Chapter twelve

Harry woke with a start, 'James,' he called when he noticed the cot was empty.

Poppy raced over, 'He's fine Harry, look,' she motioned towards another bed where Molly Weasley was holding James while she sat with her son.

Harry relaxed, 'Sorry for yelling, how's Sev?'

'He's coming along, he might even wake today, if not today, tomorrow. How are you feeling now?'

'Sore, stiff, but good,' Harry stood and stretched, 'How long did I sleep?'

'About Seventeen hours Harry, I moved you to the bed when I noticed you were asleep and before you asked, everyone has been taking care of James for you. Andromeda knew you wouldn't want him away from you, so she headed home but she did send more clothes for him.'

'I knew I was tired, but I was absolutely knackered. Thank you Madame Pomfrey, for everything,' Harry smiled then walked over to the bed, 'Thanks Mrs. Weasley.'

'Oh Harry, you're welcome, he's such a sweet thing,' Molly lifted James who was reaching for Harry.

Harry took his son, kissing him all over his face again, 'Oh my boy, I bet you've had everyone hopping and probably wrapped around your little finger.'

'Yes, he has Harry, even some of the staff has taken to young James here.'

'How's Fred?' Harry looked down at Fred then George who was asleep with his head on Fred's bed.

'Coming along, Poppy thinks he's going to be fine once his brain and skull is healed. Ron explained what happened.'

'Yeah, we just came upon Fred, George and Percy when it happened.'

'Why don't you go eat Harry and your son is due for some food. The house elves know about James, so they will send up food suitable for a small boy.'

'Yeah, I am hungry, thanks again Mrs. Weasley,' Harry moved over to the matron, 'I'm going to feed James, can you let me know if Sev wakes?'

'I will Harry, now eat, you can use it.'

Harry walked out of the makeshift hospital and into the great hall, sat down at a table where food, a high chair appeared beside him, tea, juice and even a bowl of baby food and a small cup of milk that had a small spout for a young child all appeared on the table. Harry placed his son in the chair then he would spoon food into his son's mouth then take a fork full of food for himself, or take a sip of his tea.

'You seem a natural at that mate,' Ron smiled as he sat with Hermione.

'It was bottles last time I fed him.'

'I've eaten Harry, let me finish feeding James so you can eat,' Hermione suggested.

'Thanks Hermione,' Harry handed her the baby spoon while he started eating but kept his eyes on James, 'I can't believe how big he is?'

'We were gone for a while Harry. But can you believe it mate, he's dead and your alive.'

Harry chuckled, 'I think me surviving is the biggest shock out of those two things.'

'What about professor Snape Harry?' Hermione asked softly.

'You'll see the memory later, but it's all good, everything is explained and why he made me believe he betrayed us. I'm just waiting for him to wake so I can introduce James to him. I wonder how he will take the news his a father?'

'Probably shock his greasy hair white,' Ron smirked.

'It's anything but greasy, it's so smooth to touch, I loved running my fingers through his hair.'

'Okay, we see a baby with your hair and we've heard rumours that you have a son, so what's going on Harry?' Neville asked as he sat down with some other friends.

'Hey,' Harry smiled, 'Yes, this is James, my son. I left him with Remus and Tonks while I was away. James say hi to my friends,' Harry smiled at his son who waved but kept eating, 'Seems he likes his food.'

'Harry,' Poppy raced over, 'he's awake, a bit disoriented, but I thought you'd want to know.'

'Thanks Madame Pomfrey, we'll be right there. I'll just let James finish eating,' Harry looked at James, 'It's time to meet your other daddy James, oh blimey, I wonder what he's going to say,' Harry ran his hand down James' hair.

'Who is his other father?' Seamus asked.

Harry, Ron and Hermione glanced at each other then at James before they all looked at their friends.

'Severus Snape,' Harry shrugged, 'We got together not long after Sirius died, when we started back here. Look, there's a lot to go into, but James is finished, I'm sure Hermione and Ron can fill you in. Come on son, time to let your daddy know about you. Talk to you all later,' Harry hurried from the great hall and back into the makeshift hospital. He saw Severus sitting up against some pillows, looking pale and tired. Harry slowly made his way over and saw Severus' eyes widened, 'Hey.'

'Harry, oh my, why didn't you tell me?'

'I knew something was going on but you said it was nothing, so I decided to keep the fact I was pregnant a secret. I never knew this could happen, when Madame Pomfrey told me I fainted. But later, meet James, James this is your other daddy.'

'James, after your father.'

Harry shrugged, 'James Sirius Potter, we'll have to add Snape. But I thought you betrayed me Sev, so I made sure he had nothing to do with you.'

'I know, I didn't want to, Albus thought it would be better. But James, I have a son named after a man I hated.'

'Sev, behave,' Harry smiled then leant down and kissed him then sat James on the bed beside Severus but kept holding him so he wouldn't fall, 'James, can you say hi.'

James waved but never said anything even though Andromeda said he could say basic words.

'He doesn't know me.'

'He hardly knows me, the only reason he does is I left memories with Remus and Tonks so they could show him and I snuck back three times, last time was two months ago. Thinking I was going to die, that you betrayed me, I gave them legal rights to raise him. But Remus made sure that if I survived that would all change back to me, which it has. Andromeda bought him to me early yesterday morning.'

'So you had to leave him.'

'Yeah, I did, it was heartbreaking to leave him. Did Dumbledore tell you he worked out I would survive?'

'No, he just said I had to explain why I killed him so you would know the truth. But I had a theory about why you survived.'

'The soul protected me.'

'Yes, it kept you alive as it was destroyed. But I heard he's dead, what happened?'

'I used the disarming charm, him the killing curse, the spells met but mine pushed his back onto him, killing him. He was using a wand that belonged to me, that I had won.'

'Oh baby, I can't believe you survived and we have a son.'

'It's hard to believe but I missed hearing you call me that. We have a lot to work out Sev, lots of plans to organise, like a home to live in so James can settle.'

'Let me heal then we will, then I will explain everything, I hated keeping anything from you, I had no choice though. But we both have what we wanted, each other, a family, a son and nothing can every come between us again.'

'No, nothing Sev,' Harry gazed into those dark onyx eyes he loved so much and felt his heart mending. James kept patting his hand, then reached out and grabbed Severus' nose making both men laugh because if any child was going to touch a part of Severus, it would be his overly large nose, but a nose that suits his face. Harry and Severus both kissed James' head making the boy giggle before they stared into each other's eyes, onyx to emerald and they saw the love there, saw the love they had for each other. So James sat between his two fathers, turning to look from one to the other, but the two men and a baby never realised they were being watched by the staff, their friends and the Weasleys, all were smiling as Harry and Severus never looked away from each other as their son sat between them.

The end: