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Dark x Link, no POVs

It's been what seems weeks (probably longer) with how long Link's been locked away. It's been forever since Link's seen

sunlight and he's finding himself missing it. On how the would sun warm his skin and the smell of nature. The way the light breeze would run through his hair when he didn't have his cap on. He even misses the crowded streets

and the people running about in Castle Town. Or how if he would stay out early or late enough the quietness surrounding him with few people around. Thinking of this Link felt his urge strengthen, wanting to

run again and just to get out of this very small musty cramped cell.

He also wanted to get to Zelda and help with this problem he came across in that forest.

Not surprising at all, no news was told to Link about anything and that really worried him. Whenever he tried and asked the guards they would tell him to shut it and ignore him after that.

Link wasn't exactly desperate enough yet to go against the castle rules yet and brake out to run away.

So he behaved and didn't give any problems to anyone of the guards and they didn't both him or talk to him in any way.. well that was until today really.

The prison watch guard walked up to Link's cell and grumbled out, "The princess is here to talk to you.." and he was sent away by Zelda.

Link smiled happy to finally know that the princess was safe in some way and stood up to stand my the cellar bar door.

"Link! Oh my goddess.. You look like- well I shouldn't say that because you were locked up.." Zelda sighed rolling her eyes at herself. Now

wasn't the time to act stupid at all. Zelda smiled at Link and held a hand out for Link to take for comfort into his cellar. Link smiled

back and grabbed the hand.

"Can you get me out do you know?" Link asked Zelda who laughed.

"Of course! I just escaped myself, if you didn't know I was locked up too after that mess in the Throne Room.. but besides

that there's too much to explain to you, and I wish I would've gotten you out sooner."

"Me too." Link joked a bit to lighten the mood the best he could.

Zelda just laughed a bit then continued to talk.

"I need you to lead me to the clearing you were talking about and I also need to tell you more about what you

saw and answer any questions you might have about the Lost Goddess."

Link just nodded not really knowing what to say to that.

Zelda look around for any people and then opened the two of her hands forming a magic spell to unlock

Link's cellar door.

When it was open Link walked out of there quickly and brought his long time friend into a warm gross hug. (A/N: I mean gross because, really

Link's been locked into a cell for a little but older than a month so no water cleaning.. ew)

Zelda smiled hugging Link back not caring about the state of her dress right now. She broke the hug but moved to grab something that was tied to the side of her dress.

Link look closely and saw it was a personal royal guards sword.

"Link you might need to bust us out of here in a violent way just in case we're caught so take this.. and keep it! You might need it

later as well." Zelda offered Link the shape sheathed sword. Link looked at the sword dumbly.

"But if I end up doing that I would make you and myself fugitives to the-"

Zelda cut Link off.

"Believe me after you're done hearing what I have to say you won't mind like I do if you have to make yourself an enemy

to this town. Now let's get going, there won't be a lot of time let if we stay here and talk." Zelda pushed the sword to Link's chest. Link strapped it to his back and nodded.

He trusted Zelda was doing the right thing so he moved in front of her ready to lead her out of the castle.

They were quiet and quick getting out of the castle. Zelda grabbed Link's hand as soon as they were out of the castles'

sight running to where the Forest of Farlore was.

She stopped when they reached the entranced.

"I need you to lead me to the clearing, and as we do this I'm going to explain everything to you." Zelda said.

Link nodded.

"And when I say everything I mean I'm going to start from the beginning. This'll be a longer story so no interruptions. Questions till the end. Got it?" Zelda

added nodding firmly then ushered Link into the forest.

"Alright." Link agreed walking in front of Zelda.

"Now, let's start at the /very/ beginning." Zelda sighed not really wanting to explain this but there was no other choice.

"Long ago, even before living beings were created; stories were told that there were Three Goddesses that created everything. But rarely

this story was ever told true. The story that is usually told is that there are Three Goddesses. Farlore the Goddess of Courage; Nayru the Goddess of Wisdom; and lastly Din the

Goddess of Power. This is all true but there's a fact that is always missed out. There's a fourth sister."

Before Zelda could continue Link stopped in his tracks.

"/Four/ goddesses!? So what they've been telling us about the three goddesses is all a lie?" Link said as Zelda pushed Link forward to keep moving.

"Parts of it. I'm going to tell you the truth. Only if you let me.."

"Sorry.." Link let Zelda continue.

Zelda smiled nodding. "The fourth goddess, Layna is the oldest of the sisters. She is the Goddess of Magic and Mischief. She refused to

make herself important and more know as her other sisters, but those who did know of her loved and worshiped her. When this world was just beginning,

the Goddess Layna created magic. But not the magic we know today. Today her magic considered lost and ancient. Soon enough she started teaching what

she created and taught those she only thought was deemed worthy, and because of her great judge of character she never made a mistake of teaching the wrong person.

The people she taught could be anyone, demons, people, animals and plants. Many tales of her magic was told and spread throughout the land creating a widespread of people. So one day a man leading a village who

heard of her magic sought her out.

"And to this village the man was considered smart, brave and loyal. And when he came up to the goddess demanding she teach him her ways she saw into him more then his bravery knowledge and loyalty." Zelda

sighed and continued

"She saw his pride, humongous ego and selfishness. She also saw his will to power, how he would kill and blame innocent people to keep his place in rule. Giving this man the possibility of magic was a bad idea and she new that at the exact moment

he spoke to her. She denied the man of what he wished making him furious. He tried bribing the goddess in hope he'd give her something she wanted in return. When she denied him again, he threatened her, warning her

only making her stand her ground even more. The man was fed up with the goddess and her attitude and drew his sword preparing for an attack. But the thing you must know Link, in this point of time the world was so new and

the goddesses where young. They knew that they had no one but each other and kept a close eye on each other. Of course this bond soon broke and they went off on their own but besides that point, when the Goddess Layna was

threatened and attacked the Goddess Din headed her aid and brought down the man, but did not kill him. But after bringing him down in a fight, the Goddess Din took all the mans power away in a curse.

So the man also cursed the Goddess Layna with a promise of revenge for not getting his way.

"Decades passed and the Goddess Layna stopped teaching her magic and let others teach it in their own ways. Soon enough, centuries passes and the Goddess Layna's way of magic was unknown except to few who still

practiced. Now magic was all different in style and ways to practice, but all came from one source. And as this passed the promise of revenge was forgotten and the four sisters grew less and less over protective over each other, and rarely went to

each others aid endless it was dire. Another century later, the Goddess Din claimed a race of people, who were consisted of all women except one male. Not soon after the Goddess Farlore claimed the biggest forest as hers and blessed

it with a race of people to live in it, but never leave. The Goddess Naryu made many different races and made them in a way where they would all have to depend on each other at one point in time.

She also gave them knowledge and civilization. And all through this the Goddess Layna refused to claim anything for herself but help her sisters the whole way through. She gave each of her sisters different kinds of magic and enchanted

many things for them. She stood on each of their sides and all she asked for in return was to learn each sisters way so for awhile she lived and traveled and learned with the Goddess Din's people. Then explored her sister Naryu's land and

learned from each race and ended with living in the forest of Farlore with the children. And by this time, the Goddess Layna was all forgotten and as was most magic. And soon enough magic became forbidden, and villages and kingdoms started

killing off people and races that consisted on magic. Magic became even more rare and the Goddess Layna's ancient teaches became almost lost. The Goddess Layna stayed away inside the Forest of Farlore refusing to come out

when she found this out. She didn't want to cause anymore trouble among the people. It also didn't help when a strange man rose above all and started war in all lands. No one knew why, but he started a war where three of the Goddesses got at each others throats.

"It was unknown how he got them disagreeing with each other but they did. The man who started this long war needed power, so he obtained it. He wanted riches and he got them. Soon enough his real goal was found out and beings who still held the Goddess Layna's magic

fled from him. He was ought to kill the goddess in favor to revenge his ancestor. But the people who ran away failed and most were caught and slaughtered. The ones who were able to get away are unknown... until now really. The man learned ancient magic that was taught

by the goddess to use it against her, so he went to make his goal succeed. All as he learned and banished magic, the war just got exceedingly worse and worse. It was perfect and he went to go find the Goddess Layna. He knew she would refuse to aid any

of her sisters in this fight so she would hide off into one of her sisters keep sakes. Such as Farlore's Forest..." Zelda trailed off and stopped in her tracks.

Link turned to his friend; "What is it?"

"I don't know.. I feel as if, we're being watched.." Zelda looked around a bit and decided it was nothing as the feeling passed.

"I don't feel anything like that." Link said shrugging.

Zelda nodded and trusted Link's word and continued on into her lesson.

"So the man ventured off into the Forest of Falore to hunt the goddess down. Knowing he was safe from the other goddesses; he knew this was his chance. The man avenging his families honor entered a deep part of the forest finding the goddess on a slab of stone. She was sleeping peacefully the sun shining on her pale skin, and that's when the man attacked..

He drew his sword standing above her and stabbed her straight through the stomach. The goddess stood up, strait up and pulled the sword out of her stomach and stood off of the stone. She didn't say anything but stare at the man who chanted his curse and turned her into a statue never to become into any form but that endless someone else knew the counter spell; which would never happen, or he thought because the magic was very much died out..." Zelda sighed walking a bit slower as Link slowed down to let Zelda think.

"Really it didn't stop there, the man continued. He went out and killed any teachers of old magic he could find as well as spreading lies: of the Goddess Layna and her evil ways. Anyone who tried to correct him died, so the rumors were believed and everyone thought Layna was this horrid goddess. The man felt that the revenge was good enough and decided to make a kingdom for his line in heirs. He built the town right next to the Forest of Farlore and called it Castle Town so it could protect the statue so the 'evil' goddess would never escape... You know the festival of the wicked the town always does every year?" Zelda asked Link who nodded eyes wide as he took in this information.

"It's a festival to celebrate the goddess's silence.. But anyways after Castle Town was built the war stopped suddenly like a snap. Really the three noticed something was different. That Layna didn't show up and talk to any of them. They knew this was odd so they searched for her. Through the search they heard the rumors and the stories and found the statue. None of them knew what to believe... They wanted their sister unsealed and they all did not have that ability. So it leaves us to what happened. She's unsealed but why.. Yea any questions?"

"Wow. Um okay so the creator of Castle town spread his heir to protect the statue so they all knew of this?" Link asked as Zelda shook her head.

"Actually he made his sons and daughters believe the rumors. That's why father thought this was a bad thing. But the creator, my father's great-great-grandfather did keep a diary which was found by Impa who brought it to me.." Zelda sighed.

"Impa did try and tell father but he wouldn't listen. I do not know what will happen to Castle Town." Zelda said as she noticed a clearing up ahead.

"We're here." Link said nodding to the clearing. "What do you think Layna will do for the Demon?"

"I don't know.. Layna is a peaceful goddess but.. she's known for keeping promises and bringing them to the full no matter what." Zelda sighed.

"And I'm assuming since Ghirahim is back.. He'll want to raise his master again some how. Since that's what he's tried in the past. What should we do about this?" Link asked as Zelda led Link to the stone slab in the middle of the clearing.

Zelda didn't answer her friend right away but enjoyed the view then turned to face Link.

"Link I'm going to summon a portal to the Twili realm and get help."

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