Will got out of the stables after reaching an agreement with Iain. He, now confident that there weren't any lose ends (to reveal his dark intentions) between him and the earth-shattering single night Will was planning with the dark-haired hunk, went on looking for said hunk.

Will noticed that the guy wasn't by the front of the stables anymore, neither were his friends, who a minute ago were still hiding behind the bushes. They must be chasing tail themselves, dicks. Will was on his own, and he needed to start the plan to get into the horse trainer's pants rapidly, if he wanted to accomplish his goal by tonight. Where the hell is that fucking piece of fine ass? Will thought to himself. OK, so he was with one of the goddamn horses, and he didn't enter the stables so he must be out with it. Will concluded and walked towards the riding track.

However, once he was a few feet away from the back of the stable the sounds of splashing streams of water caught his attention, sounds resembling the ones he would hear when his friends and him were to grab a hose and soak the club's "ugly people". I wonder if Brian and Neal are playing without me, I really want to hose that bitch Iain.

Will sprinted a little with the prospect of his friends messing around, however Will saw a very different picture all together. A picture that managed to make his jaw drop.

Will had found the guy he was already considering how hard he was gonna thrust into and how long he was gonna be able to do so before they both reached their climax (and the end of their "relationship"). He found him alright, and the sight… Gawd…

The guy was delicately watering the horse's delicate brown skin. Will could see the stream the crystalline water coming from the hose in the guy's hand beautifully made, a perfect and clear arch which resembled a rainbow thanks to the sunny background. The horse stood magnificently, showering in the glimmering water. But that was nothing compared to the sight that left Will stupefied. No, it certainly was not. It was the gorgeous shape of a shirtless man in sharp blue jeans. It was the shine in the deliciously tan skin from faint water splashes that lubed the guy's strong and toned chest, the way droplets sensually fell from the tips of those seductive short dark locks onto wide and mole covered shoulders, how this incredible imagine of a tall dark slightly wet young man with water discreetly running through the soft hairs on his chest, to his hair sprinkled washboard abs to the hem of his black boxers, which peeked out of the confines of blue jeans. This beyond beautiful man who was making a show out of washing a horse had Will entranced. Completely. God… What? Get it toge- God, he's so beaut- Hey! Snap out of i- He's sooooo hot! Yes we know, but shake it off Horton and make your move, we want that in our bed. Now.

However as soon as Will was able to move a foot, the gorg- the guy, the guy quickly turned, a surprised look on his face. Also as if he'd been caught doing something wrong. Wait.

"Hey!" The guy said, now quickly going through a pile of clothing, obviously looking for the shirt he was wearing earlier. "I'm sorry, man… sir." The guy said, the sir correction expelled with a huff. "I know we aren't suppose to bathe the hor-"

Will knew that rule, he'd just forgotten thanks to man's beaut- good looks. He knew that rule quite well, actually, the reason why Will believed this guy was here, was because Iain's last co-worker was fired for disobeying the rule that spoke: "All horse related duties such as cleaning, feeding, or others ought to be done inside the stables or anywhere but in sight of members, unless requested by them not to." This last guy… Chris, I think, failed to obey and out of kicks Will decided to report him, and he was immediately fired, thanks to Will and his friend's persistence. Now, apparently, the new guy, who Will wanted to be ridden by, had committed the same fault as that of his predecessor. Could this be any easier?

"Look…." Will trailed, wanting a name.

"Sonny, sir. My name's Sonny Kiriakis." The guy said nervously as he put his shirt on.

Sonny. Never boinked a Sonny, given it's not a usual name, but it sounds sex- Did he said Kiriakis? Well well, looks like I'll be having myself a hot Greek treat.

"Hi Sonny, my name's Will. Will Horton." Will said, extended his hand in an innocuous greet and Sonny responded in kind. "So… bathing the horse outside I see."

"Yeah, yeah, it's just… look, I-I needed to bathe him, but he didn't want to go inside the stables, I have this like fifth sense with horses and just wanted to be outside, so-"

"Sonny, look, I am not going to tell on you, so relax. It's all good." Will said, a plan already very much drawn on his mind.

"Really? I-I thank you, sir. Thank you, I promise not to do it again." Sonny said, relaxation taking place in his face.

"That is…" Wil stressed. "If you help me out." Will tried hard not to smirk his face off.

"He-help you out with what?... sir." Hell no. Sonny thought.

"Well, you see, I don't want to tell on you, I really don't. But rules are rules man, and you broke one, and as a stand-up member here I have kinda have to…" Will said, and Sonny thought to himself: this is just another example of the fuckers that membered this elitist club. He probably wants a butler/slave for a month… or for me to make a fool outta myself… or maybe he wants sex… oh god… he wants me to fuck him… or worse, he wants to fuck me. Not that that would be so bad, look at this guy, he's hot. HEY! HELL NO! He's probably another son of a bitch that-

"But I won't, because I care for this beautiful guys." Will said, patting the horse, who in turn huffed, almost exhaustedly at Will's ministration. Fucking horses, fucking creatures, play along!

"And you obviously look like you care, and he looks like he likes you, so I won't."

Huh, maybe he isn't a motherfucker after all… that's nice, and he is fineeee. Wow, it's been a while since I've tought about a guy… it has just been work and work and work to help out at home, I haven't really given relationships a moment… wait, what? Relationships? Where did that come from? He's just being nice…. Isn't he? "Thanks ma- sir. I really appreciate it." Sonny said.

"No worries, and please, don't call me sir. Will's fine. So, look, I'm not gonna lie, I'm letting this slide not only because I love horses… but I would kinda feel bad telling on you, you're too good-looking to tell on." Will brazenly said, not that this was unlike him.

Sonny blushed and rubbed the back of his neck in nervousness. "Uh- thanks. I-"

"No, don't worry. It was just a compliment, and yes, I'm gay. And by the way you're blushing is it safe to assume that you are too?"

Sonny didn't know what to say, he was somewhat caught off guard. "Yeah, yeah, I am."

"OK, so you're hot. And I'm hot. And we're both gay." Will began, seeing as the directness seemed to work on whatever level of confidence Sonny had, reducing him to a blushing nervous boy. "Is there a boyfriend or someone I should get ready to beat in romancing?"

Sonny's jaw dropped. Wow, direct much. But… why am I blushing? Why am I so captivated by this guy's brazen flirts… why is his eyes so gorgeously blue… his face's like an angels… wait, what did he ask me? Boyfriend? "No, there is-"

"Great, here." Will grabbed Sonny's damp arm and took out a pen from his back-pocket, he wrote on Sonny's skin, after wiping the dampness with the back of his hand, his number. "I would really like to see you again, tonight, and obviously you're on the clock, and I don't want to get you into any trouble… so, forgive me for being direct, but you are just so mesmerizing, I just blurred out the first thing I thought. Could you please forgive that, and maybe… consider calling me?"

Mesmerizing? Forgive? "Oh… no problem, you-you are also quite good looking and yeah, I-I am on the clock, so…" I think I'm also saying the first thing that comes to mind… so how can I blame him?

"Would you consider calling me? It's just that there's something telling me that I need to see you again tonight."

Oh god… that's so cheesy! But for some reason, I kinda feel the same way. "Of course, yeah, I'm off at 7, I'll call you. I promise."

"Great, I'll let you get back to this guy. But before I go, do you really promise that, look, this is me putting myself on the line as I am… I've been hurt before and I just thought that maybe you're different, there's something about you, so am I wrong to think that?"

What? What? What the hell? Does he really think… oh god…. It did work, I want to hug him. And… tell him that.

"You're not. I promise I'll call you, I won't hurt you."

"Thank you." Will said, internally laughing his ass off because it looks like he might be able to get Sonny by midnight. "I have to go now. I'll see you, I know you were honest."

And Will grabbed Sonny's hand and squeezed, letting the last trick do its magic. He turned and left, at a certain point turning back to see Sonny, who was looking at him and as soon as their sights crossed, he quickly turned the other way, blushing and lightly grinning.

Oh Sonny… if you knew what pleasure you're about to experience.