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Dark x Link, no POVs

Link woke from his deep slumber; the feelings of sadness, hurt, and fear pumped through his body. He was afraid and sad but Link didn't know why. Unable to remember his dream, Link sat up in his bed getting a hand in his blonde sleep tussled hair and sighed. This has been happening for awhile now and he didn't know why. Trying to remember his dream Link growled in frustration as the memory slipped from his grasp.

Sighing again, Link swung his legs around the bed to meet the floor. Since he failed to remember his dream, he knew it would bother him and not let him go back to sleep. Knowing this Link decided to get up and start his day. Standing up Link walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out his every day city clothes since he was planning to go out in town instead of stick in the knight academy. There were no classes today.

Today Link wore a worn out old tunic and smiled. It was simple enough. Getting a peek of himself in a mirror, fixing his bedhead, Link smiled at the refection and decided to go start his day and left his room and exited the building which were the dorms. Taking a deep breath Link smiled and took a step forward only to run into someone.
"Oh! Sorry!" Link ended up saying with a small voice of a woman.

"Oh Link! It's you! I was actually going to go get you." It was Ilia, an old time friend of Link's. "Colin and I are going to visit the Forest of Farore! Would you like to join?" Ilia smiled at her childhood friend. She started leading him on as if she knew he'd say yes.
Link smiled and nodded. "I'd love to tag along." He let Ilia drag him to where she wanted him. Ilia and Link have been friends for a very long time (A/N: nothing more or ever will be) so Link didn't mind or think much of when Ilia took his hand.

"C'mon! I told Colin we'd be there at the place I told him where we'd meet him quickly!" Ilia blushed and smiled dragging Link of one of the exits of Castle Town.

Colin was sitting on a rock waiting for his two friends. They seemed to take forever. Sighing for the hundredth time, Colin glances in the woods. Suddenly going into a full on stare into the woods Colin turns to his watching. There was this feeling and it was pulling him in. Pulling him into the forest. Unable to resist the urge Colin stands and disappears into the flourished healthy forest.

Link smiled as Ilia continued to talk, they walked across the bridge then found the rock they were suppose to meet at.

"Colin? .. Colin!" Ilia and Link started calling out for their friend but no reply was heard.

Ilia took her hand back from Link and ran it through her hair. She started taking deep breaths.
"He told me he'd wait here, and we didn't meet him on the way... Where could he be?!" Ilia frantically turned to Link, looking for answers.

Link thought for a second staying calm for the both of them. "Well... he could've gone into the woods ahead of time? Let's check, and if he isn't we'll check around the market then we'll get the knights and guards to help." Link suggested as Ilia nodded, very much liking that idea. So they were going to find Colin.

Link offered his hand again which Ilia took. Link led the way as he guided them both through the Forest of Farore. Throughout their search Link was darting his eyes in every possible place someone could hide.. or something jump out. Usually the forest was calming and peaceful leaving everyone who entered with a nice fuzzy feeling inside. There would be small animals around and the birds chirped their tunes, but since the time Ilia and Link entered Link got this uneasy feeling and he was on edge constantly. It was right, /something/ wasn't right. Scowling Link pulled Ilia closer.

"Hey Ilia.. Do you feel that? The strange feeling..." Link whispered and stopped talking when he thought he saw something move from the corner of his eye.

"... Yea... I feel something pulling me towards a different direction then where we're heading... I thought I was going crazy! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this..." Ilia sighed out in relief, but Link stayed confused. That was not at all what he was feeling.. and maybe..

"Hey Ilia! Lead the way of what you're sensing... I'm going to keep concentrated on the sides in case someone comes up to us..." Link thought of a quick excuse so he could have Ilia lead. Maybe Colin felt the same and moved with the feeling.

Ilia was confused but shrugged trusting Link and took lead. She led him in deeper parts of the forest as Link memorized where they were. He'd never been in this part of the forest. It was thick and greener. Different flowers and trees grew in different places around here.

Ilia led Link and herself in a small clearing. It was strange because it went around in a perfect circle and the grass was the greenest here. The air smelt... strange like... magic, but it was stale. Like someone did a powerful spell a long time ago but Link could still sense it. But it was obvious Ilia didn't.

Ilia noticed that indeed Colin was there in the clearing and ran to her friend in worry. That''s where Link took in detail in what exactly was in the small clearing. There stood a huge slab of stone and by that slab stone table stood a beautiful statue of a woman with a sad look. It looked so real from her hair and facial features to the small see through over slip that was over her dress to each toe. Looking at it more, something told Link it was more than a statue.

On the slab of rock Colin sat with Ilia fretting over him. Link smiled at his friends and walked forward.

"You alright Colin?" Link smiled as Colin nodded and sighed looking back at the statue. Only to widen his eyes after taking in the sight.

"Colin?" Ilia worried called her friends name out just as Colin screamed and fainted. Link looked around and kept an calm face on not panicking. Searching the clearing he picked up Colin and had Ilia grab onto his tunic.

"C'mon, let's get out of here before something happens!" Link sped walked down the way the came through the clearing and led Ilia Colin and him back.


It took awhile to get back but Link led them to the Medical Room in the Knights Academy to get Colin help.

It took an hour before the doctor let in any visitors but Link waited. Ilia had to go home to do her chores but told Link to give Colin her regards before she left.

Link walked into the room to see Colin was the only patient and that the doctor was out of the room for the moment.

When Colin noticed Link he motioned the knight in training over.

Link sat down next to Colin. "What is it?"

"They're coming." Colin looked up at Link seriously.

"Who are coming?" Link placed a hand over Colin's.

"They're coming." Colin sighed out closing his eyes leaning back into the pillow.

Link took his hand back and sighed getting up. Not questioning Colin anymore he left forgetting about what Ilia asked him to do.

Since it was way later in the afternoon now Link went straight into his room planning to sleep and when he woke up, hoping everything would be fine.

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