Jubilee knew she was dreaming again. These days the only time she felt this kind of fear was in her dreams. Despite that she could feel the cold sweat forming on her back. She could feel his evil presence behind her. It took everything she left to turn around.

The road behind her was empty. Shivering with relief Jubilee looked around to see where she was. The street boasted numerous nondescript shops, looking like Anystreet in Anytown. Except for the magic shop on the left side, near an ally. Jubilee could vaguely remember it, though from where she didn't know.

Curiosity overcame the feeling of dread that had been building since she hit REM sleep. Jubilee wasn't sure how long ago that was, but it felt good to have an emotion besides fear become dominant. Cautiously she walked down the street, trying to be quite. Here there was not even a breeze to rustle through the trees. The stillness was kind of creepy.

A bell rang out jarringly as Jubilee pushed the magic shop door open. At the counter an old man sat shuffling cards. He looked up with a smile of greeting, the consummate shopkeeper. His eyes briefly flicked behind her as if expecting something else to come through the door.

"No blood this time, I see." Jubilee jumped at his voice, gentle and scratchy.

Jubilee blinked, not quite sure how to react.

He seemed to understand. "The last time you had this dream you came in covered in blood, followed by a huge hulking blond maniac and an old sociopath both of whom wanted to hurt you."

"Oh. I don't remember."

"Of course not, this a dream, you're not supposed to remember these things."

Jubilee pulled a stool out from under the counter and sat down across from the old man. "So if, like, I can't remember my dreams, how come you do?"

"I'm part of the dream, that's why."

"So, what happens now?"

"It's your dream, you tell me."

Frowning Jubilee stared around the room, noting various magicish paraphernalia. Then her eyes flicked back to the old mans hand, which continued the shuffle the cards.

"What kind of cards are those? They don't look like any I've seen before."

"Tarot cards. My daughter designed them. I use them to read fortunes."

"So what's my fortune?"

"What ever you want it to be."

Jubilee's blue eyes narrowed. "I would like you to read my fortune. This is my dream, so you have to do what I want you to."

The old man raised his eyebrows, but made no comment as he began laying out the card. Jubilee leaned forward eagerly to see what they read, but a noise distracted her away from the scene.

"Jubilee, wake up."

"Jubilee, wake up, you're going to be late for school."


"What?" Jubilee groggily looked up at Joline. The older lady was leaning over the girl, gently shaking her out of the dream.

"You slept through the alarm. You've already missed the bus. I need you to hurry up so I can get you to school before you're late"

Jubilee nodded, rubbing her eyes. Joline hurried out of the room certain the girl would be out of bed soon.

In her room Jubilee quickly went through the motions of getting ready, glad she took a shower last night. She was still uncertain about the dream. I was on the tip of her mind, but she couldn't quite grasp it. Shrugging Jubilee grabbed her homework and stuffed it in her backpack. The dream could wait, its not like it could do any harm, like Hank said it was just her subconscious dealing with the days events in an unsupported format.

"Hey, Joline, don't forget I'm bringing Merlyn and Cecil home with me this afternoon."

"I haven't forgotten. I even went shopping yesterday for supplies. I got gram crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, among other party-type supplies. I even promise to take you and your friend to the movie gallery for some rentals."

Jubilee's face lit up. "Horror movie marathon! Horror movie marathon!" She started bouncing as much as her seat belt would allow her.

Joline shook her head in comical grief. "What did I do to deserve this?"

"Ah, come on, it a teenage thing to get together in groups and find a way to get scared to death!"

"And it's an adult thing to pretend to be grieved by what children do with themselves these day." Jubilee turned a nasty grin on the artist.

"It sucks to be old, doesn't it?"

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