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Dark x Link, no POVs

Sitting up in his bed Link sighed, looking around. It was probably just pastmidnight. Shivering at the sudden coldness from breaking free of his covers Link moved his hand through his sweaty blonde locks.

Taking a deep breath Link tried to calm the adrenalin that was pumping through his blood stream. Link didn't know why he was up this late, (or early how ever you choose to look at it,) but he got up from his bed and got dressed into cleaner clothes. He had still been in the clothes he was wearing before he decided to head to bed.

Link grabbed his sword the academy trusted him with and slung the wooden shield over his back, set and ready to leave, moving out of the room in the Knight's academy and exiting the building.

Link walked around Castle Town, no one was up except a few night owls and nocturnal folks. Smiling at people he passed by Link looked off to the distance where the Forest of Farore laid. Sighing, Link didn't like the idea that kept popping up in his head. He shouldn't head out into the forest alone, heck not even at night! Even a strong feeling inside his gut told him /not/ to go.

But still he couldn't shake this feeling off... Like something- no, someone was calling him over. To come into the forest for unknown reasons. And Link decided he'd give into that feeling walking towards that exit of the Town near the forest.

When he reached the entrance of the forest, Link took a deep breath and unsheathed his sword. He wouldn't deny the fact that he was afraid of

a monster or strange creature popping out of no where and attacking him.

Having his shield at the ready as well, Link walked into the dangerous forest and walked onward.

Link looked around him as he walked aimlessly letting the tug pull him where it wants him. He kept sharp eyes and ears ready at all times, very prepared to give a blow at /anything/ that decided to make a move.

High on adrenalin Link walked until he came across the clearing with the statue of the woman again.

Cautious, Link almost stepped into the clearing but didn't. He spotted a figure. Stepping back he hid behind a bush, trying to hide, and didn't dare to make one sound, keeping quiet. He should run and get out but he was curious on what

the strange figure was here for and who they were.

They gave off a dangerous and power vibe. And something else.. Link could feel it in the air. He'd felt this sensation before but it wasn't as strong. It was like electricity was zapping all around him and just gusts of powerful wind around him.

It was most likely magic. In fact it probably was.

The figure was probably a man, Link was pretty sure. The only thing pulling him back from that was the way he looked like from behind..

He had a more feminine figure but still built very masculine-like. Looking closely Link studied his features, which were a more angled face, and pure white hair. It was styled very neatly and it did a good job of showing off his long pointy ears, which had diamond-like earrings pierced in them. Link blushed as he looked over the man's revealing outfit. Skin tight white jumpsuit like thing. It had diamond cut outs in patterns and did show off his muscle in the right parts... But a yellow sash was securely tied around his waist with a bigger yellow version of his earrings as a decoration on the side of one of his hips.

Over his arm was a red jacket with diamond patterns. Link watched as the strange man threw it to the side and it disappeared before it hit the ground.

Watching carefully he saw the strange man move up in the air levitating over the slab of stone before the sad statue of the woman.

Link heard the man's deep voice chant a lost language of words arms on either side of him facing the statue.

That's when the statue started to glow.

It grew bright. Bright and brighter. Soon it grew so bright Link had to look away or he'd go blind. Just as Link looked away, everything seemed to stop.

His breathing, the forests movements, life in the plants. It grew dead silent and the man was not chanting anymore and his hands back to his sides.

Link managed to look at the statue as everything went back to normal. Strangely the statue started to grow bigger until it turned pitch black and exploded.

Pieces of the statue flew in every direction and some pieces even flew past and through Link. The pieces stopped where they were in mid-air as the strange man moved down onto the slab of stone; walking over to where the statue of the woman was.

The pieces started moving back fast back into place. The pieces started changing color and soon they formed into a shape of a woman. As soon as the black light dimmed the new figure stood gracefully in front of the stone and the man that seemed to un-petrify her.

The woman had very pale skin and long locks of pitch black hair down her open back that shined silvery in the moonlight. From there Link could see her sharp red eyes looking down at the man that sparkled from the moonlight as well. A simple black dress covered her body and her feet were bare. The dress had straps and a V-neck along with a hip slit that went all the way to her bare feet, which peeked out the bottom. But what Link noticed first and what stood out was the necklace that laid on her pale neck... It was black but a deep purple glow to it. It was also shaped like a triangle... It seemed quite familiar.

The man bowed down on his knees before her and kept his head low showing great respect for the woman.

The woman stared at the man and then a smile graced her lips.

"Rise. I am in great debt to you." She nodded in approval when the man rose to her command and looked her in the eyes. She continued speaking.

"When I was sealed into a statue I was told... that none knew the magic anymore to unseal me. But thankfully he was wrong." Her smile never faltered. But her voice was quiet and sad the way she spoke those sentences.

"Ah, not all of us were killed. Some of us were just off elsewhere." The man smiled back at the woman.

"Your name please?" The woman asked nodding understanding what he said.

"Demon Lord Ghirahim, and I unsealed you because I need help." Ghirahim said before she asked and offered a hand to the woman to help her step of the stone she sat on for her statue life.

"But not only your help, your knowledge and advice as well."

The woman placed her hand in Ghirahim's moving down the the grass off the stone. Pure bliss was on her face as she looked at the ground like she hasn't felt grass in decades.

She probably hasn't for longer.. Link frowned, feeling sorry for her.

"Of course I'll help! Everything comes to a price of equivalency.. most of the time. And I'm willing and able to aid you in anyway possible." The woman looked back up to meet Ghirahim's gaze.

"You are positive you are willing?" The seriousness in his voice was easily clear.

"Of course, a Goddess's promise." She smiled at Ghirahim. "I'll aid you in your request until it is fulfilled." The woman offered her pale hand this time to Ghirahim.

Ghirahim grabbed it and there was a flash of quick light over the place but it grew dark again quickly.

"The vow is made. Now! Shall we go on else where to discuss there matters Demon Lord Ghirahim? I personally would love to get out of this forest. In fact far away from it for now..."

Ghirahim looked please when she called him his full name. "Yes, my goddess Layna." He smiled gratefully at her. Moving a few steps back he offered an arm to the goddess.

Layna took the arm and the two were gone from sight.

Link jumped out of his hiding spot and into the clearing. The magic that was in the air was now gone and everything seemed very normal. Link quickly walked over to the slab of stone, looking around it. There was writing on the stone in a language Link didn't know. Also strangely the writing was glowing. With that he walked

around the stone the Goddess was a statue on. Looking around more he didn't find anything. Nothing at all.

Sighing in defeat he moved away from investigating the area.

Questions wouldn't stop forming in Link's head. But first Link needed to know what to do with this information. Walking back to Castle Town Link debated on what to do, now the sun was up in the sky signalling that it was the morning. And when he looked at the castle in the distance which was connected to Castle Town Link decided on what he needed to do.

Confront the royal family on this. It was or seemed very important. From where he was Link sheathed his sword and strapped his shield to his back and ran to the castle as fast as his feet could take him.

When he finally got to the castle, Link panted and caught his breath climbing some stairs to head into the throne room where he new Zelda and her father would be.

Getting near the grand doors Link went to walk in but he was stopped by the guards.

"State your business." He barked at Link.

"I must have an audience with the King and Princess Zelda." Link said with ease.

It was early enough in the morning where most people were getting up for work.

The guards looked over Link but took away his sword and shield, he'd get them back when he left the castle.

And after that the guards made Link know, not that he already did, that the only reason they were letting him through was because he had his knight's uniform on. Link nodded and entered the royal building being led through the grand halls to go to the Throne Room where he would be able to talk with the royals.

When Link was announced, the King laughed and smiled sending all the guards away.

"Ah! Link my boy! What brings you here to talk to me this early?"

Zelda smiled at Link as well waiting for Link to reply to her father's question.

Link bowed in respect to both of the royals then looked up to them. They look back waiting patiently.

Link wasn't only a well trained knight to them, but like family and a great childhood friend to Zelda.

"You remember yesterday, if you at all heard about Colin in the forest correct?" Link asked as the King and Zelda nodded acknowledging what he was saying.

That's when Link explain what happened to him since he woke up. The royals stayed dead silent until Link finished talking.

Zelda was surprised, very. She was thinking of many things and trying to figure out why. But, her father, the King was acting very different.

He was growing furious.

Very. He was so upset, hoping to The Three that Link was lying. This was a situation where that gave him many problems...

Thinking to himself the King gritted his teeth. 'I'm going to be blamed! The Three will be angered and I will not be the one to take their wrath! It wasn't /my/ fault I didn't protect the seal well enough. It was hidden and no one was told of it. No one. I need to blame someone. And someone /fast/. There are no more

heroes to save the mostly deceased land of Hyrule. The temples weren't notified and the alliance with the Twilight Realm weren't going to check upon Hyrule until way later this year. And it wasn't an option to call them here now. No. This must be done.'

The more he listened the worse this problem got.

The Goddess escaped. And not alone no. But with an evil ancient sword, the Demon Lord Ghirahim who was suppose to be DEAD.

They were somewhere planning the demise of Hyrule.

They must be.

The King knew, he must blame someone.

When Link finished with his story Zelda stood to get Link to lead them to the clearing to check this out.

She was also set on having Link know what was going on, since he must be confused. She would explain to Link what was going on.

But as soon as Zelda stood, her father's booming voice stopped anyone from moving more or talking.

"So Link. Did you watch this happen from afar? Not seen or caught at all? Oh and did you come straight here afterwards?"

"Yes sir. I watched, I did not know what I was up against." Link said then continued; "And no sir. No one else knows of this besides who is in this room."

"Then I don't believe you." The King growled out. "No true knight would just stand there and let this happen!"

Link's eyes widened and mouth open ready to defend himself but Zelda beat him to it.

"If it really was the Demon Sword Ghirahim then it was a good thing that he hid! We would've lost him! Not only that why don't you trust Link-"

Zelda was cut off as the King yelled at his daughter.

"If they really were the Goddess and the Demon Sword the two powerful beings should've been able to detect him from his hiding place!"

They continued to argue but they refused to not believe it was all Link's doing and ignore the pure fact that they should be trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

But the King didn't go back on his word and ordered Link to the dungeons until further notice.

"WHAT! FATHER! Why is he being sent there!" Zelda yelled as the guards took Link away.

"For freeing the Goddess-"

"HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW SQUAT ABOUT MAGIC." The two royals argued, and Zelda at one point tried to signal the people of Twili but was also locked up after that. Except it was in her wing of the tower with Impa.

Link was led to the dungeon without a fight, and when he was locked in his new cell, he didn't know what was going outside the walls of his cell for quite awhile.


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