"Lumos." Korra murmured the spell under her breath and her wand blazed with white light. It bathed the hallway, glaring off of the gray stones slabs that were cool underneath her feet. Holding onto the smooth rail of the moving staircase, she padded up the steps and barely made a sound as she stole through Hogwarts.

As she ascended, her wrinkled robe billowed behind her breaking the silence as she ran to climb the next staircase before it changed positions. The constant grinding sound of the enchanted stairs began and she swore; it would be another thirty minutes before it moved back and she could not risk-

"Oy, you!" With his lantern in tow, Filch began hobbling as fast as he could in Korra's direction. His gimp leg hindered his speed and the twenty meters of separation between them provided Korra with large enough window to escape the consequence of detention.

Gripping her wand (apple wood and phoenix feather) tightly, Korra backed up a few steps and sprinted forward, vaulting off of the railing and catching the end of the staircase just before it swung too wide and left her to fall into the maze of Moving Staircases.

Laughing carelessly, she hauled herself up with a huff and began to climb to the Ravenclaw dorm room pausing only to wave her lit wand in a goodbye to Filch who was yelling beneath her.

Her victory was short lived as she shined the tip of her wand in the eyes of the sleeping portrait. Irritated and exhausted, the portrait questioned with a yawn, "I live without a body, hear without ears, speak without a mouth, air alone gives me life. What am I?"

"An echo." She only knew the answer because Asami told her.

The painting swung open, allowing the Gryffindor to enter the Ravenclaw dormitory. Purple and silver tapestries hung with the Ravenclaw crest and the fire was crackling sustaining the only light within the room. The couch across from the fireplace was occupied by only one person at this late hour and Korra smiled to herself when she watched her flip to the next page in her book.


At the incantation, Asami turned around and smiled when she saw Korra. She knelt on the couch, her arms slung easily across the back as the Ravenclaw robes fell lazily off of one shoulder. The red warmth of the fire lit the pale skin of Asami's shoulder and shadowed her face on one side. The mystery made Korra's fingers twitch with the desire to see every inch of her body that was bathed in the obscure darkness.

"Korra, you came," she hummed for a moment, her eyes slanted and focusing on Korra's face. She chuckled low in her throat, "And you solved the riddle. I didn't know Gryffindors were that smart." Asami winked to show Korra that she was teasing.

Pocketing the wand, Korra walked closer to the couch and when she became within arm's reach she gripped the edge of the couch and leaned down to Asami face. Their noses almost touched as Korra breathed, "And I didn't know Ravenclaws were that sarcastic."

Asami raised her eyebrows at Korra's bold move and said, "Don't make me mad. Next time, I won't give you the answer." She retorted, tapping Korra's nose playfully.

Glaring, Korra replied with a crooked grin, "For some reason, I don't believe you." The fire flickered dimly and shone like a sunset on Asami's face, softening the sharp outlines of her jaw. Her sweat pant clad hips pressed up against the ornate sofa as she stepped closer to her girlfriend.

"You're awfully brave for saying that." Asami said. Biting back a smile as Korra's hand rose to stroke her bare shoulder, Asami found it difficult to keep playing this game. The black robe was pushed further down to the crease of her elbow as Korra's rough hand traced around the slight definition of her arm. Asami suppressed a shudder, knowing that it would give her away as they stood by the fire.

Shrugging, Korra grinned that dirty grin of hers. The one that resemble a wolf's, the one that she wore after Gryffindor won a Quiditch match, the one that she wore when she knew she was excelling at something like making Asami's body want her. Her hand smoothed over her shoulder and climbed up the curve of her neck to cup her lower jaw. Holding Asami's face with one hand and fisting her hand in the front of the purple accented robes, Korra said, "And you're awfully smart. Now that we know that the Sorting Hat did its job, can I kiss you?"

Asami's warm breath ghosted her lips, light and soft as she leaned and pressed their lips together. The hand that held the front of Asami's robes pulled her closer, forcing their chests up against one another's. Leaning up to meet Korra standing, Asami locked her slender arms around Korra's neck and deepening their passionate exchange.

Their mouths aimed to explain to the other the love they found difficult to express in just words. The manner in which they teased the other was contradictory of their kisses, of their embraces, of their love making. They were best friends who could joke and tease and treat each other as equals, but they were also loves always trying to outdo themselves with each kiss and touch.

It was a fun competition, but at some point that had to breathe.

Korra pulled back first only to jump over the back of the couch and lean back into the cushions. With a wave of her hand, she coaxed Asami to come into her arms. They looked inviting, too; wide and strong and warm.

Sighing, Asami shook her head and grabbed hercopy of Advanced Potion-Making textbook. "I can't Korra, I have NEWTs next month and I need to study for them. Headmaster Dumbledore achieved perfect scores on all of his NEWTs…" Her murmuring died down and she craned her neck forward over the book. The black waves shielded her face from Korra's view and the only sound for a moment was the scrape of a quill on parchment.

"Asami, you need to lighten up. Merlin knows that you're going to ace those tests." Determined, Korra crawled across the length of the furniture and snatched the book from her hands. After she had tossed it behind her, Korra advanced forward and pressed the taller woman against the arm of the couch.

The velvety softness of Asami's skin brushed against Korra's as she laid flush against her. Before she could protest and ask for the book back, Korra's lips cut her off. They rushed and overwhelmed her with yearning and enthusiastic kisses. Her hot tongue pushed into her mouth as Korra's hands stroked her black hair.

Gasping and flushed with red, Asami turned her head to the side and closes her eyes, opening her tender neck to Korra's strategic and devastating attack. Shaking hands moved between them to push this aggressive Korra away from her, but the weak protest turned into encouraging strokes as Asami gasped. Slowly, her responsibilities weathered with Korra's loving and insistent kisses.

Leaving a love bite on her neck, Korra marks the object of her affections. Finger tips pull Korra's hair from its bindings as lips continue to suck softly at the junction of her neck and shoulder. Raking her nails through Korra's hair, Asami opens her eyes to see her girlfriend's face. Unfortunately, the fire was barely burning and the light was only a flicker on their skin. Asami's hands searched her lover's face instead, fingers ran over her moist lips and she frowned.

"Korra, let's go to my room. That way we can light some candles; I want to see you when we do this." Sometimes, being Head Girl had its perks. Having her own room was one of them.

After they stood, leaning heavily into their sides, they wandered up to Asami's room oblivious to watcher in the kitchen. A young Luna Lovegood stood, barefoot and dazed from her recent episode of sleepwalking. The third year waited until she heard the distinct click of the Head Girl's door before she said, "Well, the Nargles sure are working their magic tonight."

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