My Veela boyfriend

Written by StrawberryGirl87

The battle is over and Voldemort is gone. Harry is struggling to find a place for himself in the world now that his duty is done. Draco wants to offer him just that but Harry is resistant, wanting to find himself before he can give himself entirely to Draco who has a secret to share with the reluctant Gryffindor. Veela Draco! DRARRY!

Chapter Fourteen

Harry and Draco went up to the great hall hand in hand, making slow progress as they went. Harry didn't know what to expect as Draco had very much taken a back seat in the planning. He wasn't too clear on any of it seeing as he hadn't agreed that throwing the party was the best idea.

What they found when they arrived was a crowd of people larger than either of them had expected. Draco had just thought that close friends would be joining them but the Weasley's had invited everyone Harry had ever known.

The great hall was filled with people, all of them grinning and cheering as they entered. Balloons flew all over the place, confetti sprinkled endlessly from the enchanted ceiling. The house tables were gone making way for a raised stage area where a band was setting up, a buffet table against one wall with all of Harry's favourite foods and an expansive dance floor. Neither teen could believe their eyes at the sight of so many people gathered to see one person.

Draco needed not to have worried about Harry not acting surprised because he truly was even though the party itself had not been the cause. Draco knew Harry well enough to know that this evening was going to be a torturous affair for him.

Keeping Draco close to his side he did what was expected, as always, greeting each and every person who came to talk to him, shaking countless hands and smiling a false smile that never once faltered.

"You told him, didn't you," Hermione whispered in Draco's ear.

"Of course I did," Draco whispered back, "I couldn't let him walk in here without a clue."

"How is he, after last night?" Hermione asked as Draco watched Harry, unsure of how he coped with all the attention and admiration that he hated so much.

"He seems different but better, it's a good change. Whatever happened last night it's done wonders for him. I don't remember much, I know he left after I told him about me being a Veela and him a Phoenix. I know that when the clock started to chime midnight I went to find him and when I did he was hot, too hot to even touch. After that everything just folds into darkness."

"I've heard mentions of the transformation but nothing specific. I think that is what is meant to happen. I can always look into it further if you'd like."

"No, it's okay, Harry seems fine and you have your own relationship with Weasley, who looks to be getting a little jealous that you're talking to me."

Hermione looked over at Ron who was glaring in their direction and she chuckled. "Don't worry, he knows full well who you're interested in, Ginny hasn't shut up about it. She keeps going on and on about she was meant to be the one to end up with harry, not you. She's a little bitter about it. Don't mind Ron, he'll get over it." She said and at that she went to join him, taking his hand in her own.

Scanning the crowd Draco noticed that Ginny Weasley had had the audacity to show up, wearing a dress that was so low cut it reached her navel and the skirt so short it barely covered her thighs. Any male not related to her was staring at all the flesh that was on show. Draco knew that she was putting on a show for Harry and he didn't like it one bit.

While his mate was distracted he worked his way over to her, intending to have a quite word in her ear, warning her off. However as he reached her she turned to him and smiled, "I thought you would come and talk to me," She said.

"I'm warning you Weasley, you steer well clear of Harry. I don't play nice with others and I'm not one to share what's mine."

"You talk about him like he's your property, it's disgusting, I don't think you love him at all, you only want him to keep yourself out of prison. A status symbol and nothing more, at least I love him."

"If you know what's good for you, you'll stay out of my way and keep away from Harry. You don't want to start messing with me little girl because you will live to regret it."

"Oh believe me when I say, the game is on."

"Harry isn't a prize you can win away from me, we're together, I spent all day fucking him senseless, you have no idea what you're messing with."

"We'll see," She said with a beautiful smile, "What you have won't last. The wizarding world needs their hero to have a respectable relationship with a respectable girl, not the son of a deatheater. You're scum Malfoy, your family name is worth nothing and your money won't count for anything. Harry will see sense when the press gets wind of you and he'll leave you in a heartbeat."

Draco was fuming at this point and Harry, having sensed his rage, had come over and taken his hand within his own, rubbing soothing circles with his thumb. "Hey Ginny, you keeping my boyfriend company while I'm preoccupied?" Harry asked, smiling sweetly at her, unsure what had passed between the two of them that could have made Draco so upset.

"You could say that," She said smiling back. "We really must have a dance Harry, it wouldn't feel right if I didn't get to dance with the birthday boy."

"Maybe later Ginny, I think Draco and I are going to get something to eat before we start dancing," Harry said dismissively, the Weird Sister's had just started playing their first song, filling the great hall with music. Harry vaguely wondered how they had managed to get such a famous band to play at a private party at Hogwarts, he didn't like to think they were here just because of him but he knew they probably were.

Harry and Draco made their way to the buffet table hand in hand, Draco still fuming. The Gryffindor had never noticed before how blue Draco's eyes became when he was upset, it was a truly awe inspiring sight to behold. "You need to calm down Dray," Harry warned, "Your eyes have gone bright blue!"

"I'll be okay love, go and enjoy yourself, talk to your friends."

"No deal, you promised me remember, if I had to suffer through this party then you did as well, right by my side."

"I suppose I did agree to that didn't I," Draco mused thoughtfully, talking to Harry, holding his hand was going what harry intended it to do and was calming him, his iris' dulling down to their silvery blue.

"See, all better, now come on Seamus and Dean are debating Quidditch, once you start talking to them about it too they'll love you." Harry said as he began dragging his boyfriend off towards his friends.

"So this is your clever plan, you're trying to get all your friends to like me."

"Of course, our relationship will be leaked to the press eventually, when it is it'll help if a whole host of my friends who all fought valiantly on the side of the light during the great battle can back up the fact that you are a changed man and nothing like your father."

"I get what you're trying to do love but I think it'll take more than just one night talking Quidditch to a few of your friends to get them to like me," Draco said sceptically.

"I know but it's a start," Harry said smirking at him as they reached Dean and Seamus who were deeply involved in a debate about who the best Quidditch team was. Seamus was throwing his lot in with the Kenmare Kestrels, an Irish team whereas Dean on the other hand supporting the Montrose Magpies.

"Who do you support Malfoy?" Seamus asked in his thick Irish accent, turning to look at the blonde, Dean too turned and waited for the Slytherin's response.

"I'm a fan of the Falmouth Falcon's myself," He admitted which initiated groans from the other too making Harry laugh.

"Can you keep Draco company while I just finish saying hello to everyone," Harry asked his friends and the nodded, waving him off absently as the three of them began to debate Quidditch and their players.

Harry made the rounds, grabbing some food along the way and speaking to every single guest in attendance, thanking them for coming. It may not have been his favourite past time – spending time in large crowds of people or celebrating himself – but he found that he rather enjoyed seeing his friends. He hadn't seem some of them since the final battle and it was nice to know that they were doing okay.

Neville and Luna were already on the dance floor, clearly a couple. Harry had forgotten Neville's love of dancing. Molly and Arthur had joined them on the dance floor, it was good to see him smiling finally. There was a lot to smile about after all, despite the death and the despair they had suffered through, it was over and they were safe.

Harry found himself dancing with every female in the room, all of them clambering for his attention. He would subtly give it to them, allowing them each one dance and a few charming smiles before moving on to the next. Draco had been talking to Dean and Seamus passionately about the famous players and matches of Quidditch but had been growing increasingly jealous every time Harry danced with someone different.

The changes in him since his Phoenix heritage had come into effect were extraordinary. He couldn't have loved the younger boy more than he did but it pained him to watch as he was ignored and Harry went off to the dance floor without once considering how he was feeling about everything. He could sense the Gryffindor's happiness and of course Harry would know how unhappy Draco was though he might not have known the reason why and yet he continued to smile and to dance not once coming over to him.

After a few moments Seamus and Dean had noticed how distracted Draco was becoming, losing interest in Quidditch all together, the Irish Wizard nudged Dean and laughed, pointing at Draco in joy. "Harry's really got to you hasn't he Malfoy, you can't take your eyes off him," Seamus said.

"Do you really love him?" Dean asked as Draco turned back to face the two Quidditch obsessed boys.

"I think love is too a tame a word for what I feel for him," He admitted, "Though Harry has never admitted feeling anything of the sort to me. He shows it in his own way I suppose but he is not an easy man to love," Draco said, unsure why he was baring his soul to the two Gryffindor's before him who he hardly knew at all.

"He's been through a lot, it'll just take him time," Seamus said looking at the blonde sympathetically.

"He's watched a lot of people he cares for die," Dean said, "The amount of times he woke us all up from his nightmares over the years before he learnt to cast silencing charms on his bed. When Cedric and Sirius died, that was what hurt him the most."

Draco felt another flare of jealousy at the mention of Cedric, if he hadn't known that Sirius was just a father figure then the Slytherin would have found it hard to control his temper. He almost lost it completely when he saw Ginny make her way over to Harry and batter her eyelashes, begging for a dance.

"Does that ever cease?" Draco said motioning to the female red head and his boyfriend who were moving on to the dance floor, Ginny looking particularly pleased with herself.

"Ginny's liked Harry since she was eleven, she's gagging for him. I dated her for a while but she's obsessed with Harry," Dean said as the three of them watched the display that was Ginny all over Harry.

"She's under the impression that she's going to get rid of me and take my place," Draco snarled, "She's got a rude awakening if she thinks she'll get rid of me easily."

"Down boy, the wars over, Ginny means no harm," Seamus said warily noting the Slytherin's dangerous tone of voice.

"Oh this is war of a different kind, make no mistake I'm deeply in love with Harry Potter. Until he desires it nothing short of my heart stopping beating will make me leave him."

Dean and Seamus looked on impressed as Draco Malfoy strolled right up to the dancing Harry and Ginny, inclined his head towards the female with a stern glare, "May I cut in?" He asked and Harry smiled.

"Of course," He said before Ginny could protest. Harry switched his attention entirely to the blonde who's eyes were losing their silvery undertones as they became bluer. "Having fun"?

"Oh yes, watching you dance with every girl here as they fall all over, desperate for your attention while you ignore me, I'm having a wonderful time," Draco said sarcastically and Harry only smiled at him. "Every time I look over you're with someone different and if I see that Weasley girl touch you one more time I swear I'm going to-"

"Draco," Harry said cutting him off from his tirade, "I love you." It took a long time for the Slytherin to realise what he had just been told.

"You said …"

"I did and I'm neither drunk nor high," Harry said with a smile. Draco stopped dancing, took Harry around the waist, lifting him up and kissing him, spinning him around with undiluted happiness having finally heard the three little words that meant so much to him.

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