!"

"Far from it actually." the slime said while turning back to his original form. "I am Shiftlash, not Melona. I don't care about ruling the world or anything like that, since my home is inside the Omnitrix."

"Then why tell me this stuff then?" Ben asked.

" I want you to be aware of all available options you have." Shiftlash replied casually. "I also know a little about what Eon was doing by bringing you to Gainos, and what he's planning."

The young boy's eyes widened upon hearing that.

"You see, you're acting as a shield of sorts to some guy who Eon calls the Time Walker." the slime explained. "Apparently he hates him more than you. Anyway, since you don't know about this Time Walker guy, he isn't able to move around freely. Apparently Eon is planning to connect several realities together to amass an army of different creatures." He paused when he noticed that the young boy was confused. "In simpler terms of what I've said- You're helping Eon in his plans of creating a monster army so large that even you can't defeat it."

Ben's jaw dropped in disbelief before shaking his head vigorously.

"There is no way I am helping Eon!" he protested.

"Sadly, by just being in this world, you're helping him greatly." Shiftlash said with a sigh. "Look, you're pretty much the deciding factor of whether his plan works or not."

"Then what about Vilgax, Ghostfreak and Hex?" Ben asked while clenching his fists.

"They were brought here simply to distract you from trying to stop Eon, as far as I know." the slime answered while crossing his arms.

"I'm going to tear that bastard to shreds limb by limb." the boy seethed as his anger began to overcome him.

"Another thing I need to point out that Eon's hoping for. He wants you to be bloodthirsty. I'm thinking a lot of the crap you've went through was probably also his doing in some way." the green slime added before looking the boy in the eyes. "Tell me, who are you, Ben Tennyson?"

Ben's rage didn't subside as he went up to Shiftlash.

"I am a boy who no longer plays the hero." he said bluntly. "I tried to play the nice guy, but look where that brought me. I wound up as the damn victim a lot. I've learned a lot from my time here. I'm going to protect those that are dear to me…"

"What about if you come across some innocent girl that is chased by a monster, knowing all too well that this person will die? What about seeing a group of bandits pillaging a village you're simply passing through?" the slime pressed. "Are you going to simply let them all die even if you have the power to save them?"

Ben's eyes widened upon hearing that statement. His anger ebbed away as uncertainty took root.

"I-I…" he said, unable to come up with an answer.

"You have learned a lot to survive this world, but are you willing to condemn the majority to protect only those you deem worthy of your protection?"

Ben fell completely silent.

"There are some questions you must keep asking yourself. 'Why do I use the Omnitrix ?' 'What will happen if I take a life?' 'Who am I?'"

"What do you want me to do?" the boy asked.

"Do whatever feels right to you." Shiftlash answered.

The Jaeger Joker examined the chess board before looking down at the green king piece before he felt his body pulse.

"What the?" he said before he looked at his hand as it started to phase in and out of existence briefly.

Realizing what is going on, he relaxed and sat down in a chair.

"So… I guess it's my turn now…" he mused with a smile.

"Actually, your role as the Eternal King has finally been completed." Paradox's voice said from behind the undead brunet. "Don't worry, you're not in any danger."

"Professor, does this mean that?" he asked.

"Yes, they succeeded in breaking Diagon's curse." the Time Walker confirmed as he appeared next to the Eternal King.

Tears started to flow down his face as he began to laugh in joy.

"After a millennia of suffering, I'm finally free!" he said while looking at Paradox. "Your Gal Monsters… I'll never be able to thank them enough for this."

"What about young Ben?" the professor asked.

Wiping the tears away, he regained his composure.

"If I'm not going to stick around for much longer, that means that my future is no longer the most likely outcome." he replied. "Can you at least tell me how they figured it out? No offense to them, but they're not exactly as brilliant compared to you."

"It was through the help of their countless 'sisters'." Paradox replied with a smile. "Might I add that they literally did just about everything you could think of. Some of them were quite amusing to watch, I have to admit."

"So the whole worshiping a spork approach was done too?" the undead Ben asked in a joking manner.

"Twenty five of them did that for over two years." Paradox admitted.

"Wow… and I thought Ani was a handful by herself." The Jaeger Joker said in amazement. "Anything I should be aware about?"

Paradox nodded as he looked at the chessboard.

"Unfortunately, in about two years time here, another enemy of Ben is going to show up." he said before producing an orange king from a pocket of his lab coat. "This one isn't connected to your timeline at all, so you cannot interfere with it."

"Another one?" the undead boy droned. " Aren't there enough already?"

"True, but keep in mind, not everyone is going to stick around. Eon will send some of them back so that they become stronger for his contingency plan." Paradox pointed out.

"Ah, you mean the one with my former mistress." the Eternal King recollected. "Yeah, I really screwed that one up by doing the only thing he didn't expect me to do."

"Yeah, and I would like to point out that there is something you're free to do now." Paradox pointed out. "Something involving Demon Breaker and Melona."

The brunet's eyes widened in realization.

"Of course… while I can't interfere with my past self's future. I can with those from the same time as myself."

Paradox nodded in confirmation.

"Should I take you to where your loyal vassal is, your majesty?" he asked.

"No need for formalities, Professor. Jaeger Joker works just fine." the undead Ben replied with a smirk before adjusting his fedora. "Time to make whatever time I have left matter."

"You have about a day and a half before you return to your proper time." Paradox informed him.

"Let's get going then." The Jeager Joker said as he walked to the Time Walker's side.

Melona grimaced as she felt the full force of the Brachydios' punch as the fist tore right through her abdomen while being coated in the green slime that coated the organic gauntlet. The slime realized this and panicked. At the start of the fight, the slime thought she clearly had the upper hand.

However, she learned that the monsters had the real advantage. Their obsidian hides were highly resistant to her acid, as well as acting as armor, reducing the damage inflicted upon them by any blades or blunt weapons. However, their greatest strength was their green slime.

Melona tried to wipe off the foreign ooze as it gradually turned yellow. Sledgebomber roared loudly before driving another fist into his opponent. Upon impact, the yellow slime reacted from the force of the impact. The Protean Assassin screamed as the monster's slime exploded like a bomb, causing her body to splatter in various directions while partially charring the various blobs in the process.

The largest fragment of the pink slime began to twitch as it sprouted a protrusion with a pair of rabbit ears. The slime's 'head' looked around frantically before noticing the blindfold that once belonged to her beloved lying nearby. She dove towards it and pulled it into her body, all the while extinguishing a smoldering end.

Sledgebomber failed to notice this while pounding his fists onto any other blobs with his slime that were once part of Melona's body, being thorough in preventing the slime from reforming her previous size.

The slime tried to creep away, only to freeze as the other Brachydios roared at such an intensity that the force behind it stunned her. Sledgebomber turned its attention towards where its comrade was and roared back. The pair turned to see a figure approach them. The Brachydios roared as it charged ahead while the transformed Breaker recognized who it was.

The newcomer only stood still as the approaching monster swung one of its arms towards it. The figure smirked as he grabbed his fedora and pulled the brim over his eyes

"Only a mere beast…" he said before phasing into the air.

The Brachydios' attack connected with the ground, missing the target completely. The beast withdrew its fist as the slime changed yellow as it roared in frustration. It then plunged its horn into the ground. The ground started to glow around it before a violent explosion erupted around the monster.

The enraged Brachydios roared again as it tried to find its prey. It began to pound its fists against the ground, the slime exploding immediately upon impact.


Countless pillars of purple fire erupted from the ground around the monster, causing the obsidian monster to step back in surprise.

The Jeager Joker emerged from one of the pillars, armed with a large hammer which had a head that had a protrusion that resembled a pilebunker. The flat part of the hammer had an emblem that resembled a dinosaur's footprint. The Brachydios jabbed towards him just as he swung his weapon.

Hammer and fist connected with an immediate explosion triggered by the monster's slime. The Brachydios roared in pain as it staggered backwards, revealing the gauntlet of its attacking limb to have been heavily damaged, the rounded end with a crater with a gaping crack running across it, revealing the inside to be a light gray underneath the obsidian.

"Man, I've forgotten why Tino was the only one who could use that hammer properly." The Jeager Joker muttered as he landed on the ground with the hammer landing next to him. "My hands hurt just from the impact itself." To add emphasis to his words, he shook his arms while wincing in pain.

The Brachydios roared as it charged forward, determined to attack. The undead Ben simply sighed before grabbing the hammer and leaping into a nearby pillar of flame. The monster swung its damaged arm into the flame, only to immediately pull it back while screeching in pain.

The Jeager Joker emerged from a different pillar, wielding a different weapon this time, a mace that resembled the monster's own tail mace, but with green highlights. He twisted in the air, striking the horn on the head while leaving a small amount of green slime from the weapon. The monster staggered backwards as the undead boy dove into another pillar, only to emerge from another and repeated his attack.

The Brachydios tried to counterattack, but its smaller adversary moved too fast for it to react. The brunet repeated this method of attack, gradually building up the slime that was from his mace, gradually changing color from green to yellow, and then to a brilliant red as enough was accumulated. Noticing this, the undead smirked before attacking the horn in one final strike.

The Brachydios roared as it staggered backwards as the blow triggered an explosion, causing the horn to shatter at the end.

"Now to finish this." the Jaeger Joker announced as he stepped into view before snapping his fingers, dismissing all of the pillars. In his hands now was the red sword that the Bloody Hunter used.

The undead Ben charged forward as the blade's edges opened up, revealing the chainsaw teeth that were hidden underneath. The weapon's teeth began to move as its wielder swung it with both arms diagonally. The Brachydios retaliated as it swung with its undamaged arm, connecting with the sword. However, an explosion didn't occur as the slime had worn off it over time. Smirking briefly, the Jeager Joker erupted into violet flames as he screamed while pouring all his strength into the attack.

"DEVIL'S DEMISE!" he cried out as the flames spread out from him, engulfing the monster as well.

The Brachydios screeched in pain as its body began to burn. The undead pulled back his weapon before dropping it to the ground and floated up into the air. His eyes began to glow as he darted through the air, summoning Airi's scythe from thin air. He brought the curved blade and ran his hand across it, cloaking it in violet flames. Spinning it briefly, he quickly held his weapon with both arms as he flew up into the air and towards the burning monster.

The Brachydios' body collapsed to the ground while leaving a spectral image of itself still standing. The monster roared defiantly as the Jeager Joker swung his scythe. The blade easily cutting into the monster's neck, decapitating it in one clean slice. The undead Ben then held out his hand towards the head as it converted into an ethereal mist as the body followed soon after. The mist was drawn into the brunet's palm before he opened his mouth and bit into it.

Sledgebomber, who stood to watch the whole time, was starting to tremble in fear as he watched the Jeager Joker devour the monster's life force. In a flash of light, the Brachydios was replaced with the Demon Breaker.

"Monsters always had a unique taste to them." the undead Ben commented as the flames that covered him died down before turning his attention towards his doppelganger. " I wonder how you would taste."

"Your majesty…" the psychotic Ben said fearfully. "Why did you interfere? I am doing this for you!"

"Cut the crap." the smaller brunet barked while adjusting his hat. "I know what you've been plotting, Breaker. You're definitely setting things up like Sanguine is asking, but you want to rule instead."

The taller one stepped back as the Eternal King stepped forward.

"By all means, go right ahead and try, but know this." he said in a stern tone. "I am free of that wretched curse Diagon put on me. It may appear to have been a short while for you, but I have witnessed history repeating for so long that I can't even remember. You're going to fail, as with Sanguine."

"What makes you say that?" the Demon Breaker questioned.

"I have my sources." the Jeager Joker answered. "I won't kill you, but I won't let you attempt to alter Ben's future by killing Melona."


"Unlike you, I haven't sacrificed my humanity."

Breaker broke out laughing upon hearing that.

"This coming from the guy who sold his soul to the Swamp Witch to become a corpse." he stated.

"I did that so that I could be with Airi once more." the undead Ben explained.

"You had a fucking harem of girls."

"Who all died. Blood was trying to make things right for everyone, while you don't care what happens as long as you get what you want."

"You know me very well, your majesty."

"I know you too well…"

The Jaeger Joker dismissed his scythe before holding out a hand in front of him as a small pillar of violet flames erupted from below it. The flames disappeared as quickly as they appeared, revealing the hammer he used earlier clutched in the outstretched hand.

"There is but one thing left for me to do." he said before placing his other hand onto the hammer. "Make sure this hammer reaches it rightful owner."

"Are you insane?! If you do that, you'll eliminate our existence!" Breaker said in disbelief.

"Wrong, I'll simply just be making more possible futures besides our own." the undead brunet corrected him.

His face twisting to a look of anger, the psychotic Ben charged forward. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

In a flash of light, he transformed back into Sledgebomber, the slime yellow to indicate his rage.

"Seriously?" the Jaeger Joker questioned before he shouldered the hammer. He charged forward in response. "Have you forgotten what made me the strongest out of all of us?"

As he closed in on the transformed Breaker, the undead Ben was engulfed in emerald flames, shrouding him completely. After several steps, the flames receded downwards, revealing snow white hair and silver eyes while his outfit was replaced with a pair of black cargo pants. His chest was covered with countless scars, while on the back of his left hand was a peculiar scar shaped like the Omnitrix's emblem.

"I was the only one of us who utilized the Omnitrix's energy with magic to enhance the physical traits in ways unlike the Ultimate forms." the white haired boy said with a smirk.

Sledgebomber stopped in place as the undead Ben closed in. the Brachydios tried to punch his opponent, only to have the fist caught with a single hand of the white haired boy as he grimaced from the force of the impact.

"The ability to allow mere mortals to fight toe to toe with even the strongest demons and angels at the cost of their mortal lives. A final gambit Ben came up with that triggered that godforsaken war with us against the Divine and Demonic. The war that I never want to experience ever again. The very thing that ended the war while taking my life, condemning me as an undead servant of the Swamp Witch. Second Physicality. "

Sledgebomber roared defiantly as the Jaeger Joker screamed back with as much resolve. The monster pushed down, causing the ground around the undead's feet to crack and cave underneath the force, however, the boy tossed the hammer to the side before using his other hand to grasp the underside of the gauntlet as he began pulling.

The transformed Breaker ceased his attack as he screeched in pain as a sickening ripping sound was heard as the Jaeger Joker used all his strength to break off a large portion of the gauntlet, leaving the two fingers and thumb completely exposed.

"The hide of a Brachydios is quite resilient, allowing it to harmlessly move through magma like it was water and to withstand subzero temperatures for long periods of time. And that is on top of able to withstand countless slime explosions up close, though it is far from indestructible." the white haired boy explained while examining what he ripped off. "The hide can't take too much explosions from foreign sources surprisingly, and with enough force, it can break under pressure. Going from that one I defeated earlier, its horn must have taken a lot of punishment in a previous fight, making it less durable than it usually is for its species."

The Demon Breaker hissed in anger, staring at the undead Ben as he tossed the gauntlet fragment over his shoulder.

"Regardless, you know that my strength is not only enhanced, but also unrestrained due to my undead nature. Leave this place, Breaker. "

The Brachydios reverted back to his true form, showing the brunet glaring at him in silence.

"I will kill you, specter…" the Demon Breaker swore. "One way or another, I will kill you and have this world conquered by a Ben. "

"We'll see about that." The Jaeger Joker countered casually before lifting up the hammer up with ease with one hand. "I will get involved more often in your attempts to change things towards our future."

The brunet fell silent before a portal appeared behind him. Without looking, he leapt backwards, vanishing from view before the portal vanished.

The white haired undead sighed as he set the hammer down as his hair and eyes slowly transitioned back to their original colors. He then collapsed onto his knees and smiled slightly.

"Man, doing that was tiresome." he said before looking around. "Are you still going to hide there Melona?"

A pair of pink rabbit ears poked out from a bush.

"How did you know I was there?" the slime asked in a younger pitch

The undead Ben chuckled before his suit materialized out of thin air as he looked over towards the bush.

"I'm very much like Airi is." he replied. "So, how much of yourself did he get?"

"Bastard got a good amount." Melona replied bitterly as she emerged from the bush.

The Jeager Joker raised an eyebrow upon seeing how the pink slime currently looked.

"Wow. That is a lot if your human form looks like that now…" he admitted. "Still, glad I managed to arrive in time."

"Why did you help me? And who the hell are you?" Melona demanded.

"I am the Jaeger Joker, an old friend of your beloved." the brunet answered. "As for my reasons to help you? I'll tell you later. I'm tired from all that fighting.

The slime stomped her foot in frustration.

"Meanie!" she pouted before coming towards the undead boy with a sly smirk.

"Don't bother with seduction." he replied. "I prefer twin tailed girls, like Airi. Though you do have points in my book for having those rabbit ears."

Melona froze in place upon hearing that, unsure if he was hitting on her or not.


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