Chapter one

Albus Dumbledore and Harry were sitting in the kitchen of the Burrow, Tonks had just left, Molly bustling around making Harry some tea while she spoke with Dumbledore. Harry could only stare at the table in front of him as his thoughts drifted to the prophecy, he thought that he would be the one to die at Voldemort's hands, Harry couldn't even start to believe it would be him that would finish that evil bastard. After Dumbledore left, Harry ate his onion soup, he was starving, he never ate at Little Whinging for fear of Dumbledore not turning up, his stomach had been in knots, now he ate quickly, dipping his bread into the delicious soup. He spoke with Mr. Weasley for a while as he also ate some soup. When Harry finished and yawned, Mrs. Weasley had taken him up to the twins old room. Harry thought after everything that had happened and everything that he had heard, it would take him ages to fall asleep, but it didn't. The next thing he knew Ron was shouting and he was being blinded as the sun streamed brightly through the window making Harry groan.

After eating part of his breakfast that Fleur had placed across his lap and Ginny had left the room at her mother's insistence, Harry told his two best friends a little about the prophecy and his lessons with Dumbledore. Harry hadn't smiled once since before he ended up at the department of mysteries and after Sirius dying, Harry thought he never would again, until the twins telescope had given Hermione a black eye, he just couldn't stop the smile that turned to laughter that erupted from his throat.

During his stay at the Burrow Harry spent a lot of time thinking, he tried to do that alone, but Hermione and Ron never let him so he'd have to sneak away just to get five minutes of peace.

Again he was trying to sneak out when they caught up with him, 'Oh for fucks sake, give me some space will you. I'm supposed to kill that fucker so I need to work out how without the constant questions,' Harry snarled angrily then stormed out of the house to shocked looks from everyone.

Harry knew part of his anger was because he was scared, part of it was for everyone inside the strange but wonderful looking house. Harry knew they were in the worst danger just because he was close to them. Those thoughts made Harry's head spin then an idea came to him, distance himself from them, all of them including Hermione and Ron. Distance himself from everyone to keep them safe, safer Harry thought, no one was safe anymore.

So that's what Harry started to do, he was quieter, he refused to answer Hermione's endless questions on what he had been thinking, about closing his mind, about Sirius. Sirius was the hardest, the pain Harry felt ripped right to his very soul and Harry believed it would never heal. Losing Sirius was another reason Harry didn't want to get close to anyone. Ginny was constantly around and Harry knew how much she liked him, but that didn't concern Harry as much. He ignored her or treated her like he treated all the family, sometimes he was a little cold towards her in the hope she would finally put her feelings towards someone else because Harry will never feel anything more for her than just friends.

Harry was sitting on one of the twins beds when Ginny stepped into the room closing the door behind her. She sat beside Harry, took his hand and tried to kiss him. Harry knew he had to do something, he had to get her away from him before she ended up dead as well.

Harry pulled away and moved to the other side of the room, 'No.'

'You know I like you Harry, I'm sure you feel something for me.'

'Not really, maybe pity.'

'Pity,' Ginny's voice went up an octave.

'Pity for putting some much of your feelings into me when I will never reciprocate, you're a nice girl, but really, not my type at all,' Harry made sure he sounded bored even disinterested but also a little cold. It seemed to work because Ginny stormed from the room slamming the door behind her, 'Good, now she might have a chance.'

Just before they were due to return to Hogwarts, they did their usual trip to Diagon Alley, starting with Gringotts. Without anyone realising, Harry had enlarged his bag with a charm he had found in one of Hermione's books, he also made it feather light, then took so much money out of his vault because Harry had a feeling he would need it. While they were in Flourish and Blotts getting their books Harry also found a lot of advance spell books, not just on defence but all manner of spells, anything he could think of.

'Why all those books Harry, surely you won't need something like those until you're an auror?' Hermione asked.

Harry made sure he sounded cold again, 'Voldemort might turn up before then, I have to be ready. I can't just sit back in lessons anymore, it's going to happen and it's my job to stop him, so that's what I'm going to do. Learn everything I can instead of prattling around history of magic or astronomy, I'm not even going to worry about potions, that won't kill him. But if you look at it logically which is what you do Hermione, I'm not going to win this, he's going to, it doesn't mean I won't try. But I'm not going to waste my time worrying about test scores or N.E.W.T.s, I'll learn what I can while I can,' Harry turned back to grab another book when the shelf above him caught his eye. He found a stool and climbed up to study the book on magical transfer. Harry had no idea what that meant, but to him it sounded interesting, so he put that books with the others.

'I know what you're doing Harry, I'm not stupid you know.'

'No one could ever call Hermione Granger stupid, they'd be an idiot to try to call you stupid.'

'You're doing all this to keep us at arm's length, to protect us. We don't need protecting, we can look after ourselves and we want to help you.'

'It's my job and I'm doing it alone,' Harry moved passed Hermione then paid for his books. Even though Hagrid was outside keeping watch, Harry just wanted to get away from everyone, but he knew he couldn't. So he stood outside the shop staring around but had everyone gazing at him as they hurried passed. Harry had expected this because everyone finally realised he had been telling the truth about Voldemort returning, he had been seen, finally Harry thought. So now everyone started to call him the chosen one, someone had leaked the information about a prophecy, that said it was going to be Harry to end Voldemort. So people looked at him with hope, but some looked at him with pity, yeah pity was right because he knew he was going to die. How could an untrained boy go up against someone so powerful and so evil and win, it was impossible and Harry had finally accepted that. But that didn't mean Harry had given up, he hadn't, that's why he wanted to learn as much as he could and he could only do that if he could study up on spells way past what Hogwarts teaches. He would go to his normal classes, transfiguration, defence and charms, those three subjects might be needed, but he was not bothering with the others, they were no use in an all-out fight to the death where dark magic was going to play a major part. Harry wouldn't use dark magic, he couldn't, or could he, Harry thought. The same thought he kept having, fight fire with fire or dark magic with dark magic. Harry had snuck a few of those books as well and been given a strange look by the sales woman when he had placed them on the counter, 'I need to know what he might use so I can work out how to defend myself against it. I need to understand dark magic before I can fight it.' that had been Harry's reasoning, or lie even if the woman bought his story, Harry knew the truth, he would use it if he had to, use anything, but he still never thought he'd be the one to live if this was ever over. Harry always had a feeling he would die young, die before he had a chance to live really. He had finally accepted that so he was getting everything in order for when that day finally arrived, the day he would die.