An: He would never leave his brothers side, even if that meant following him into the deepest part of hell. Determined to help his sibling, Harold soon becomes wary of the possessive hold their new butler refuses to release. Slash.

An: If you look at my avatar for this story you can see what Harold looks like, well add glasses and dark hair, the picture is from rustblasters a manga that the author of Kuroshitsuji made. I didn't do the best job coloring in his eyes and adding the scar but I hope it's good enough. :) I hope you enjoy and reviews are always appreciated!

Warnings: Slash! Phantomhive!Harry Quiet!Mature!Smart!Gentle!Harry, Magical!Harry later on, AU in HP universe, and a little in Kuroshitsuji.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Kuroshitsuji.

{The butler, His possession}

Sunlight filtered through partially opened blinds highlighting soft features. A young man with raven hair slept peacefully, the silken sheets barley making a sound as he turned away from the light. He shifted slightly when the door opened, a hand reaching from the blankets to rub the sleep from his eyes.

"Good morning, Master."

Harold Phantomhive slowly sat up, taking his glasses from the butlers outstretched hands and perched them on his face.

"Today's breakfast of scones and Ceylon tea has been prepared to your liking."

Peering up at the butler with a small smile Harold accepted the tea, sipping at it silently. "What are our todays plans Sebastian?"

"After breakfast you and Young Master will see the authority on Monarch Study. Professor Hugh."

Harold nodded slipping from the bed silently, taking off his night clothes and putting on the ones that had been prepared for him.

"Master, the buttons on your shirt are uneven again."

Harold paused glancing down at his shirt. "It seems you are right Sebastian, once again my eye has hindered my ability to do the simplest of tasks."

Sebastian chuckled from behind him, striding forward until he was in front of the smaller male. Gloved hands easily redid the buttons expertly straightening his tie and his black dress shirt.

Harold turned away from the butler as he finished up, his mind starting to wander. It had been so long since that night, both he and his brother had survived but not without their own scars. He knew that even now his younger brother had night terrors, no matter how much he protested otherwise.

Wincing when the scar across his eye throbbed in memory, the memory of burning and masked men invaded his mind. The terror in his brother's eyes as the men dragged him from the cage, Latin incantations echoing. It was then that he received his scar and not seconds later Sebastian was summoned…


A hand titled his chin up and he met red-brown eyes, the butlers eyes flashed for a split second before the polite smile was on his face once again.

"Remember that this afternoon the martial artist Young Master hired is arriving, would you like to observe as well?"

Harold nodded a humorous smile on his face, taking his head away from the butlers hold. "Yet another attempt to get out of his studies I presume." He shook his head in mock disappointment. "One would think he could learn that an ordinary human has no chance against someone like you."

"I am simply one hell of a butler."


Sitting beside his brother Harold looked over the book he was reading, watching in amusement as the two men stood opposite of each other.

"HyoOoOo~ Take this secret technique! Flower Bird Wind Moon All Kinds Of Flowers Profusion Fist!"

He chuckled at the ridiculous name and turned his eyes back to his book he was reading, already knowing who was going to win. It had a rather remarkable collection of Edgar Allen Poe poems, who just so happened to be his favorite poet.

Thy soul shall find itself alone

'Mid dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone -

Not one, of all the crowd, to pry

Into thine hour of secrecy:

Be silent in that solitude

Which is not loneliness - for then

The spirits of the dead who stood

In life before thee are again

In death around thee - and their will

Shall then overshadow thee: be still.

For the night - tho' clear - shall frown -

And the stars shall look not down,

From their high thrones in the Heaven,

With light like Hope to mortals given -

But their red orbs, without beam,

To thy weariness shall seem

As a burning and a fever

Which would cling to thee for ever :

Now are thoughts thou shalt not banish -

Now are visions ne'er to vanish -

From thy spirit shall they pass

No more - like dew-drop from the grass:

The breeze - the breath of God - is still -

And the mist upon the hill

Shadowy - shadowy - yet unbroken,

Is a symbol and a token -

How it hangs upon the trees,

A mystery of mysteries! - (1)

"A true master of the first technique would accompany me to unknown regions. Though I thought I'd be able to see you on your knees today." Ciel's voice broke him from his reading trance, and he looked up raising an eyebrow at the defeated figure of the martial artist further in the grass.

"You should know it is fruitless to achieve such a feat, little brother."

"He is correct Young Master."


Rising from his seat Harold tucked the book under his arm and headed toward the Martial artist, giving him a small smile when the man looked up.

"I do hope Sebastian didn't hurt you permanently, he tends to take orders to the extreme and often gets carried away with his tasks."

The Chinese man winced as he stood giving him a shaky bow. "I will survive, you must be Harold Phantomhive, it is an honor to meet one of your caliber."

Harold nodded back musing silently to himself, it never failed to amaze him how quickly news spread, even China knew about him. "Ah it is I who should be honored, for one to be able to master the Super Tiger Dragon Gun Ten Thousand Blossom Scattering Fissure Fist, is a feat within its self." Ridiculous names indeed.

A light blush spread on the man's features and he made sure to mask his disappointment. "Thank you Earl Phantomhive, but I must be going."

"Do you need help with your departure?"

"You are as kind as they say Earl, but I will manage."

Harold nodded and watched silently as the man wobbled away, people always became pushovers when complimented, their minds muting all other words. He had long ago accepted that reality, but he couldn't help but feel dissatisfied that they were so gullible.


He turned toward his brother who was waiting by his chair with an expectant look, and felt a wave of appreciation. No, not all humans were the same—his brother was the example of what a person was like when freed from the poison in their minds.

"Coming Ciel."

No matter where or when, he would always be beside his brother. Because Ciel was the only one who he could connect to, the only one he had left in the world. He wouldn't allow his younger brother to fall into hell alone, no matter how much he protested.

He was the older brother after all.

{The butler, His possession}

Harold frowned distastefully. "I see so Sir Clause will be visiting the Phantomhive manor."

Ciel smirked over his newspaper. "That's correct, something bothering you Harold?"

He glared. "You know very well that Lecherous old man fancies me."

"I'm sure you can handle it just like you do with anyone else."

Harold grimaced refusing to look at his younger brother, that was true but it didn't make it any less unfavorable when some old man started leering at him.

"Do not worry Master. I shall deal with him accordingly if he tries anything suspicious." Sebastian interjected from beside his brother's desk, a mischievous smile on his face.

Humming in response Harold set his chin upon his hand, gazing outside while half listening as his brother and the butler spoke about the preparations. Though he was the oldest Phantomhive, thus the heir, he always let Ciel take over when dealing with paper work and such. Harold was smart in his own right, but Ciel was always the genius and the one who was most inclined to dealing with the Phantomhive business.

It was obvious that Ciel was the one most suited for being the heir, yet Harold was the only one in his way, sometimes he couldn't help but wonder if his brother would have been better off without him. With the brains and protection Ciel would have been set for taking the world by storm, yet he had to step back when it came to parties. People always wanting to talk to the heir of the Phantomhive family, which Harold hated anyways, he never liked it when everyone was focused on him.

Harold glanced around the room absentmindedly noting that Sebastian had disappeared off somewhere, leaving them alone.

"Sebastian told me your eye was acting up again this morning."

Harold sighed at the patronizing tone in his brothers voice, preparing himself for the 'inner mother' that was about to come out. "I had hoped he wouldn't have noticed that."

Ciel scoffed getting out of his chair and walking toward where Harold was sitting. "Since when does Sebastian miss anything? You're the one always telling me not to underestimate him, yet here you are doing the same thing."

"I apologize."

"Sometimes I think you are too soft, always trying your hardest to not trouble others." Ciel took his chin in a firm hold tilting it so he could better see the lighting shaped scar. "It looks a little inflamed. I will write Madame Red to ask her to check it out again."

Harold smiled gently, sitting up and leaned his forehead on his brothers gazing into the familiar blue eyes. "Are you sure you're not the older one? I try not to worry you, yet you always figure me out. I swear I'm the younger brother since you worry about me so much."

Ciel stared a blank look in his features but his eyes were warmer than usual. "Keh. I'm just worried that your eye could go completely blind, the doctor did say that it could happen in the future."

"Ah. Then I would be in trouble I need both eyes to watch over you after all."

He chuckled when Ciel pulled away a light blush on his features. "Shall we go wait for Sir Clause? He should be arriving shortly."

"Very well."


"It has been a while- Oh my~ you're as beautiful as always dearest Harold~"

Wincing at the sudden tone change Harold got up from the steps standing beside his brother who had put his book down to greet the man.

"You came Clause."

Completely ignoring the younger Phantomhive the Italian was beside Harold within seconds, and Harold noted distastefully, as he was smothered by a hug, that Clause was still a bit taller than he was.

Harold gave the older man a twitchy smile once he was released. "Buonanotte*, Sir Clause I hope your journey was enjoyable."

He turned to go up the stairs nodding to his irritated brother when he caught up with them.

"Yes it was thank you so much for asking! ~ sometime you should come and visit me, I'm sure we would have a wonderful time."

"I shall look into it." Not.

Reaching the doorway Harold allowed Ciel to open the door smiling slightly when he looked inside.

"Welcome Sir Clause!" The servants were lined on either side of the door, bowing in respect as the house sparkled behind them.

"Oh… this is… You've made the mansion into something beautiful." Clause said in awe giving his jacket and hat to Finny.

Sebastian stepped gracefully forward giving a light bow, "We've been waiting for you Sir Clause."

"Sebastian! It's been awhile! It appears there are more faces in this house, too?"

Harold backed away once Sebastian led Sir Clause out into the courtyard; his brother was better at this sort of thing so he usually just stepped back and went to go practice some of his exercises.


"Ah! Yes Master."

"Inform Sebastian that I have gone to go practice, this really isn't my sort of thing." He smiled brightly just for effect chuckling when the maid when bright pink.

"Y-yes Master!"

Turning on his heels Harold strode across the floor and up the stairs, nodding in respect when he passed his parents portraits. Finally he came to his desired room, long ago Sebastian had cleared it out and put the required materials around the room stating that if Harold so wished he could practice inside instead of outside.

He walked across the room grabbing the prepared clothes and swiftly changed, already feeling his blood starting to race. As a young child he was always very energetic, so his parents decided to let him try this activity out so that it would spend some of his energy and help them handle him better. It just so happened that he excelled in the arts and continued practicing as he got older.

He positioned his feet accordingly and shifted his weight on his front foot swiftly turning and lashing his left leg out, feeling satisfaction as it hit the wood with a solid 'thunk'.

One down ninety nine more to go.

{The butler, His possession}

"Master, I have prepared some tea and a dish Beef Donburi."

Harold paused from drying his hair and gave the butler a thankful smile. "Once again I find myself being worried over, thank you Sebastian."

He padded over to the nice smelling dish on the table and sat down, his hair still lightly dripping. "It looks delicious."

"Thank you Master."

Harold took a bite of the food, savoring the way the spices danced with his taste buds. As expected from Sebastian, he only made the best of the best.

"Master I see you haven't succeeded in drying your hair all the way."

Harold paused when Sebastian started rubbing the towel through his slightly spiked locks, relaxing as the butlers hand slightly messaged his scalp.

There wasn't anything like a good message that got him completely relaxed, and with Sebastian's magical fingers he was practically in heaven, which was rather amusing once he thought about it.


He jumped when Sebastian's voice came from beside his ear, his skin breaking out into goose bumps as the butlers breath fanned onto his neck.


His heart started to race when gloved hands started to message his shoulders, easing the slight pain from his training away.

"Maylene told me that you went to go training after you disappeared," The cultured tone of the butler grew a level deeper and he internally shuttered. "Next time inform me personally so I can watch, your eyesight could disappear and since you aren't contracted like Young Master I wouldn't know."

"A-ah, I apologize Sebastian next time I will think ahead before acting."

The butler paused and Harold turned his head so he could meet the red-brown gaze, like most times something shifted in the butlers eyes before they were closed and a polite smile was formed.

"Very good Master, allow me to bring you to your bed."

"What? Oh no that's not necessary Sebastian- ack!" Instinctively he gripped onto the butlers clothes, blushing slightly as he was easily carried bridal style to his bed.

Harold emitted a soft 'umpf' as he was unceremoniously dropped onto the bed and made sure to give the butler a glare as the sheets were brought over him.

With a close eyed smile the butler ignored his gaze and gave him a pat on the head.

"Good night, Master."

Left in the darkness, Harold mused over what had just happened, it wasn't uncommon for Sebastian to act in such a way. In fact the butler started when he first started working at the manor, yet he couldn't help but feel slightly confused, surely he acted this way with Ciel as well. There wasn't a reason for him to treat them differently, so Harold was sure Ciel was treated the same way, nothing was weird with the way the butler acted.

His mind at ease Harold fell into a peaceful sleep, unaware of the crow that perched on his window.


An: I hope you enjoyed the chapter. If you haven't noticed this story will be based on the Manga, but I will be starting at the beginning so hopefully those who haven't read it won't be too confused. Until next time!

(1) This poem is by Edgar Allen Poe, I do not own it.

* An Italian greeting