So I discovered there's this thing called "Bible Fan Fiction" and I thought I might as well throw this up on here since I'd already written it and everything. I wrote it on a dare from a friend. I was feeling down, and he said writing poetry would help. I told him I couldn't write poetry, and he dared me to write one - just for him. So I did, and I felt better, and I'm actually kinda proud of it. It took me about 2 hours to write.


A question that has oft pulled at a philosopher's mind,

Not an ordinary question of any kind,

A question of God; a question rumor;

Does God really have a sense of humor?

Some will tell you He does; some will deny;

Others will look at the question and fly.

But I will prove beyond the shadow of doubt,

What God's humor is all about.

On the first day, God created Light,

Only energy, only existence, only flight,

A thing with no mass, no matter, or weight,

And, with light, appearing its mate.

On the same day, God created the dark,

Which, with the light, left its mark,

So then light was thwarted; it did not reign,

Nay, even its supremacy it could not feign.

On the second day, God created water,

And from this liquid, He drew its daughter,

He drew the land, the earth, and dry ground,

For without soil, the water could not lap or sound.

On the third day, God created fruit and tree.

Vegetation and seed-bearing plant were let free.

Trees strong and large, and mosses soft and small,

And field flowers will bring God for us to recall.

On the fourth day, God created sun, moon, and stars,

Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars,

Using these, time would be counted,

Tales long forgotten, still are recounted.

On the fifth day, God created fish and bird,

Flying, swimming, and things of which we've never heard.

Salmon, and trout, and finch and lark,

One day, all to be brought on the Ark.

On the sixth day, God created walking beast,

A world with animals had been released.

Wild and domestic they were made,

Creatures designed for every trade.

God looked at His work then, and saw it was good,

Now man was created and upon the earth stood.

Drawn from dust, to dust return,

Because our Parents, for fruit, did yearn.

From Adam's rib, God drew his mate,

To love, protect, and ne'er to hate,

Male and female he created them,

Man a warrior, and she a gem.

So as you see, God's humor reflects,

In creating man first, then woman next,

For many to realize will be very aghast,

To find out He saved the best for last.