As morning came, light flooded through the windows and the early birds started to chirp. It was about 5:00 am, and only a few people were awake, slowly getting out of their beds, groggily.

Author's note: O.k, from here, i will be writing this from different character's point of view, or POV as i will call it. So, for example: Harry stood up and screamed. That would be referring to Harry in Luna's body. Thank you!

Harry's POV:

Harry woke up, and was about to fall back asleep when he realized he felt different.

That must be because I'm Ron. He though...but that couldn't be right. He felt shorter. Ron was tall...and his sheets were blue...not red, as the Griffendor's had. He felt much lighter, and his hair was really long...

He shot up and realized that he was in a girl's dormitory. All the other girls were sound asleep. He looked down. He was wearing...A NIGHT DRESS.

Harry ran to a mirror and gazed into it. He had long blonde hair, fair skin, big eyes, and was really short. He put his hands on his chest. Instead of his athletic build due to quiddich, he felt soft...and two bumps...

He had become Luna Lovegood.

He tried to calm himself by telling his mind that Snape could change him back. He just needed to make the other girls believe he was Luna until he could change back. He began getting ready for school.

Opening a drawer, he found a short skirt, black flats, knee-high socks, a blue tie, and a tight grey Hogwarts sweater along with black robes. He quickly changed into them, feeling highly embarrassed.

He then brushed out his hair. It hung down, looking out of place next to his very girly clothes. He raked his brain, remembering a spell Ginny had done once.

"Malia!" he, or rather she, said. It fixed her hair perfectly, straightening it and putting it in a low pony tail with a ribbon.

One of his roommates woke up due to Harry's spell.

"L-luna? What are you doing wearing my clothes? And what did you do to your hair? You never dress up like this!" she exclamed. "If you teach me that spell, I'll do your makeup!" The girl exclaimed.

Harry did not want his makeup done, but the girl insisted and so he quickly taught her the spell as she worked on his makeup.

When the girl was finished with his makeup, he looked into the mirror. She really HAD made Luna look stunning.

"Thanks!" Luna's voice came from Harry, and he ran out of the room. As long as Harry could help it, he was going to make Luna cool for the two hours until he saw Snape.


"Urgggh," Ron moaned. An alarm had just gone off, meaning he had to get up for class. "Harry, did the potion wo-" He started, but then clamped his hand over his mouth. He sounded much higher pitched...and his voice sounded...familiar...but it wasn't Harry's.

He felt his hair. It was long and smooth. He was much shorter and skinnier than usual.

He stepped out of bed, and noticed he was in a girls dormitory. Another girl was up, but Ron didn't recognize her. She was a second year.

Ron must have looked very confused and scared, because the girl looked at him funny and said, "What's wrong, Ginny?"

"U-um, nothing, just tired...," he said. The girl must have found this a good enough excuse because she turned away and went into the bathroom.

Ron looked into the mirror. He posed a little, just to get the feel of being his sister, and decided that he should get Ginny's clothes. He didn't want to embarrass her!

He grabbed a mid thigh length pair of socks and a pair of black shoes with straps. He also put on a grey skirt, which was slightly higher than mid-thigh length, a white button down shirt which was tighter than Ron would ever think possible, and a red and gold tie.

Well, he looked liked Ginny...but there was something missing. his hair was fine, as it was sleek and smooth...It then hit him. He needed makeup.

By the time he found the makeup, the other girl had come out of the bathroom, her hair done, and makeup applied. Ron grabbed the makeup and ran into the bathroom...what was he supposed to put on first?

He put on a little bit of blush, a pinkish-purplish lipstick, eye liner, mascara, and finally some eye shadow to match his lipstick.

"How does it look so perfect?! Harry better not hear about this...or i'll never hear the end of it..." He thought, running down stairs, decked out like Ginny.

He had to be his sister.

I'll write 2 beginnings at a time. Right now it is Harry and Ron. Next, it will most likely be Fred and Ginny, but we'll see. Please write reviews because that's how i know your reading and i love suggestions! Bye!