Hey, this is my first story, so i hope you like it :) Thanks!

Harry was dosing off in potions class again. He, Ron, and Neville were supposed to be listening to professor Snape's directions, but as Snape droned on in his greasy, harsh voice, Harry let his mind wander into his favorite sport, quiddich.

He was flying on his broom higher and higher, the wind whipping his hair back. The snich was right in front of him, and he reached out his hand to grab it. Just as his fingers brushed the golden shimmering snich, a cold voice made him jump.

"The potion you will be making today is very troubling. For homework, you will feed it to 4 people and write a report on what happens. Begin." The voice stated, coming from Severus Snape, standing right behind Harry.

"What page?" Harry whispered to Ron and Neville. "I don't know, stated Ron. I was thinking about the Christmas feast coming up," He stated apologetically.

"Me neither, " Said Neville, panic on his face. "Gran'll kill me if she sees i have another F in potions. "

Ron looked like he was onto something. He was straining his mind to think about something, by the look of it. Then his face brightened, just as he said brightly, "I've got it! He said something about switching!" We need to make a switching potion!"

Harry began searching for a switching potion and soon found a close one. "The body swap potion." He stated. He began working frantically on it, finally finishing just as the period ended.

"I'll give it to the four people at dinner tonight for homework. Snape's bound to have reverse potion. You guys go." Stated Harry, and with that, he corked four bottles and walked to the great hall.

Sorry it's so short, the latter ones will be longer. Thank's for reading!