Yesterday, Today, Forever

Chapter 5

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Ally woke up to the calming sound of an acoustic guitar. She smiled warmly and snuggled into her blanket warmly. She was trying to remember the happenings of the previous night, something with Austin...and.. wait.. AUSTIN!? Ally opened her eyes to see Austin playing her guitar in the corner of her room, dressed in his clothes from the night before.

"Austin! Are you okay?! You were drunk last night, and your driver took you here...and I guess I kinda just fell asleep... You had a fever and I was worried and I didn'-" Ally rambled on to Austin while he just stared at her.

"Ally, calm down... It's okay. I'm okay. Nothing I'm not used to... Listen, I'm sorry about coming to your house... I don't exactly know why I'm here... but I'm sure I probably wasn't the best guest you've had." Austin looked down ashamed of his doings.

"It's okay Austin, don't worry about. I'm just glad your okay... And about the other day... I'm sorry about going off on you.. It's just kind of a touchy subject for me." Ally responded looking at Austin and staring into his warm brown eyes. She couldn't be mad at him for so long, he was so gorgeous and amazing.

"No, listen Ally, I guess I'm sorry. I understand where you're coming from.. I just.. don't know what to do.." Austin responded rather awkwardly and surprised at the girl's apology.

Ally smiled at his apology "Hey, let's just forget about it okay? Want any breakfast? You can go take a shower in my bathroom, I'll get some extra clothes from my dad for you and leave it by the door, and I'll start on making some pancakes."

Austin's face immediately brightened up, "Thanks Als! You're the best!" Ally smiled at her new nickname and headed toward her parents bedroom, no one had been in their for a while, and she automatically got basketball shorts and a shirt and walked straight out. She didn't like being in their bedroom, she didn't like being reminded of them, it only made her feel more lonely.

Austin headed toward the bathroom and started to take a shower, feeling refreshed by the warm water hitting his body. He started to wonder... where was Ally's parents? He hadn't heard them, or seen any cars in the garage besides Ally's. I mean, surely she had a father, he was borrowing his clothes right? Austin finished his shower and quickly changed into the clothes Ally brought for him, smelling the wonderful smell of Ally's cooking. Austin followed the smell and ended up in the kitchen, where Ally finished making breakfast and set the table.

"WOW ALS! It looks great!" Austin exclaimed as he already started putting a load of butter, syrup, and whipped cream on the pancakes Ally had laid out for him.

Ally smirked at the childish boy, "Austin, you're going to get fat if you keep eating like that."

"Ally, I eat like this almost every day... I think I'm pretty okay." Austin said seriously at Ally while eating his pancakes.

"I don't know, I think I already see a little baby bump coming..." Ally said sarcastically serving herself a portion of pancakes.

"I think I'm good." Austin said with a sarcastic remark back lifting up his shirt revealing his perfect six pack (PITCH PERFECT!(;)

Austin watched as Ally look up at him and saw her wide eyes. He couldn't help but think about how cute she looked as her cheeks turned a strawberry red. Ally couldn't help but stare at his perfectly toned body. He was just so hot.

"Remember what we said about staring Als..." Austin said taking his already finished plate to the sink to wash it. Ally was speechless, shocked at the boys body and witt. She just smiled like an idiot and continued eating, but of course, something had to end her fun sooner or later.

"So where are your parents?" Ally's smile automatically faded.

"Oh you know... at work...did you sleep well last night?" Ally said trying to change the subject.

"Yeah I did... But there are three cars in the driveway Als, and I don't remember them being here last night... or you talking about them at all." Austin said getting a little suspicious of Ally's urge to change the subject. Ally sighed... if she was going to be Austin's friend she might as well not keep any secrets from him.

"They haven't been home for a year now... They travel a lot for work, so they leave me at home for school." Ally replied, suddenly not hungry. Austin was silent. He felt anger at her parents. How could they just leave her? It must've been hard for Ally, he thought. She was alone all the time at home, it must've been really lonely. It was then Austin realised how he treated his family by choosing his style of life in his career. He had abandoned his entire family, just like Ally's parents had abandoned her.

"I'm really sorry Ally... I didn't realise that-" Austin tried to apologize for the other day once again.

"It's okay Austin... I just don't like to think about it." Ally replied sitting down on her couch teary eyed. She felt warm, hard, strong arms wrap around her tiny body. She looked up to see Austin, staring intently into her eyes.

"For what it's worth Ally, I promise, I'll never leave you." Austin said embracing the girl in his arms. Ally was engulfed in his huge body and started to cry as she put her face into his strong chest.

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