Niko Bellic: An American Tragedy, Chapter 2

"I am not letting this asshole get away! NO fucking way!" Niko stepped on the gas pedal as hard as he can and went speeding fast.

"Niko, slow down! Please! Fuck, fuck fuck! I didn't even get to fuck Mallorie yet!" Roman cried. Niko kept on going till he finally hit Johnny's bike and it spun out of control and he hit a pole and fell off his bike. Niko stopped the car quickly, pulling out his weapon of choice, a pistol and quickly aimed it at Johnny's head as he turned his head and coughed out blood.

"W-what…the fuck…man? Your making a big fucking mistake." Johnny looked at Niko with a dirty look.

"You took my fucking cousin and gave him to some fucking pussies of Dimitri Rascolov? Didn't you, you fucker? I know who you are, biker trash. Johnny Klebitz. You remember me? We did a deal once with the fucking diamonds." Niko started to clench his fist and he clicked the pistol.

"So what if I did? Fucking cunt, I kill for money. You should have figured that out by now. Fucking faggot ass bitch." Johnny started to cackle a bit.

"Your fucking insane man. You had this coming." Niko pulled the trigger and shot Johnny right into the chest. He knew there was a chance that Johnny had survived, but he didn't care. Niko quickly put the gun back into his suit and ran back into his car and drove off while he heard a few police vehicles driving up to where he shot Johnny.

"Niko, you are fucking crazy. You haven't killed a soul or hurt a soul in eight months! Now you decide to?" Roman complained.

"Oh, shut the fuck up, Roman. You don't fucking know anything." Niko rolled his eyes.

"Take me to Mallorie's place. Go get some new fucking clothes. It's now 2009."

"Cousin, you said that the first time I got in the country." Niko glared at him.

"What do we got here?" The police officer said as he chew on his bubblegum.

"Dead biker? He just got randomly rammed off his bike and got shot? Right in the chest." The police officer's partner said.

"Guess so." One doctor said as he reached down and felt Johnny's pulse. "He's alive."

"Fuck these bikers, man. Lost MC? Ain't they been gone for like eight fuckin' months?" The first officer said.

"Hey did you hear about that one guy who hijacked a fuckin-" The second officer was immediately shot in the head, and following that was the doctor and the first officer.

"Indeed, I did." Said Darko as he put his sniper rifle back into his case.