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Truth, Honor, and Justice

Chapter 1: Death of an Old Soldier

On a dark night in a small village known as Crystal Village, lived many happy people. They were safe from bandits and thieves or any type of criminal. All because of their guardians, three noble people known as Truth, Honor, and Justice, three heroes all covered by the night. They patrolled the village in secret and their leader and teacher was an old ox by the name of Sam. Now the villages knew of Sam for he was their original protector and even though he got older he still protected the village. It was his home and he said he would protect it till the day that he died. Well this dark night it happened.

Sam was a pure white Ox with a muscular build. His crystal blue eyes had seen so many things in his long life. Even though he was old he still was just as strong and just as skilled in his fighting style. He wore a brown cloak and tunic and walked with a staff. Every night he would walk down the dusty streets as he had in his youth to keep his home safe. Listening to the night sounds as the full moon was his only companion. His shadow followed him on the stone wall as he walked heading for home.

Then his old ears picked up something behind him. His body stiffened as he prepared for the attack. "Whoever you are I have no time for games," he stated firmly. Silence only came but Sam knew someone was behind him. Sure enough a dark figure leaped out at him. A blow was given to Sam's back as the ox fell to his knees. Closing his eyes he blocked the next attack behind him and moved to avoid another. Getting to his feet he made a fist and knocked the intruder to his/her knees. "I may be old whippersnapper but I can still handle young punks like you. Taking cheap shots in the dark, let's see you face me head on," he barked.

The figure again attacked Sam with full force. The old ox used his powerful legs to block as he hunched down and charged the attacker. He used his sharp horns and knocked the intruder again into the wall. "Give it up kid you lost," Sam told them.

"I wasn't trying to beat you old fool. I was trying to distract you," a cold voice said. Sam's eyes widened as he yelled out in a pain. A sharp pain was in his back done by a golden blade dagger. Another figure stood behind Sam as he stabbed him again in the ribs. The old ox struggled but it was no use. He was dying and he could do nothing to stop it.

"We are sending a message old soldier. To you and to your beloved guardians, this is now our village and we will take it over. Now you can die too bad you won't live to see us kill them. We will finish what we started seven years ago," said another colder voice.

"Yo-you wi-will never win," Sam stuttered as his life was draining.

"I would say we already have," cackled the voice. Then they left Sam there on the ground in the dark. Sam laid there fighting death as he crawled to his house. Another figure came out all dressed in dark silver.

"Sam what happened to you?" asked a white lynx. She came to his chest but had an athletic figure with deep gray eyes. Her outfit was a gray tunic and boots and she wore a cloak and a mask. She held him in her arms as she tried to pull out the dagger. When she saw the gold bladed handle her eyes went huge and her fur went two shades whiter.

"Th-they are back. Truth one attacked me from behind so the other snuck up on me and stabbed me in the back. My time on this Earth is over and you must continue to guard our home from them," Sam said trying to save every breath he took.

""Sam I can't do it alone. I need you to help me. Please hold on I will get you inside you will be fine," Truth told him.

"No, Truth I am done for. You must find Honor and Justice they will help you," Sam said his voice barely above a whisper.

"But Justice vowed never to return after what happened to Honor," Truth said shedding tears.

"Tell Justice to be good again by defeating the Golden Blades," Sam said. He took off a medallion that was pure gold with the mark of a moon with a sun. "Take this and remember all that I taught you. Find Justice and Honor and protect our home," Sam said and with that his hand fell to the floor. His eyes rolled back and he took his last breath.

"Sam, Sam!" Truth yelled shaking the old ox but knew her teacher/father was dead. Tears streaming down her face she took the medallion as the rain poured down them. Lightning flashed in the skies as if the very universe itself was angry over what had happened. "I will not fail you Sam, I promise. I will find Justice and Honor and together we will protect our home I promise," she said firmly as hot tears flooded down her face.

The next morning was a gray day as people from all over the village attended the funeral of Sam. Truth now dressed in her normal clothes and being her other half was there. She placed a white lily on the coffin and began her plan. Taking Sam's staff she began to write a letter to Justice and pray he would help her. Going to the falcons she went to a dark gray one with one teal eye and one brown. Truth wrote her note and placed Sam's medallion inside the envelope. "Please Justice come here for I need your help I cannot do this alone," she whispered as she tied the note to the falcon's leg.

"Where am I taking this?" he asked.

"To the Valley of Peace at the Jade Palace, give it to a panda named Po," Truth said. The Falcon nodded and opened his wings and took off taking the note with him. Truth prayed with all her might that Justice would come back home.

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