Title: Coffee Shop

Status: Human

Summary: Bella has no romantic life whatsoever, except her daily dose of caffeine at her local coffee shop but when it's too crowded to even sit down, one table opens up but another cup is there first. Now both parties like each other, a lot, but they both are extremely forgetful. So what's the deal with a party?

My hair whipped around my face, my book flopping in the wind and when I finally struggled to pull open the door to my favorite coffee shop and took my usual, every table was full.


I walked and carried my cup, my laptop bag starting to weigh in on my shoulder until I spotted a little shrink sized table towards the back and walked quickly before someone else grabbed it. With relief I settled my cup just as a venti settled also.

Oh hell, no.

I looked up and saw the brownest eyes matched with the kissable lips and strong jaw paired with a sexy messy head of black hair.

Oh hell, yes.

"I'm sorry I thought this table was empty" his voice was smooth while his face held apology. He started to move and I panicked.

"Oh no, it's fine. Really there's enough room for the both of us, you don't have to move, it will be impossible to find another seat in this place" I gestured to the busy café and smiled a little moving to sit down. My voice was a bit fast but hey…it's been awhile.

"Thanks I appreciate it." He sat down taking a sip of his coffee.

"I'm Bella by the way" The words just flew out of my mouth and I pressed my lips together hoping he will make conversation.

"Alec Volturi" He held out his hand and I shook it. His hand was very warm and firm just slightly calloused. Those are man's hands, baby.

"Are you a writer?" I looked to him and he was looking at the notebook currently holding my latest.

He must have taken my silence the wrong way because the next moment he tried to backtrack.

"Sorry I don't mean to pry, I was just curious..." He looked at me and panic flashed.

"…Because my friend…he likes to write and ya' know his wife…she's likes to write too and well it's just funny to see another writer….NOT that writing's funny because it's not…unless you write comedy 'cause then it's hilarious." He finished his fast stuttering slash talking meekly and a hint of a blush covered his ears.

At that I had to laugh. The dude was Mr. Cool a few seconds ago and what he thinks is a misstep in conversation he turns into a stuttering mess; Poor guy.

"You're laughing at me. Geez that's a sure way to boost a man's ego" He muttered and I'm not sure it was meant to be heard but I answered anyway.

"It's not that. It's just…well…that" I sobered up and little and tried again. "To your first question, yes I'm a writer. Not a professional one but a writer none the less. So your good and I understand, my best friend, she likes to write too from her husband who's a local author here. So yeah, you're good; Breath." I chuckled a little and he laughed a bit too.

He held a hand up to his head and messed up his already messy hair. "Sorry, it's just when I'm nervous I have the worst stuttering issue. That was probably more information then was needed. How about we try again? Hi, my name is Alec Volturi" He held out his hand again and I shook it while chuckling a bit.

"Hello, my name is Isabella Swan but I like Bella better. You are possibly wondering about my notebook, you see I am a writer."

He laughed. "Formal huh, okay well…. okay. I like to write too except I don't do it much but every once in a while."

I smiled taking a sip of my coffee when I noticed the book in his messenger.

"No way, you have a copy of Immortal! I love that series, I just finished reading Surrender! How did you get it, the book isn't suppose to come out until tomorrow!" A couple of pardons looked at our table and I ducked my head in embarrassment while I felt my cheeks flame.

He laughed and smiled "Let's just say I have connections" He winked and I think I growled a bit.

Jasper said only a couple of people could access his books, when I got my hands on Surrender a week before it hit shelves, along with his other two books. How the hell did this Alec guy get a hold of it? Alice didn't even have a copy! She's his damn wife too! No fair!

He laughed looking at my face and I glared, my lips going into a thin line but also the corners turning up. "Sorry, it's just I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy"

Yeah and I bet one those guys will have my hands shaking the daylights out of his Texas talking, curly blond haired ass!

"You look mad." He noted smiling at my reaction.

"Well you would be too when you know a guy who knows a guy that knows the guy that can get you a copy early on before anyone else"

He laughed and I smiled, just when he was going to say something my phone beeped. Two seconds later his phone rang. We both smiled sheepishly as he answered. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and cursed myself.

Damn, stupid reminders. Jasper's book release party was in an hour and I offered to help, Stupid, stupid best friend puppy eyes. Goodbye funny, hot guy with the nice hands.

I looked up to find him staring at me sheepishly. Well at least this won't be too hard.

"Sorry but I have to go, errands and all that. Table is all yours now." I got up and swung my bag onto my shoulder throwing away my empty cup only to see him getting up also.

"Its fine, I have to go too. It was fun meeting you Miss Isabella, called Bella, Swan" He smirked shaking my hand.

I smiled. "Likewise Mr. Alec Volturi who has a stuttering problem"

He laughed and looked nervous; oh boy here we go again.

"M-maybe I could, you know, like, I don't know, c-call you?" he asked and I have to say he looked really cute all necroses like.

I smiled and nodded my head but before I could write it down both our phones went off and so were we, Alec because of some reason and me because Alice was yelling in my freaking ear.

It wasn't until I was in my car driving away did I realize my mistake.

"Dammit!" I yelled.


The music was blasting and I was in the lawn chair, nursing a beer because of the Grande coffee I had earlier. Dammit.

I sighed and took another sip of my beer when Alice danced over.

"Hey girl why are you so down, usually you would be begging my husband for a copy by now or reading it. What's wrong?" I sighed and she sat down.

"Bell why so blue? Is it about…ya know Jacob?" She asked and I wrinkled my face in distaste.

"No it has nothing to do with that stalker little prick. I just…" I sighed again when Rose came over.

"Hey guys, um maybe we should go get some more ice, the others spilled"

"Yeah I agree, Alice I need your help, you too Rose" I got up from the chair and went inside with Alice and Rose on my heels.

"What's up" Always Rose, blunt and to the point.

I looked at them and bit my lip until I just blurted it out.

"I met an awesome guy at the coffee shop and I forgot to get his number." I looked at them and they both were looking at me strangely.

"That's what bugging you Bells?" Alice said.

I shook my head and she copied but in the "Holy Hell my friend is a dumb ass" type of head shake.

I groaned and sank into a chair.

"Well… describe him to us" Rose suggested sitting beside me.

"Well-"I started "He had these really handsome brown eyes, a strong jaw and his hands…they were so warm…he was hot. Oh and he had a copy of Jasper's new book." I huffed when I said that but Alice's head snapped up.

"Wait what!" Alice shouted

"I know right! It's usually us who has the first copies"

"No, no, no, I mean he had Immortal?" I shook my head yes at her smile and her smile spread across her face.

"Bella, Jasper told me he only let three people read the copies he had printed first. One was his best friend Peter along with his –"

"Bella can you bring the beer?" Jasper called.



I heard the new guests having their conversation so I stopped at the corner and peeked around not wanting to interrupt.

"Dude that sucks, how you managed that, I will never know!" Emmet was shaking his head smirking while Peter was laughing.

"I thought you got a handle on that little problem bro?" Peter smirked

"Shut Up and yes I did cover that problem…it's just…I don't know…she –"

"Unknowing took your balls and manhood in one conversation…" Emmett interrupted

"….which left you blubbering and stuttering like an idiot that you forgot to get her number!" Peter finished while he and Emmett howled.

"Thanks guys, thanks really, glad to know you take such humor in my problem"

"Oh come on dude, it's easy to solve just go back to the coffee shop and hope she's there and if she isn't you can always go on " Jasper chuckled joining the conversation.

"Jasper you are NOT helping" He ground out

"Alright, alright all of you have had your fun. So…how does this gal look like?" Charlotte came to the rescue and looked at me and winked.

What the hell?

At my unasked question she mouthed "Alice"

Again, what the hell?

"Well…she has brown hair….pretty brown eyes…a sense of humor….likes chocolate mochas…"


"…...Witty, kind and she's a huge fan of your books Jasper"

"So you like her" Emmett dead panned than snickered while Jasper had his "writer's face" which was his thinking face.

"Dude, you just described…"

"Hey Emmett stop patronizing the guests and help your sister with this!" I yelled carrying the ice box with the beer.

"Geez Bells I'm coming, no need to get your panties in a twist" Taking the ice box he walked back to the front.

"Hey Jasper your super fun fan is here" Emmett said making a girl voice.

"I don't talk like that" I said mimicking his voice

"Yo, baby what's shaken bacon?" Peter yelled pulling me up into a hug.

"Peter, if that's you pick up line Charlotte may and will dump your ass" I dead panned and smirked.

"Ha, ha, Emmett she's your sister alright – she has your sense of humor" Peter dead panned

"I knew it!" Emmett jumped and punched his fist into the air.

"Hey Bella let me introduce you to my publicist" Jasper guided me toward a very familiar looking head of messy black hair.-

"Hey Alec meet Bella"

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