(I know everybody says Fix You by Coldplay fits every ship, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how much it fits Khan and Kirk)

Kirk knew it was a mistake. He knew he was being an idiot, like always. He knew that following his 'gut instinct' had got him into trouble so many times before, and it was about to again.

He just couldn't get this idea out of his head.

Kirk itched his eyebrow, going over his plan several times, pushing himself to do it and telling himself "DON'T YOU DARE. It's a no-win scenario."

But Kirk didn't believe in no-win scenarios.

Three hours later, leaving the office of the newly appointed director of Star Fleet, he itched his eyebrow again, before leaning against a wall and running his hands over his face. "What have I done?"

Precisely at that moment in time, Spock came round the corner. If anybody could second-guess Kirk's actions more than Kirk, it was Spock.

"Captain, I must repeat to you my lack of comprehending your consistent use of humour."

"What are you talking about Spock?" Kirk asked, peeking through his fingers that were still covering his face.

"Doctor McCoy has just informed me of your illogical attempt to, to use his words, 'Rescue Khan'. When I asked him to explain this obvious joke, he told me to ask you."

"Damn it, Bones, I should know better than to trust you by now." Kirk frowned before dropping his hands from his face. "It's no joke."

"I do not understand."

"There is no joke. What Bones told you was the truth, and he will pay for telling you later."

Spock took a moment to think. "Considering what Doctor McCoy informed me of is true, it was only logical for him to refer to me as a good source of judgement."

"And why is that?" Kirk asked, intrigued by Spock's cockiness.

"An increase in doubt coming from other people would mean an increase in doubt in one's self. Not to cause you to lose self-confidence Captain, however if we inform the right people of this idea, you will eventually back down and realise how illogical the thought is."

Kirk sighed. "Spock, I can't leave him."

"What do you mean?"

"Could you leave me?"

"That is irrelevant."

"If I did what he did, could you leave me, without trying to help?"

"You and I have known one another for three years now, developing a bond that you and Khan could not have developed in the limited time you did see one another. Not to mention the fact that these few moments you did see one another were overshadowed by more pressing matters of hostility. Our connection is what would make it impossible for me to leave you."

Kirk smiled at the compliment slightly. "Spock, what if this was me?"

"I do not follow."

"What if, one day, somebody holds you against me? My crew, my family, taken and used against me to make me do something I know I shouldn't do, but I can't resist doing knowing your lives are at stake."

"You are hoping that in showing Khan understanding, if the events were flipped, someone would show the same courtesy to you."


"You are agreeing with Khan."

"I don't agree with it, for god's sake Spock, he killed Pike, I could never agree with the person who did that! I am simply understanding why he did the things he did."

"You... Understand him, Captain?"

Kirk paused. "I understand him completely. I can't say what I'd do if my family was used against me. All I know is I wouldn't go to the extremes Khan did."

"That is obvious Captain, he has a mind-set that causes him to think and act this way."

'Exactly Spock! He can't be solely blamed for what's happened.' Jim clapped Spock on the arm. 'I knew you'd come round to the idea.'

"Captain, that does not mean I agree with this super-human joining us on a five year trip into deep space."