Chapter Four: Bring It On, Babe

Kenzi raced towards the Dahl. She had to get to Trick, she had to tell him what she knew. The problem was that the memories she had absorbed from the dead woman were quickly fading. Everything that woman had done ate Kenzi up inside, but she knew she had a limited amount of time to make it to someone whom she knew could actually do something to help. That poor kid…

The Dahl was up ahead. A block away, she collapsed against the brick wall of some surplus store, her head throbbing.

As her vision swam, the door to the Dahl opened and someone started walking towards her. The person broke into a run. Dyson, she thought as he came into view, thank God.

"Kenzi, what happened?" He bent down, pulling her into his arms, checking her for wounds.

"D-man, you have to tell Trick…"

"Trick? Tell him what? What happened to you?"

"The light in the darkness, the bringing of flames," she ranted, almost incoherently. "She found him, she almost had him. The choice must be made."

"Kenzi!" Dyson shouted, pulling them both up. Slinging her arm across his shoulder, he began trudging back to the Dahl.

Massimo woke up a few hours after the shower, knowing he had a call to make. Before leaving the bed, he sat on the edge, half-turned, and watched the rise and fall of Dylan's bare chest. What was about to happen was going to be either very easy, or extremely difficult. He knew what Dylan was, and what had to occur, but he already felt a strong connection to the boy.

Dylan shifted in his sleep, and the sheet fell further down his torso. Massimo had to refrain from ripping the sheet off the bed and repeating their little shower scene. He reached over and slid a finger down the boy's chest, watched him shiver, then turned back around and rose to his feet.

Moonlight streamed through the window as he reached for his cell phone. He tossed it from hand to hand. The longer he waited, the more infuriated he knew the recipient of his call would be. Fortunately for him, he was never really concerned with the needs of others. He owed this one favor, and then he would be able to return to his old ways.

Setting the phone back on the windowsill, he turned back to Dylan. Maybe, he thought, maybe there's time for one more go.

"Dylan," he said, shaking him gently. "Hey," he leaned down and slid his tongue along Dylan's neck, "time for round two, sunshine."

Dylan woke up, groggy. When he saw the look in Massimo's eyes, he instantly perked up. "Hey yourself."

Sliding out of his shirt, Massimo straddled Dylan and lowered his face to his. "Sleeping well?"

"I was just having this awesome dream…"

Massimo ripped the sheet, sending it falling to the floor. "Well let me give you one better." Damn the phone call, he thought. Let him stew a little while longer.

Bo made it home exhausted. Trick hadn't been able to get away from the crowd all night, so she had wandered the city for a few hours, trying to think things through. She decided to become unaligned because at the time, it was what she felt she had to do. Now, the Morrigan has been sending some insanely threatening letters, aimed at her. That bitch has been working toward putting a target on Bo's back, and it sounds like it's starting to get bigger.

She worked her way upstairs, and flicked the bedroom lights on. Tamsin, nude, sat up on her bed and said, "Bring it on, babe."

Bo could smell the whiskey from across the room. Right, she thought, just what I need.

Tamsin spun around on the bed, twisting the covers with her. Bo couldn't help herself from trailing the lines of the valkyrie's body with her eyes. It had been a long time since she fed…

"Not now," she found herself saying. "There's some serious Fae shit happening. I don't have time for this."

"Oh, come on," Tamsin pouted. "It'll only take an hour, or two." Her unfocused eyes wavered before settling on Bo. "And your window of opportunity is closing." She pulled out a mostly empty bottle from one of the folds in the sheets. She gauged it before saying, "You have about twenty minutes to distract me before I get bored."

Bo took a few hesitant steps closer to the bed. "Tamsin, there is something majorly wrong with the Dark. Have you heard from Ebony recently?"

"Why? Why does everyone want to talk about that bitch?"

"What have you heard?" Bo sat on the edge of the bed, trying to keep her eyes locked on Tamsin's, not wanting them to drift but finding herself unable to battle the urge.

"Nothing! I haven't heard anything from her in a week." She took a long swig from the bottle. "Now that I've answered your question, how about we focus on something fun, for a change."

Bo considered the proposition. Surely by now Trick would have closed up the Dahl, and all her worries might be for nothing anyway. Why not spend one night doing something she's fantasized about? Her thoughts went to Lauren, then dismissed that at once. Lauren had betrayed them all.

She leaned towards Tamsin and whispered in her ear, "Any chance you're going to remember this tomorrow?"