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Warnings: OC, swearing, will be sex in the future of this fanfiction, this is a mixture of all Zelda games for this plot, I got creative on how the conflict will happen so I tried so no yelling! ;A;

oh and this chapter has some fighting! And it may seem a bit much, but since Link and Dark are opposites.. well you know how opposites are like. They clash against eachother but can't live without the other.


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"Oh? Enlighten me." Layna straightened out her dress as she stood. Ghirahim was taking her somewhere.

"The Twilight Realm." Ghirahim's arm was grabbed as he flashed her one more flashy grin only to be viewed now.

"What a fitting name." And the two disappeared.

Link had barely heard what the goddess was saying as he was struggling to hold Dark back and blow their cover. Once Layna had said, The Place of Many Shadows, Dark had went berserk. It took everything out of Link to keep him quiet. It had surprised him, even though Dark was his shadow and transparent looking, Link could still touch him.

When the two immortal beings left, Link then finally let go of Dark, letting him tumble into the bushes but only to come back at Link upset.

"We could've taken them for fucks sake!" Dark yelled standing up when Link did. "Why did you hold me back!?"
"We're no match for them both, Dark! We're no match to them! We aren't strong enough-" Link yelled back as Dark scoffed.

"We would've been fine Link! All they are is a lost goddess who refuses to kill endless needed and dumb deamon sword without a master!" Dark's hand motions were extreme and his voice raising.

"She's more than that! A Goddess for fucks sake!" Link swore and almost growled. Dark was frustrating him just a bit more then he'd expect he would've. "She would have to do something! Plus we would've blow our guard and hadn't gotten that information-" Link defended what he thought was right but was cut short again.
"We didn't get anything out of them! Nothing! Just that they were taking over the Twili Relm! That's all!" Dark huffed as Link scoffed at him this time. "I bet you held me back because you were scared." Dark spat out. "You were afraid."

"You're wrong! I'm not afraid of them, you or anyone! I was just making the smartest choice at the time-"

"Stupid choice."

"WILL YOU JUST STOP!" Link yelled out the loudest he had in years making he and Dark jump in surprise.

"Stop what!" Dark yelled back, but it was clear he quieted his voice. No more yelling like that.

"Interrupting me! I keep trying-"
"Well deal!" Dark growled out with a smirk. But it immediately disappeared when Link's arm pulled back and threw a punch that hit Dark square in the jaw bringing him to the ground.
Link bent down more. "Now you listen."

But Link never got to finish his sentence, Dark lunged at him rolling them back a few feet. Rolling where he got on top of the blonde, he moved his arm back to punch him but his fist hit the ground. Link had escaped Dark's grasp and rolled a ways from Dark and got up to leave. He didn't want to make the fight worse. Maybe if they kept as much distance as they could-

Link stopped in his tracks when he heard Dark speak and turned on his heels. Link could say that later, he regretted his choice in actions.. but really Dark did deserve it at the time.
Link ran forward and lunged at his shadow bringing them down an unexpected hill as they pulled at each others hair, clothing and shouted petty insults. It wasn't long before Link came to his senses and admitted stopped so hot headed in the moment. The whole rolling how the hill and shouted tired them out and pinning Dark down and covering his mouth was an easy task to do.

"We need to get to the Twilight Realm. Now."

Link urgency in Link's voice had gotten to Dark and he realized they wasted time fighting over something that was so dumb and it made him feel like an idiot.

Sitting up with new found strength, Dark found Link in his lap but could care less in the moment.
"Shit! You're right. Fuck I am such an idiot-" Dark started to apologize, but Link shushed him immediately.

"Not now, I'll be waiting for that apology later though." Link smiled then sighed. Well at least they were still on good terms. Standing up, Link grabbed the man's arms and brought him with him.

"Now our goal is to find a way back into the Twili Realm-"

"Link! Hold up-" Dark stopped at Link's annoyed look. "Sorry. I'll stop." Dark managed to suppress his laughter. "As I was saying though, I have a way in. But I will explain the process of it later." Dark said getting closer to Link and opening the pouch. Link moved his arm's out of the way letting Dark do his thing, even though Dark could've just asked him to grab it..

"Here!" Dark pulled out a circle shaped object and unwrapped it from the cloth handing it to Link.

"Oh! Zelda has one of those!"
"Yeah, so I guess you do know what it is." Dark smiled and then started to chant the same type words Zelda had but it was different.. In a flash of light Dark and Link found themselves back in the Twilight Realm.

Dark took back the cloth and wrapped the object up giving it to Link to place in the pouch. Once that was done Dark muttered to Link, "No more then 10 meters got it?"
"Huh? oh.. Yeah of course." Link said as Dark nodded and grabbed the mans hand and lead the blonde haired Hylian up the stairs with him to the castle.

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Dark led them into the Throne Room finding the two royal females cased into magic cases that were against their nature. And on the throne sat Layna, but Ghirahim was no where to be found..

"Long time no see my heroes." Layna smiled at the two.

"You!" Dark marched up to the goddess not letting go of Link's hand not wanting him out of reach because of the distance of separation could kill him. "You planned this all along! Didn't you?!" Dark growled as Layna got up and walked up to them her black ivory dress flowing past her ankles. "To use the Twili Realm to destroy Hyrule!" Dark finally had let go of Link's hand but Link stayed close anyways.

"Yes. Actually I thought of several plans before resorting to this one.. but this one was the most convenient one for the both of us." Layna said motioning to her and the two men in front of her.

Dark and Link opened their mouths to protest but Layna held her hand up to stop them from talking.
"Before Ghirahim comes back I must tell you this, do please do try to remember;"

Two Heroes

One of Light,

the Other Shadow.

They Must Come Together

To Ban the Evil

To Turn What Has Been Done Wrong

Right Once Again.

Bring Together,

Broken Relations

and Banish the One of Power

Back To His Sealing Once More.

Layna's voice boomed all around the entire room, but really it was only in the heroes heads, engraved in there for good. Walking up to the dazed partners Layna touched each of their foreheads and brought them elsewhere without a trace left behind.

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Link ended up on a bush, and coming to his senses he found it was a forest.. but Dark did not seem to be near.
"Dark?" Link stood up and look for anything that dropped when he got in his place, but found nothing. "Dark, are you there?"

There was no reply again and Link started looking through the bushes around his. He knew Dark couldn't be far since he was his shadow now after all...

Stepping wrongly Link tripped with a yell and found himself next to Dark.
"Dark!" Link said quickly rolling over to his friend and hitting his cheek to get him to wake up.
Dark suddenly started blinking and regaining his conscience.

"Link!" Dark sat up bringing Link with him. "Oh are you okay?"
"Yeah, and you?" Link asked smiling.

"Just fine." Dark sighed and slouched back a bit. "Hey.. did you get what that goddess told us?"
Link nodded. "Well I'm assuming she asked us to take back the Twili Realm from them."
"In a difficult format no less." Dark rolled his eyes. Prophecies and poems weren't exactly his thing.

"Well now you say that. Yeah that means something."

"So how should we go at this?" Link asked wanting Dark's opinion in this.
"Wel, we could try and challenge Ghirahim- wait." Dark narrowed his eyes at nothing particular. "Link, do you know about the legend with the hero who helped Midna take back the Twilight Realm with a mirror that venture them from underworld to Hyrule?"

"Yes, what of it?" Link questioned.

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"Well, as Midna and Zant finally defeated the deamons Ghirahim and Demise with the hero.. everyone then realized that the Twilight Realm was much more powerful than the Light World or the Underworld could ever be. The Twili is actually a mix of you two you see, so if you gain control of the Twili Realm,"
"You gain control over both the Light World and Underworld." Link and Dark said at the same time.
Link blinked and smiled when Dark smirked at Link and let Dark continued after that.
"Well Demise was stopped before they could do that, thank Midna, but now since Ghirahim has it in control again, they could do many things.. Turn each sub-world into Twili, bring the monsters from there here. Make everyone into spirits. Hell do all at once." Dark sighed. "And I bet you Link, he will."

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