It happened so fast that the others could hardly believe it. The Reaper charged at Luffy with his sword drawn and unleashed multiple gigantic bursts of energy, but Luffy dodged them all and hit the Reaper dead-on with his Red Hawk, and sent his head flying.

"Oh… my… god…" said Nami.


Luffy walked over to the place where the Reaper's head landed.

"Better make sure he's dead."

Luffy kicked the Reaper's head into a burning tree.

"Yep, he's dead." he said cracking a smile.

"You do realize that you just punched off a man's head, don't you?"

"What? He was trying to kill us, and you heard what he planned to do to Nami and the others. I don't know what an orifice is, but it can't be good."

"That's our captain." laughed Robin.

"Besides, this should send a clear message to the Marines and all the other Pirates across the New World. Nothing is going to stop me from becoming the Pirate King, so stay out of my way."

The World Nobles were fuming; even the Reaper had been bested by Monkey D. Luffy. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki had just witnessed the one person who had stood up to him, Borsalino, and Kuzan all at once being defeated by someone who had somehow learned to defy the power of time. Even though he could control lava, and he'd never admit it to anyone, not even himself, he felt an uncomfortable chill down his spine. And somewhere in a dark corner of the New World, Blackbeard bust his gut laughing.

Onboard the Thousand Sunny, Usopp could finally feel his body again.

"Ugh… where am? What happened?"

"Long story short, we won." said Sanji.

"What happened to the Reaper?"

"Dead… very dead."

"Dead?! How?!"

"Luffy punched his freaking head off, and I temporally lost my hands. You really missed out."

"Wait a minute, if you lost your hands… then how…"


Usopp looked over and saw that Robin and Nami were hovering over Safaia, who looked like death.

"I need chocolate… NOW!"

"Right away!"

As soon as Sanji brought her some chocolate the color immediately returned to Safaia's face.

"Thanks… I needed that."

"Anything for a lovely bride-to-be."

"Where the heck is Luffy?"

"He said there was something he had to take care of."

"What could he possibly have to take care of, the island is on fire."

Ussop scanned the burning landscape for any sign of Luffy, when suddenly…

"I thought you said he was dead!"

The others looked across the starboard side of the ship and saw the Reaper leaping across the molten lava toward the ship.

"You've got to be kidding me!"

The Reaper leapt onto the ship's deck and drew his sword.

"I've got only one question for you… How cool do I look in this armor?!"

"What? Luffy?!"

The Reaper took off his mask, and sure enough there was a familiar grin underneath.

"What is your damage?!"

"Come on, you've got to admit, this armor is just too cool!"

"Well, it does make a SUPER trophy."

"What did you do with the body?"

"I gave him a proper cremation."

"That's probably more than he deserves."

"Luffy… you just gave me a brilliant idea." said Nami.

"We should party by setting a large bonfire?"

"We should raid the Reaper's ship!"

"Are you serious?" asked Usopp.

"Why not? If he was here then his ship can't be far. And you saw how big that thing was, odds are there's something of worth on it."

"Didn't we just retrieve Black Hook Bart's lost treasure?" asked Chopper.

"You can never have too much money."

"But we need to take Safaia home."

"It's just a quick detour, it shouldn't take long."

"What about the crewman aboard?" asked Chopper.

"We faced the Reaper himself and won. I doubt a bunch of hired goons are going to give us much trouble."

"But the whole world saw Luffy punch someone's head off. The Marines could be barreling down on us as we speak!" said Usopp.

"I believe it's the captain's call to make." said Robin.

It took Luffy two minutes to make his decision.

"Okay, Safaia needs to be taken home and the Marines could be on their way. We have ten minutes to get to the Reaper's ship and steal as much stuff as we possibly can!"

"Pirates…" said Safaia under her breath.

After Usopp sighted the Revenge, Franky sent the Sunny flying in its direction at full speed. As soon as it was within range Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji leapt aboard.

"I'll bet there isn't even a single devil fruit user onboard."

"Boo…" said Luffy.

Half the crew immediately dropped their weapons.

"Uh… Back off! We've got you outnumbered!"


With an exertion of Luffy's haki, the rest of the crew immediately fell down.

"Okay everyone, split up and search the ship. You have eight minutes!"

It didn't take long for Nami to wish that Luffy had left at least one of the crew members standing.

"Okay, why the hell does he have a box full of live worms and rats? Luffy, what are you doing?"

Luffy had his head submerged in a giant tub.

"The Reaper wasn't lying about the chocolate." he said pulling his head out.

"We don't have time for that. It looks like there's nothing here, we need to keep looking."

As they searched the ship, Luffy and the others never expected that they would find a room with fifteen young women in revealing clothes. For a moment it looked like Sanji was going to bleed out.

"You… Straw Hat Luffy… is he…"

"If by he you mean the Reaper, he's very dead."

The one with the long pink hair immediately rushed up and kissed Luffy, and the others quickly followed.

"Hey! Get off me!"

"Sorry… It's just that… you have no idea how much we wanted to see him die."

"You were his servant girls." said Robin

"That's the understatement. You heard what he planned to do to you. He… he did things like that to us all the time."

Chopper could tell that the girls had suffered some very serious beatings, some of their wounds were very recent.

"How can we ever thank you?"

"You can tell us where the Reaper kept his valuables." said Nami.

"In his room. There's a safe behind the bookcase, activated by pulling the lever disguised as a book titled "The Power of Men". The combination is 1-9-9-0."

As they made their way to the Reaper's room Sanji looked very gloomy.

"Why is Luffy always the lucky one?! First he ends up on the island of women while I end up in hell, now this! It's not fair…"

"Well, he is the one who actually killed the Reaper." replied Zoro "You on the other hand were just as useless as ever."


"That can be fixed right now!"

"Oh for Pete's sake, shut up!" said Nami "Focus on getting this stuff to the ship, we've only got about five minutes."

"Actually… I think we just ran out of time."

In the distance Usopp could see a G-5 ship approaching.

"It must be Smoker."

"Fight or flight?"

"I vote fight." said Zoro.

"Absolutely not!" said Chopper "Safaia may have been able to heal everyone's injuries, but that doesn't change the fact that we're all exhausted."

"And I'm sooooo hungry." said Luffy.

"But we still need to take Safaia home."

"What about the other girls?"

"Okay listen. Slavery is supposed to be illegal and none of them have brands." said Robin "If we know Vice Admiral Smoker and Captain Tashigi, and we do, they'll just think of them all as victims of the situation and see the Reaper as an even viler person than they already thought. Safaia, once they board you just tell them that after our fight with the Reaper we thought you were nothing but dead weight. Once they're done here they'll take you home."

"Are you sure?"

"Have we steered you wrong yet?"

"Oh, I almost forgot to give this back."

Luffy handed Safaia back her amulet.

"But Luffy… you may have killed the Reaper, but what if someone else finds the Clock-Clock fruit?"

"Don't worry, we'll find another way. And if he or she is a pirate, I'll convince them to join my crew!"

"Thanks for everything Luffy. You're going to make a great Pirate King someday."

"And you're going to make a very good wife."

This time it was Safaia that thanked Luffy with a kiss.

"Why does everyone keep doing that?"

"No fair! No fair at all!" said Sanji.

"Let's get out of here!" said Usopp.

Franky waited until everyone was back onboard the Sunny.

"Alright, it's now or never! SUPER Coup De Burst!"

Just like that the Sunny was off.

It didn't take long for Luffy to learn that he was right about the assumptions he had made that night. The next day the front page of the newspaper read, "No one mourns the Reaper." The paper was full of cries from outraged citizens across the sea about his methods, including the few survivors of the incident at Herpeto Island. As the days passed more and more articles began to emerge about the atrocities the Reaper had inflicted on his slaves. And it didn't take long for the World Government to issue a one billion belli reward for the Clock-Clock fruit.

"Let's just hope we don't run into it again."

"I'd hate to see something like that in Blackbeard's hands." said Robin.

"Hey guys, look at this!"

The newspaper Nami was reading had a picture of Safaia in a white dress holding hands with her new husband.

"Aw, don't they just make the cutest couple."

"It's so SUPER beautiful!" said Franky crying like a baby.

"A young woman kidnapped in the middle of the night by persons of a suspected illegal slave trade found herself a hostage of the infamous Straw Hat pirates. When asked about her experience, she simply stated that it had been enough adventure for one lifetime, and looks forward to new life with her new husband."

There was no shortage of articles speculating about how Luffy had been able defy the power of the Clock-Clock fruit and defeat the Reaper. Everyone expected their bounties to rise any day now. After nearly a week of rest, Luffy and the others were ready for their next adventure, and Brook had finally finished his new song.

Gold Roger lies buried, but his legend lives on

I tell you the Pirate King comes.

Pirates sail the seas of the New World with their hearts bold and dreams full of gold.

Surely there must be one that can rise and claim the throne

Find the lost treasure and turn the world upside down

In our hearts we know the Pirate King comes

With a ship like no other, a crew to match, and the power of a conqueror

Let all enemies of the freedom we hold so dear beware

Though the darkness grows as do our foes

Through the good and bad times we'll see our adventure through

In our hearts we know we'll be there soon.

We know the Pirate king comes.

(The End)