Chapter 4: Forming a Plan

"I can't believe you are home!" Aniela said still clinging to Po. Then she released him and punched him in the arm. "How come you never came back to visit or written us any letters. Didn't you get all the letters we sent you? Not once did we get a reply you so busy being the great Dragon Warrior you don't have time for your big and little sister?" Aniela demanded putting her paws on her hips.

Po didn't know what to say to this. He had gotten the letters but he was so ashamed at what happened that he never read them. "Sorry Aniela I have been busy but how did you know I was the Dragon Warrior?" Po asked her.

"Please Po everyone knows about you being the Dragon Warrior," Kaz said smiling.

"Well I am here now and that is all that matters right," Po said trying to smile. Aniela both looked at each other and smiled and nodded their heads.

"Yeah you are right Po, that is what matters," Kaz said.

"So, Po how is your life as the Dragon Warrior? Steal any young hearts brother?" Aniela said in her teasing voice.

"Uh no not that I am aware of anyways," Po said as they all sat down. "Look we need to stay focused. What has been going on since I left," Po asked them.

"Well after you left things were pretty quiet. The Golden Blades haven't been seen in a while and just a few months strange things been happening," Kazia began.

"What do you mean by strange?" Po asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well robberies have been happening but as soon as we get to the place. Nothing was taken," Kaz said.

"Then we been seeing pictures painted on the walls and stores of blades with a golden handle," Aniela added.

"The only serious thing was Sam being killed," Kazia told him.

Ah so they start sending messages to spread fear. Robbing people to spread fear making everyone in town afraid and paining pictures to remind people of the people they once feared. Now since they got peoples' attention they kill Sam as a message to us saying "we are back and will take over. Anyone who stands against us will die," Po, explained.

"You are right that is what they had done in the past," Kaz said.

"Great we know they are back so what do we do?" Aniela asked. "I wish Sam was still alive he would know what to do," she said shedding a tear. Kazia hugged her little sister as Po squeezed her paw.

"I know you do sis, but don't forget we are Guardians and as long as we stick together we can defeat them," she told Aniela.

"First thing we need to do is to make a plan," Po said.

"Good idea and suggestions?" Kaz asked.

"Yes, we send our own message to them," Po told the girls.

"How Po?" they asked together.

"Get suit up we are going on patrol," Po told them. They nodded and ran upstairs as Po grabbed the medium sack out of his bag and headed into the spare bedroom he had when he lived with Sam. He opened it to reveal a black outfit it looked like an outfit a ninja would wear and it covered all of Po's body. All anyone could see was his eyes but they were covered by a black mask for extra protection. Then he placed a medallion with the sun on it and looked in the mirror. "Never thought I would be wearing this again," he said. And pulled out his final touch to his outfit, it was his own dagger that Sam and made for him and the handle was silver. He stepped out to meet the girls and faced them in their outfits.

Their outfits resembled Po's but Kazia's was a deep silver gray and she wore a mask and had a sword strapped to her back. Around her neck was her moon medallion. Aniela's was a pure white outfit and she had those star weapons. She wore her star medallion. "Wow it is like the old days," Aniela said smiling.

"Here are the smoke bombs but remember what Sam said only use them when you need a fast get away," Kaz said.

"Yeah let's go on patrol and remind the Golden Blades why they were gone for so long," Po said smiling.

"Hands together," Aniela said.

"Truth," Kazia said placing her paw first.

"Honor," Aniela said proudly placing her paw on top of Kazia's.

"Justice," Po said placing his on top of Aniela's.

"Go Guardians," they said together and broke apart. The sun had gone down and the moon was up. "Let's send a message," Po said as they ran off into the night.

Tigress was meditating in her room but her mind was on Po. He hadn't been gone longer than two days and she was beginning to worry about him. When he read that letter he seemed to have changed. His eyes showed great pain and fear. She knew there had to be more to it than a simple village asking for help. No, Po must have known the writer of the letter. Whatever that letter said it brought back something painful to Po and she had to know what it was.

If she had the letter she would have read it and gone off to find Po. But that silly panda had taken the letter with him and she had no clue as to where he had gone. Another idea was to ask the local ship captains but she respected Po to much to follow him. He said he had to handle this on his own. She just wished she knew what he had to handle alone. Getting tired she got ready for bed and blew out her candle. Closing her eyes she began to enter the dream world.

Tigress was seeing a dark alleyway. Her eyes saw Po all dressed in black attacking a shadowy figure. "Po, hold on I am coming!" she cried but she couldn't move. It was like she was there but not physically so she was forced to watch. Po seemed to be handling his own but then another shadowy figure came up behind Po holding a dagger. "Po, behind you!" Tigress shouted still unable to move. She watched in horror as the figure stabbed Po right in the back. The panda let out a moan as his eyes rolled back. Blood seeped through his outfit as he fell on his stomach not moving. Po was dead and sticking out of his back was a dagger with a golden handle.

Tigress awoke covered in a cold sweat. Her eyes were bulging as tears fogged her vision as her heart was racing. She shook her head unable to comprehend what she had seen. Po had been stabbed in the back by a figure that held a dagger with a golden handle. Now she knew she had to find Po and fast for if she didn't he would die? Tomorrow she was heading to the village to find answers as to where Po could have gone. She almost lost Po in Gongmen City and she was not about to lose him to some cowardly attacker and a golden handled dagger. Tomorrow she was going to find her panda and bring him home where he belonged.

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