Firstly, I own nothing to do with True Blood. I am just a huge fan of the series, and the books. I've often wondered what would have happened if Sookie was trained at a younger age and understood about her fairy heritage earlier, so this is what I am attempting to do with the story. I'm sorry if everybody is out of character, and I hope you will enjoy the story. The story picks up when Sookie is eight-years-old, and continues on until she is older. Eric acts as her mentor, but they also will grow very fond of each other. Feel free to let me know your thoughts. :-)

Blood flowers

SOOKIE POV (8 years-old)

Uncle B is coming over tonight for dinner. I don't like him very much. Sometimes he smells like alcohol and when I hear his thoughts about me, they make me feel funny. They really aren't the type of things you should think about a girl my age. I am eight years old.

Last time Uncle B came over for dinner, he tried to put his hand on my leg when my Granny wasn't looking, and touch, touch, touch. The only good thing about him coming over for dinner is that my Granny goes all out, and makes delicious food. She let's me lick both the beater's of cake icing and its gooey chocolate flavoured; my favourite. My best friend Tara's mom doesn't let her, because she says that's how you get sick with diabetes. Gran was also making some really nice spaghetti for Uncle B, and she was also yelling at my brother Jason because he hasn't done his homework yet.

Before Uncle B came over, I asked Granny if I could go outside and play for a bit. She asked if I have any homework from school to do, I said, Just my reading, and she said All right, I can finish it after dinner so long as I play safely outside and don't go out too far.She told me to put on a coat so I don't get too cold out, so I did, and outside I ran.

I ran outside the back of the yard, where the grass gets really long, and I pick up some leaves and toss them into the air so it looks like snow. And it is cold out at this time, the sun is down and it is getting ready to become really dark, so I was thankful Granny told me to put on my coat. I reach down to gather up some more leaves, crinkling them in my hands because it sounds funny and pretty, and then I heard a funny sound. There was this noise and somebody said, Hello, my granddaughter. And then I was rather scared.

A funny man appeared near one of Gran's oak trees, and he was wearing a nice suit and had a cane and top hat. He reminded me of Willy Wonka, and I tried not to laugh at him. His hair was white and curly, and when I crinkled up my face to listen into his thoughts I heard nothing but good, clear silence. Usually I hear everyone, whether I like it or not; I hear Jason, my Granny, and Uncle B. I hate Uncle B's thoughts the most.

The man calls my name softly, Sookie, Sookie, dear heart, and I didn't know how he knew. I scoop up some leaves and maybe think about throwing them at him, but then it feels mean. He comes closer, wading through the grass with his funny wobbly walking cane, and he crouches down at eye-level with me. I'm not very tall. My friend, Tara, is taller than me, and I am shorter than most in my grade. Granny says I'll grow soon into a fine, young woman, and that height doesn't really matter.

The man tucks his white hair behind his ears, and I see that he has big, big pointy ears, like an elf. Granny says elves aren't real, they are fiction, but he looks like one. He looks like what I imagined elves would be like, so I ask, a bit scared, "Are you an elf? You've got funny ears, Mister."

And he laughs and smiles at that, a big, big smile that shows off funny teeth, and he says, "No, dear heart. I am a fairy, just as are you, dear one."

Granny says they're fictional, too, so I don't believe him at first. He doesn't have wings like a fairy would, so I ask, "But where are your wings?"

He says, "We fairies do not have wings, dear one."

"Granny says fairies are fictional, like elves, and dwarves, and goblins."

He laughs again. "Well, you might be surprised by what truly exists in the world that your dear Grandmother is not aware of."

"Why can't I hear your thoughts?" Granny tells me often to pretend I am normal, because then people won't feel tempted to hurt me because I am special. But I forget.

"Because, you are me." He pets me on the nose with a calloused forefinger gently. "You are extremely special."

I flush with pleasure. "Granny says so, too."

"But because you are so special and unique, you are also in grave peril, my dear."

I don't even know what half the words he said means, but I feel afraid and weird all the same. He looks at me very seriously, like my Grandmother does when she is mad with me or Jason.

"A man will be coming for you, on July 14th. Remember this date. I have set an arrangement with him; You will meet him out here, after dark. He will not cause you any harm, therefore you do not need to feel wary of him."

"July 14th." I try to keep it in my head, for safe-keeping.

"He will be an odd and peculiar man, but do not let it fear you, child. He goes by the name Eric. He will guide you and protect you well."

I hear a car pull up into the driveway, and I know it's Uncle B. The strange man starts, and backs away.

"July 14th," he whispers down at me urgently. "Eric. Meet him here come dark."

And then, with a pop, he is gone, and I am standing around alone.

July 14th, July 14th. Today on Granny's calendar it says the date the odd man says, which means I have to meet his Eric man after dark. I worried about it all day, trying to figure out how to excuse myself from Granny to get outside long enough. I be good, eat all my dinner without complaining, and wash my dish and cutlery. Then I ask her, in a very nice voice, if I may go outside. Gran says yes, but tells me not to stay out too late. I run outside the back door. I go back out to the tree where the funny man appeared before, but no one is there. I look around the yard, and no one is there, either. So I play for a bit, collecting rocks and humming to myself, to keep myself in a good and patient mood.

But then I hear leaves crackle underneath footsteps, and I get scared. I grab a rock and hold it tightly in my fingers, staring off into the direction the sound comes from. A man appears, and he is very, very tall. The tallest man I've ever seen, even taller than my teachers at school, and Uncle B. He's wearing a funny suit that looks like the ones I saw men wear at my Mommy and Daddy's funeral. I open my mind to him, but like the other man, it's dead silent.

"Are you Eric?" I hiss cautiously, and he falls down on his knees to the grass and does a weird bow like a prince, like a gentleman. He closes his eyes briefly, then reopens them to lift his chin up to meet my eyes. I almost gasp; His eyes are bright and a sparkling grey, like the deepest part of an ocean.

"Greetings," he says softly, in a throaty voice. "I am Eric Northman. I've been arranged to meet you tonight." I look carefully at his ears, but they don't seem pointy and funny like the other man's. "And you are Sookie Stackhouse, granddaughter to the prosperous Niall Brigant. I am dutifully at your service, young fairy-human."

He looks around my face with his eyes real quietly.

I furrow my brow. "Are you a fairy, too?"

"No. I am not. I'm immortal, a vampire." His lips part as he smiles slightly; He has two weird teeth. Two weird sharp, pointy teeth, like dogs teeth you see when they yawn. "And I have been appointed as your protector. Given your young age, it would seem you have very much to learn."

"Learn what?" I'm nervous. I hope he doesn't mean more homework. Especially not something involving math. I am terrible with numbers.

"Ah, eager." His smile widens. "That is a very becoming quality of you. But you will need patience, for what it is that I'm going to teach you." His eyes run down my face, in a very severe way that reminds me of Granny. "There is trouble in the midst. In order to survive, you must allow me to teach you everything I possibly can. Your life depends on it."