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Warnings: Slash! Phantomhive!Harry Quiet!Mature!Smart!Gentle!Harry, Magical!Harry later on, AU in HP universe, and a little in Kuroshitsuji.

{The butler, His possession}

A cool breeze blew into the room, rustling his dark locks as Harold rested serenely on the soft cushions of the chair, easily being lulled into a peaceful nap.

Sebastian and Ciel had gone out a while ago, mentioning something about a new cane. He personally would never comprehend why his brother insisted on one—perhaps he just liked looking akin to an old man.

Since his brother was out, and the servants doing who-knows-what Harold had the mansion to himself, and he was going to take advantage of the moment.

Unnoticed by the half-asleep boy, heeled clad feet tiptoed though the door. Silently the girl snuck upon the boy, blonde hair only magnifying the leering face as hands reached down toward his body.

Emerald eyes snapped open and he paled drastically as he recognized the face.

"Hello Harold!"

Before he could even make a move to run, a vise like grip trapped him and he could only watch in horror as a familiar outfit was brought out.

A sickeningly sweet smile spread on doll like features at the boy's obvious terror.

"Don't worry! I'll make sure to make you extra cute!"


Ciel could only stare in shock at his mansion, taking in the bright pink decorations with a sinking feeling of dread.

"What on earth has happened here?"

Beside him Sebastian turned when he heard incoming steps, and was soon bombarded by three frantic servants.

"Mister Sebastian!"

"What on earth has happened here?" Sebastian asked "Rather… why are you two dressed like that?"

The three servants obediently stepped away, Maylene being the only one who wasn't oddly dressed.

"It's terrible Mister Sebastian!" The maid cried "she has gotten to Master Harold!"

Ciel's eye narrowed. "What are you talking about? What happened to Harold?!"


"Do not worry little brother. I have not been harmed in anyway. Just… inconvenienced…"

His eye widening Ciel stared open mouthed at his brother, unable to comprehend what he was seeing.

Dressed in a green maid's outfit that only intensified the color of his eyes, Ciel could barely even recognize his own brother. With his naturally spiked hair lying flat and framing his face, and his scar missing, Harold looked very much like a girl without curves.

Harold gave his brother a grimace tugging at the bottom of the maids dress in a futile attempt to make it longer. "Hello Ciel, I apologize for the state I am currently in. But I didn't have much choice in the matter that crazy girl is a lot stronger then she looked."

Recovered slightly from his shock Ciel turned toward the direction his brother pointed at, cautiously walking toward the room.

Narrowing his eyes in an attempt to see around him Harold carefully started to make his way down the steps one at a time, making sure to keep a tight hold on the banister. When he made it about half way a gloved hand rested on his arm, he gave the butler a grateful smile, being able to distinguish the features from the close distance.

"Master, it looks like you have misplaced your glasses. Allow me to assist you."

"Thank you Sebastian."

With the butlers help Harold was able to reach the bottom of the stairs safely, after a few moments he glanced at the gloved hand that had yet to move in slight puzzlement, and turned to look at the butler unable to clearly see his face.

"Sebastian, thank you I will be fine now."

Sebastian seemed to hesitate, his gloved thumb lightly stroking his bare arm sending light sparks throughout his body. "Of course Master." Then the hand was gone, and for one confusing moment Harold's arm felt slightly cold.

"Ciel! I missed you so! ~"

Harold jolted at the shrill voice, recognizing it as the owner of the girl that had forced the dress on him.


"No. No. No. Call me Lizzy! Aren't I always saying that?! Just as I thought, no matter how many times I look at you, you're the cutest!"

Harold slumped slightly at the name, noting that he could hear his brother gasping for air in the background. So it was Elizabeth that had been the attacker, he wasn't too sure since his glasses were the first things to be off. That girl was a lot more trouble than she was worth.

"Oh my~, you look so beautiful in that Harold my dear!~"

He immediately tensed his back cracking at the sudden movement, and he glanced in the direction the voice came from only able to make out the familiar red hair. "Ginerva, I should have known you were the one behind this. Especially since you are the only one with this sort of… taste." He commented picking at the maid dress distastefully.

"Oh ho ho ho ho. Don't you think this fits you the best? I will soon have you at my feet begging for mercy as I show you what pleasure a woman can give you! You won't have even a moment to think of that retched butler of yours, only having me on your mind." He could barely make it out but he swore he saw a flaming aura surrounding the girl.

Harold shivered at the words his face going slightly green. "I haven't the slightest clue what you are talking about, why does Sebastian have anything to do with this… fantasy of yours?"

"… Never mind. I won't bother with trying to explain it to you. All that matters is that you only have thoughts of me."

He grunted when he was pulled into a tight grip his face conveniently planted between her surprisingly large chest.

"More importantly Ginerva, why are you here? I didn't think that your mother would allow you to come without one of your brothers." He said his voice muffled.

The red head paused her grip tightening. "Lizzy wanted to see her precious Ciel, and since I know that where ever he is you are sure to be found I decided to tag along."

So it was all his brothers fiancées fault then, which didn't surprise him, the bright girl acted off her rocker and was obsessed with pink but she knew how to get what she wanted.

"I suppose my Aunt doesn't know she is here."


He sighed giving up on trying to get out of her grasp, really he didn't know why his parents had set him up to marry Ginerva in the first place. Born in a less then wealthy family, Ginerva was the youngest out of six family members, who all just happened to be boys. Harold himself was surprised when his mother announced the arrangement; usually someone of his standing wouldn't marry into a family like Ginerva's. The Weasley's weren't rich, nor were they Nobel's, so his parents decision was rather abrupt and sudden and not something they would usually choose.

Almost as if by magic.

"Master Harold!"

Jolting from his thoughts Harold lifted his head from his fiancées chest, barley recognizing the three servants that Ciel had hired long ago.


"Is it true what Mister Sebastian said?! That Miss Elizabeth is Ciel's fiancée?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Yes, It's very common for two Nobles to marry, at a young age their parents usually choose who they will be with. My self and Ciel included."


"Let's have a dance party! Ginny and I can dance with our Fiancées as escorts! Kya!" Elizabeth shouted making Ciel and Harold twitch.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea Lizzy!" Ginerva agreed dragging Harold with her as she skipped over to her friend.

"Oh? I'm so glad you agree Ginny!"

Finally released for the moment Harold quickly made his way toward his brother, half stumbling, and stepped behind him, feeling pathetic that he was trying to hide from a girl using his brother.

"Harold are you okay?" Ciel asked raising an eyebrow at his ruffled appearance.

He smiled at the question. "Of course, Ginerva is just a handful, nothing I can't take care of." Catching a bright pink object in the corner of his eye Harold turned, curious and immediately started chuckling. "Well Sebastian that is a beautiful bonnet you have on, it brings out the tone of your skin."

He didn't need to see to know that Sebastian was less than pleased at his comment. "Thank you Master, I should say the same about your outfit. It really makes the color of your eyes pop out."

Touché. He gave the butler a thin smile, as expected of Sebastian. "I have a feeling that it will soon be changing, knowing Elizabeth she probably has the outfits ready in our rooms."

"Dancing with Ciel in the clothes I picked for him. It's like a dream! Don't worry though Harold, I made sure that Ginny was there to pick yours!"

Great, hopefully it wouldn't be another dress.

"Hey who said it was fine?" Ciel protested.

Harold gave him a pat on the shoulder shaking his head sadly. "It's far too late to back out now little brother."

{The butler, His possession}

Harold chuckled when his brother once again kicked the butler in the shin, really Ciel had no talent but it was amusing to see him try so hard.

"What are you laughing at? I'd like to see you try!" Ceil grumbled giving him a light glare.

Sebastian seemed to perk up at this; he turned his head toward Harold giving him a charming smile. "Why not Master? Young Master may learn a thing or two if he sees it done properly."

Harold grimace peering over his glasses, which Sebastian had found, he didn't necessarily say he knew how to dance correctly.

Sebastian frowned. "Don't tell me…"

Harold tilted his head and smiled awkwardly. It wasn't his fault that no one had taught him or his brother how to dance.

"Very well."

Within a moments time he was swept up from his chair and standing upright. Since he reached to the butlers shoulder he was able to easily put his hand on Sebastian's upper back, while the other was entwined with the butler's hand that wasn't on his shoulder.

"Now just like I said before, begin with your left foot…"

Harold complied just barely missing the butler's shoe.

"Next is the natural turn."

Thump. Sebastian paused and peered down at where he had fallen onto his chest, a blank look on his features.

"Though you are better than Young Master, it seems like you also have a long way to go."

Stepping away from Harold, Sebastian peered at the two brothers a light frown on his features.

"Young Master, how about you do something about that sour look on your face, it not polite to be rude to a lady. At least pretend you are having fun." The butler commented then turned to Harold. "Master don't smile too much, we don't want a repeat of what happened last time."

Harold looked away; it wasn't his fault that people got flustered when he actually smiled at them. Yes more then not his lips were tilted up in a resemblance of a smile, but when he actually smiled it ended in disaster. He had learned early on not to truly smile at people, last time a flock of girls had been bothering his brother and Harold had been so amused that he couldn't control himself. Unfortunately that ended with more than half of the group fainting, and the rest being taken down like dominos.

"I shall be gone momentarily to get your clothes, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Ginerva would be stricken if you both didn't wear what they picked out." The butler bowed elegantly and left, leaving the two brothers alone.

Harold turned toward his brother a knowing smile on his features. "I know it has been awhile since you have made such a face, smiling that is, but I think Elizabeth would be ecstatic if you did."

Ciel grunted a lost look on his features. "…I've long since forgotten how to smile joyfully."

Harold set a hand on his brother's grey-blue locks, his eyes turning sorrowful. "I understand…" Bringing his hand up he took the Phantomhive ring off his finger and handed it to Ciel. "Though this ring has brought many hardships to our house hold, it also signifies the will of the Phantomhive. I'm sure that with it you can find enough determination to do anything."

Ciel gave him a wide eyed look taking the ring hesitantly. "For such a thing you are giving it to me?"

"You always were the one most fit for the position of heir, besides I've always been one for using my fists, the political games were always confusing to me. Think of this as a stepping stone to a far greater future."

Ciel gave him a determined look and put the ring on his thumb, holding it to his chest.

Gazing down at his brother fondly, Harold felt a weight get lifted off his shoulders. Though this would cause a ruckus in the Nobles it was the right thing to do, whether they agreed to it or not.

"Master, Young Master I have the clothes."

Harold turned toward the butler and gave a sigh of relief at the relatively normal clothes. At least he wouldn't be forced into a dress this time.


"Oh Harold my dear you look fabulous! Though that horrid scar is there again, you still look beautiful!"

Harold gave a glance at his brother, well at least he wasn't getting flung around, but the comment about it scar was rather unnecessary.

"Thank you Ginerva, you look beautiful as well."

Dressed in a green and brown ball gown and her red hair braided, the dress was obviously Elizabeth's since he knew the Weasleys couldn't afford such a thing, Ginerva did look rather eye-catching but that was it. Not that he was about to say that.

Harold himself was dressed similar to ceil, but in different shades of green instead of blue, the top part was a mixture between Ciel and Sebastian's top, giving him a more mature look. Sebastian had rinsed out all the gel that made his hair lay flat on his head, so it now was in its normal state.

He gave Ginerva a smile. "Shall we-"

"No! I went through a lot of trouble to make everything adorable! Only that ring is totally not cute!"

Harold turned and gave a light frown watching as Elizabeth ignored Ciel's protests and grabbed the ring off his hand.

"Excuse me for a moment Ginerva." He bowed and quickly made his way toward the fight.

Ciel glared darkly at the frightened girl. "Give it back Elizabeth!"

"Why… why are you so angry? I was just…"

"Elizabeth." Harold said stepping beside his brother a stern look on his features. "Give back the ring, it is something very special to Ciel and I."

Elizabeth gazed at him shocked, not use to Harold being anything but happy. "Even you are angry! Why is this ring so special?! I hate… this ring!"

The moment he saw her raising her hand Harold quickly stepped forward and grabbed her wrist in a firm grip, gazing cooling into her widened eyes.

"I suggest you don't do that Elizabeth, as I said this ring is very special to the both of us-"

"L-Let me go!" Slap

A burst of pain spread through his scar, burning his nerves and making his face feel like it was on fire. Though she wasn't very strong Elizabeth had hit his face on the side where the scar was, making it feel ten times worse than it already was.

Harold staggered back, holding his face in pain.

"How dare you!" He heard Ciel shout.

Through the pain and ruckus he could see that Sebastian had stopped his brother from hitting Elizabeth and instantly felt relief. He didn't blame the girl for her reaction-however she did go to the extremes- he shouldn't have handled her in such a rough manner.

A soft hand gently grabbed his face and tilted it up. He opened his unscarred eye seeing Sebastian and winced when another shock of pain went through his body.

"You can let go now Master, I will make sure that everything goes by smoothly."

Harold sighed feeling his body start to give out, and couldn't help but feel pathetic. The scar had been so deep that it nearly met his bone, making it very painful whenever anything came in contact with it and making it so that his scarred eye would sometime loose its eye sight. Yet all that considered, he hated how weak it made him feel, and how weak it made him, no fifteen year old should faint because a twelve year old slapped him.

Before he completely went unconscious he heard Ciel in the background. "Madame Red will be arriving tomorrow, make sure to send her directly to Harold when she does.

{The butler, His possession}

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