My Veela boyfriend

Written by StrawberryGirl87

The battle is over and Voldemort is gone. Harry struggles to find a place for himself in the world now that his duty is done. Draco wants to offer him that but Harry is resistant, wanting to find himself before he can give himself entirely to Draco who has a secret to share with the reluctant Gryffindor. Veela Draco! DRARRY!

Chapter One

The great hall buzzed with excited chatter, music filled the air and everyone celebrated. The Dark Lord who had filled the world with fear, death and destruction was finally gone. Hogwarts had every reason to celebrate his downfall.

Ron and Hermione were in a broom closet somewhere getting reacquainted with another, rejoicing that they survived the fight. Almost everyone had his or her tongues down someone else's throat. Tonight no one cared because they were free.

The reason that they had that freedom and were alive to celebrate at all sat atop the astronomy tower, gazing down on the destruction that had been caused, a bottle of fire whiskey in one hand as he drowned his sorrows.

He had lost a lot of people that he cared about today and wasn't in the mood for celebrations. The cool night air was refreshing as the alcohol burned down his throat and warmed his stomach. He felt wonderfully free up here, his legs tangling over the edge, a massive drop beneath him and his head in a spin from the amount of fire whiskey he had been drinking.

All he had to do was rock forward a little too far forward and it would all be over, it would be like pretending he could fly. After all his job was done, Voldemort was dead, everyone was safe now, he couldn't see any point in him being here anymore. Dumbledore had kept him alive, kept him safe only so that he could destroy Voldemort, now that his purpose was fulfilled he no longer saw the point.

Raising the bottle to his lips he took a large mouthful, swallowing it, eagerly chasing oblivion one way or another. He desperately craved an escape from the reality that surrounded him either by death or over indulgence of intoxicating substances. He just wanted to forget about the pain and the horror.

"You should be celebrating," A cold voice said behind him. Harry didn't need to turn around to see who it was that invaded his privacy.

"I'm not in the mood," Harry said, uninterested in having any form of company. The rivalry between the two boys seemed insignificant now. Harry had saved Draco's life and his mother had saved his, mores the pity. Any hatred between the two had dissipated when, at the last moment Draco Malfoy had rejected the Dark Lord in front of a host of witnesses and fought on the side of the light.

"Yeah, me neither," Draco said with a shrug. "You got enough to share?" As the blonde Slytherin came to perch next to him Harry handed him the bottle. He watched as Draco took a sip and shuddered as the liquid burned its way down. "I never did like this stuff," He said with a grimace.

"Neither did I," Harry said taking back the bottle and taking another large swig, barely noticing its burn anymore. He was close to his oblivion, he could feel it.

Draco laughed, snatching the bottle away and taking another sip himself. "You sure you should be sitting here, it's a long way down if you fall." Harry shot him a warning glare that said he didn't care what he should or shouldn't be doing. "I'm just saying, if you fall I'm going to get the blame."

"Then you'd better make sure I don't fall," Harry returned taking back the bottle but failing to take another mouthful.

"You know it's my birthday today," Draco said with a hint of whimsy to his voice.

"Happy Birthday," Harry said raising the bottle he held in a cheers. Draco smiled at him fondly, sometimes he forgot that Harry had been raised by muggles.

"Believe me it's nothing to celebrate," Draco said bitterly, "It's my eighteenth."

"I don't understand why is that not something to celebrate? You're another year older, you're not dead yet and given the last forty eight hours that's a bloody miracle for all of us."

"In my family we get certain inheritance when we turn eighteen," Draco said, still not sounding overly happy.

"What, you get even more money?" At this question Draco laughed bitterly.

"If only," He said, "My family isn't as pure blooded as they would like to admit. Perhaps this isn't the best time to explain it," Draco said as he watched Harry take another drink.

Harry laughed, "There is a good chance that I won't remember any of this in the morning," He said with glee in his voice.

Draco smiled wistfully, "Just tell me something," Draco requested, Harry motioned for him to continue, "Are you and that Weasley girl together?"

Harry couldn't help himself, laughing he shook his head, "She's not really my type, though I know everyone expects us to be together." In his enjoyment at Draco's rather peculiar question he wobbled a little too much and almost fell head first off the astronomy tower. If the Slytherin had not been there to steady him then that would have been exactly what happened.

"Damn it Harry, will you be careful!" He snapped, the Gryffindor only laughed, getting unsteadily to his feet and balancing precariously on the edge.

"Don't you understand Draco," Harry said as he flung his arms outwards, bottle still in hand, the Slytherin reeling from hearing his given name tumble from the other boy's lips. "I'm free," He shouted.

"If you don't be careful you're going to be dead," Draco said nervously, he had stood up, preparing to lunge for the boy if he fell.

"So, who would care, I've done my duty, I'm no longer needed!" As he said this harry drew the bottle to his mouth and finished it, throwing the empty container off the side of the building. "I've already died twice, maybe the third time it'll stick."

"I would care," Draco said desperately, pleading with the other teen to get down but Harry was just too intoxicated to listen or to care. It was lucky that his eyes were sharp and his reactions quick because he saw a second before Harry put a foot wrong and stumbled. Without anything to hold on to he pitched forward. Draco through a stroke of pure luck and nothing else managed to take hold of his waist and pull him to safety.

The two teenagers tumbled gracelessly to the ground, laying side by side on the flag stones, their hearts pounding, legs intertwined. Unsure whether it was the alcohol or something else Harry found himself suddenly captivated by the curve of the Slytherin's lips. Leaning forward to claim a kiss a hesitant Draco stopped him gently, "Only if you mean it," He said, his voice soft and disbelieving. Harry nodded and closed the distance between them.

Their lips met, Harry's kisses sloppy with intoxication. Draco took charge, running his hands through messy raven hair, the Gryffindor however had a lot more on his mind. He ran his hands beneath his rivals robes searching out the waistband of his trousers. Draco had to take the others hand within his own to halt him as Harry attempted to undo the blondes trousers.

"Not tonight," Draco said, breathless from the kiss. "I want you to remember, I want you to want this as much as I do when you're sober."

"I want you here, now … isn't that enough?"

"If all I wanted from you was a quick one night stand then yes it would be enough but I want more than that Harry, I don't want our first time to be like this."

As he had spoken Harry had been kissing along his jaw, nibbling at his neck, Draco had to admit that even drunk the boy had some talent with his tongue. He could only imagine what fucking him would feel like but that pleasure was not for him, not tonight at least. Not when Potter was three sheets to the wind on copious amounts of fire whiskey and had no clue what he was doing.

"Let's get you inside, you tend to be prone to bouts of life threatening idiocy even when sober, I'd hate to think of the trouble you'd get into between here and your bed when your this drunk."

"Are you taking me to bed Mr Malfoy?" Harry purred seductively, smiling at the blonde as they picked themselves up off the floor.

"I am indeed Mr Potter," Draco replied as he linked hands with the Gryffindor, relishing the contact their joined hands provided. His new found instincts that had kicked in the moment he had turned eighteen were screaming at him to protect his mate.

For what Draco had been trying to explain to Harry was that his family wasn't as pure blooded as everyone thought. Mixed into their genealogy was a strong Veela trait that caused every member of the Malfoy family to seek out their life mate on their eighteenth birthday. The instincts not to put Harry directly in harm's way had always been there. He had never handed the boy to Voldemort or confirmed to Bellatrix that it was him when he had been captured in the height of war. It was why his mother had lied to Voldemort about him being dead, she knew all too well the call of the Veela seeing as she was the mate of one.

As soon as Harry willingly offered himself to Draco sexually and they consummated their relationship they would be bonded. As much as Draco wanted that, he wanted Harry to be well informed of what was happening. Their first time would be perfect, it would not be a drunken fling that Harry regretted in the morning.

The Slytherin took Harry back to Gryffindor tower, it was deserted, everyone still enjoying the celebrations downstairs. None of the occupiers of the portraits were at their posts, every door open, the etiquette of Hogwarts forgotten in this night of pure happiness at the downfall of the Dark Lord.

Draco found Harry's bed with ease, it was the one covered with letters and gifts of appreciation. He was both unsurprised and amazed at how quickly they had flooded in. No wonder the poor boy had been hiding up on the astronomy tower drinking. He watched in awe as Harry drew his t-shirt over his head, throwing it to the floor, exposing a defined torso of gorgeous tanned olive skin.

The blonde watched as he unbuckled his belt, pushing his jeans to the ground. He was thankful that the Gryffindor had not gone commando. Watching the Slytherin carefully, Harry went to lower his boxers but Draco stopped him, shaking his head lightly. "Not tonight, but I'll stay until you fall asleep."

Sleepily, Harry nodded, crawling into bed. Draco tucked him under the covers, kicking off his shoes before settling in beside him still fully dressed. The raven haired boy snuggled closer to him and within an instant he was snoring softly.

Only once he was sure that Harry slept deeply did he withdraw from the bed, he didn't want to leave but Harry would be too confused and hung over to cope well with finding Draco in his bed in the morning. Instead he found a vial and a piece of parchment. Using his wand he withdrew the memory of the night from his mind, storing it safely in the vial which he placed upon Harry's pillow accompanied with a hastily scribbled note.

"Sleep well," He whispered, placing a soft kiss upon Harry's forehead, removing the god awful glasses and placing them on the nightstand fondly.