The love he had for her was as forbidden as asking Cynthia for her hand without the permission of her father*; yet, he never dared himself to cross that threshold, only vowing to watch over her as he'd promised years ago.

When he couldn't be there in person, he was almost positive her sheath was, for it was fashioned with nothing but the best, most pure intentions in mind, the protection of her heart, mind, body, and soul; imbued in its exterior, its interior pieces of himself.

He was there to ward off the empty advances of a philandering Inigo, his sword hand all but ready to nick their childhood friend of his hair if need be. He was there to lift her spirits when she'd dwell on their past life, handkerchief and 'abnormally normal speech' at hand to coax her back to sleep. He was there to protect her during an ambush, shouldering blows when an enemy tried to penetrate their defense. He was there to hold her hand, to assure her that everything would be alright, that the gods would somehow, someway make everything better, despite his own, rising doubts.

And he was here now, soaking in the sight of his beloved cousin with a sincere, yet broken smile - one painfully slow blink at a time - as he watched her prepare to wed one ill-mannered priest/killer violinist with the heart of gold.

She was in capable hands, he knew. He'd made sure of it, never missing a chance to threaten Brady's life with an articulate ballad of promised pain, violence, and gore. And as Lucina - kind, loving, beautiful Lucina - smiled, giving his hand a gentle squeeze, letting him know through the tears brimming in her cobalt depths how thankful she was, how much she appreciated his thoughtfulness, how much she loved him as a cousin, a friend, a brother, a companion, he knew everything would be okay.

Author's Note: I wanted it to be longer; I wanted to add more detail. I wanted so much to include Owain's gifted speech (by the way, he's older in this story). But, I also didn't want to ruin it, because despite whether others might not like it, I liked it and it's very rare that I like what I write.

I'm not a fan of incest, but I think Owain/Lucina is cute. To be perfectly honest, I don't see them as a married couple; more like really close cousins with a brother/sister relationship like Eirika and Ephraim of FE: Sacred Stones. I can see Owain having feelings for Lucina, but I don't think he'd ever act on them. The idea of him acting as her protector really fits for me, as I thought it was absolutely thoughtful and sweet of him to make a sheath for her Falchion, a proxy, as he'd said. Anyway, this is meant to be as short as it is and I really just wanted to share it. :) Also, I'm a big fan of Brady/Lucina - their support conversations are adorable.

* Cynthia's father in regards to this story is Frederick, since I love him best with Sumia. We all know he's a no-nonsense type of guy. Thank you for reading (let me know what you think). One more thing - I think 'companions' is really fitting for their 'relationship status' even if the Japanese version classifies them as 'married'.