Chalk Outline Chapter 2: New Life

Tsukune's POV

I stand grimly looking at the rise of the sun and the girls who, came to visit what is left of my remains and shed more fake tears.., Who were they fooling? Why would they do this? No one was here watching them? I am so confused. I don't know how I should react. I am too conflicted to do anything but stare at them. I want to reach out and touch them and tell them I am still alive and love them. I want to show them how much I care. Then, I remember what they did to me and I want to make them all suffer. So I stand in the conver silently screaming out my pain. I walk over to them slowly and put my hand on Moka's shoulder. She swats my arm away and screams in fear.

Moka screams," Get away!" as she scrambles away.

Yukari shouts," No one touches my beloved Moka!" and waves her wand and a brass washing pan lands on my head knocking it cleanly off for a split second before it flies back into place with a popping sound.

Mizore says nothing but comes up and puts a hand on my shoulder blades and I now know she recognizes me but, she does not tell the other girls. Instead, Mizore gestures for the other to leave because it it time for class, before leaning in close and whispered," Tsukune, I don't know if you can understand me. I am so sorry for what happened I never wanted it end up like this. I hope you can forgive me for my part in your death. But know that I will always love you."

I embraced Mizore and she cried as I held her to my skeletal chest. I did not know what to do truly other than that. I tried to say I forgive you Mizore. That I loved her but all my jaw did was make a few clicking noises as my teeth collided. I slowly eased my grip from her when she slowly stopped crying. I smiled at her and gestured for her to leave. I watched the most observant and protective girl in my life who was always there for me walk away from me. I was even more conflicted than before. I did not know whether the other girls loved me now or if it was just Inner Moka that did not. But one thing kept me from howling in pain like I was before; Mizore still loves me.

So stood there waiting for Mikogami to come. I found his title as the Exorcist rather ironic given he had used necromancy to bring me back. Then I "saw"(I don't have eyes but I can see because I am spirit inside my skeleton) a shiny pearly white smile and Mikogami walked out of the shadows. Mikogami had my new body that looked similar to my old one, it was only more muscular. Mikomai then placed the husk next to me and drew a pentangle with a pentagram inside it on the floor with the blood from the husk. Mikogami then snapped his fingers once he was done. the flesh ripped itself apart then latched onto me. The pain was unbearable I felt all the severed nerves and skin and as it rapidly healed. But, I could scream! I had my lungs and a body back. The pain was nothing compared to the joy of being able to talk again. I could go back to school the next day. "Thank you, Headmaster." I said. My voice sounds like a hoarse whisper because my lungs have not fully formed yet.

It was nothing, Tsukune all I ask is you continue as you were before to the best of your ability. You should know that your new form has none the vampiric blood in it that you had before and you are "alive". You are one of the stronger living dead. You can regenerate your body as long as you at least one bone of your skeleton still in a solid state. You have a developing magical skill set that is more destruction, restoration, and sealing based. This is because I am the one who created you had Akasha you would have serious shinso class vampiric strength and had my Chinese counterpart created you would have all the agility and dexterity of the most elite assassins. That said you are still very strong and fast but you should focus more on magical growth for now. I want you to get your head straight with your friends and I will provide you with a job later that will prevent people from questioning why you aren't aging if I am satisfied. I am glad that you made the first step back into your old life by forgiving Mizore but, I doubt the others will be as easily convinced that you have not changed that you still love them."

I did not know what to say to that other than," I am not the same person I was before and I never will be again. But never doubt my integrity or my devotion to those I hold/held dear to me. I still want humans and youkai to get along as much as you do." Mikogami smiled at that and nodded.

"I would expect nothing less from you, boy. Now head to class you can still make it for the second half of the day if you hurry and take the book on your coffin I left for you on your way out." Mikogami said as he walked out of the crypt.

I walked over to my coffin and picked up a book that was titled, Sorcery for Beginners, and ran to lunch. I was starved which was understandable since my new body had any food; As I ran I noticed that I got several strange looks on my way to the cafeteria. When, I opened the doors to the lunchroom everyone froze.

Someone shouted," I thought you were dead!"

I deadpanned," No, I am just undead." Everyone got cloudy faces and fell over sideways at that really bad pun. What surprised me though was none of my girls were there. I walked outside until I was near the clubhouse for my club, the Newspaper club.

I heard Moka call out,"Tsukune?" I turned around to see various looks on the girls faces before most ran away only Mizore and Yukari had stayed behind. Mizore looked happy to see me but Yukari looked troubled.

Yukari asked," Tsukune is that really you? Were you the skeleton at the crypt? How did you survive?"

I responded," Yes, it is really me. Yes, I was the skeleton at the crypt. I didn't survive, Yukari."

Mizore pulled me closer and held me go her and Yukari did the same before they both asked," Then, how are you with us right now?"

I gave them a sad smile and said," The Headmaster sealed my soul within my skeleton making me an almost immortal resembling skeleton. As such I have gained some skill in magic because he was the one who saved me."

Yukari looked troubled at this information. Though she did not voice her concerns other than to wave her wand a light came down upon me. I howled in pain as I felt her try to exorcise my spirit from my bones. Mizore looked shocked at this and froze Yukari where she stood. I collapsed. I looked at my body and realized the light had burned it and my body slowly was healing up.

Mizore silently walked over to me and carried me away to class and Yukari to the hospital wing. She was the only girl who acknowledged me while in the class the others completely ignored me. I was beginning to get furious. I was trying to forgive them for killing me and they were completely ignoring me and Yukari had tried to again. Now given I did not understand completely all the repercussions of being brought back by a Dark Lord but that did not matter. That was not a reason to do what the girls were doing to me especially after what they had already done. Mizore was the only one truly accepting right now, though I could tell Kurumu wanted to believe that I was back but she trusted Inner Moka's judgement. Outer Moka had her mouth watering the whole time behind me and had to stop herself from biting my neck several times. I was shocked that I understood my studies better and found that i could now daydream, look at the girls, read my magic book's first spell; touch of earth which turned my hands into stone unsurprisingly, and pay attention in class. The other thing that surprised many people around me is I could now imitate the Headmaster's big scary and creepy smile. Ms. Nekogome was constantly asking me questions and pretty soon it was just us going back and forth much to her surprise and frustration I was able to answer all of her questions perfectly inspite of the fact that I was blatantly not paying attention to what she was teaching. Some of my classmates began to snicker as they saw me change my hands turn to stone and back again. Ms. Nekome craws them and they apologize. Then, she asks me," So Tsukune, what is the name of an undead sorcerer?" and goes to claw me and catch them right then and there in front of the whole class.

I grin and say," A liche. " It finally dawns on me that is what the Headmaster made me and from what I can tell was entirely because he was the Hades Lord of magical beings and knowledge. I still am a reassembling skeleton. A dark blue aura with black tinges seeps into the room from me while Ms. Nekogome emits a feline golden aura. My aura is filled with confusion and loneliness versus Ms. Nekogome's aura feels carefree and nice. I honestly did not feel angry or upset with her at all ,but more Yukari and the other girls besides Mizore, and released her hand. I said, "Sorry, Ms. Nekogome." and bowed before returning to my seat while dissipating my aura. Class droned on and was uneventful really.

After class, I was confronted by the girls. Mizore walked by my side and we both faced the rest of the girls waiting to see what they would do and say. Kurumu was the first to say something. She whispered, "Is that really you Tsukune?"

I replied, "Yes, it is me."

Mizore said with conviction, "It is true."

Yukari and Moka still looked unconvinced but Kurumu ran to me crying and begging for forgiveness and locked me in a hug. I was not too surprised that Kurumu came over to me because she looked like could barely hold it together earlier. No, but the one I used to truly love, the one who utterly betrayed me, the one who turned me into a vampire just to kill me because she thought I was a ghoul; Moka, She was the one that continued to poison the other girls with her fear, distrust, pride, lack of sympathy. Yukari is still under her influence but I have finally freed Kurumu. I now see I was little more than a food source and a plaything to Moka and when she was grabbed by the Outcast Ayashi she panicked and decided I was no longer a worthy resource if she would be captured to lure me in. I felt anger, outrage betrayal seep out from me into my aura making it a darker blue and the black tinges easier to see on the fringe of my aura. I whispered to both Yukari and Moka as they prepared to fight me, " Why? Moka? Yukari? Just why?" I waited about 20 minutes for someone to say something. When no one did, I tried something I saw when I jumped to the back of my sorcery book. A spell that required no incantation. I took with my hand and ripped a hole in the air that was dark bordered to my bedroom and hopped through much to the girls surprise. I simply said, "Good night, ladies."

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