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Her breath stopped in her lungs when she saw the building crash in front of her. She screamed his name out over and over. Her limbs forgot their feeling and she crashed into the ground as her father's arms encircled her. Her father sank to the ground with her, but didn't see the shadowed figure with a helmet running into the falling building. Laurel pointed and her father drew her into his arms.

She saw someone walk from the wreckage and the helmet turned toward her. The man shook his head and walked away from the scene. Laurel cried out and saw black.


The funeral was not a joyful day. The sky was black with a storm raging outside and the priest kept his monotone speech up for over an hour about the different deeds Malcolm Merlyn committed for the better of the city. Oliver hated every second of it.

He glanced at the woman beside him. Her pale face kept leaning on his shoulder. He tightened his hand on hers every once in a while, more out of anger than grief. They had grieved privately two nights before in his home.

He had winced while walking into his room. His muscles were exhausted from the stress and anxiety resulting from his disastrous night. The city was safe, but the sacrifice it took brought a bad part of him out.

Oliver paused when he saw Laurel curled up in his bed. He looked around for her father, but saw her slowly rise from a sleeping position. Her voice was rough when she stated, "We need to talk, Oliver."

He nodded in the darkness and quickly turned a light on. He watched her get out of bed, walk over to him, and then do something that surprised the shit out of him. She hugged him close. Before he could get his arms around her, she pulled back and slapped him hard on the cheek. Twice.

"You asshole!" she shouted. He saw the tears running down her cheeks and offered no resistance to her as she tore off his regular clothes. She touched an injured rib and he groaned. Her hands ceased their pursuit and her gaze turned serious. He smiled in an attempt to distract her from seeing the gauze and wrappings. "Oliver, what happened?"

Oliver's lips pursed and he slowly sat himself down on one of the chairs in his room. He rubbed his head and Laurel slowly sank into the seat across from him. "You don't want to know the truth."

"You looked at me that night two weeks ago. It took me this long to put the pieces together." she got up and paced in front of him. "You were the original person to warn me to stay away from the Glades that night. You always showed up during a high stressed case and I would get a call twenty minutes after you left from the Hood. You never asked how one of my cases was going at work. Tommy quit because he found out, didn't he?"

Oliver sucked a deep breath in. his hand shot out to Laurel and he dragged her down on top of him. He rubbed small circles in her back while he told her everything. He finished, "I guess you're in the circle of people who can get hurt now."

She kissed him. He stopped himself from responding long enough to feel her pull back and look at him in the eyes. She smiled tenderly at him and cupped one of his cheeks with her hand. "I love you, no matter what form you take."

He laughed and cuddled her closer. She smiled and snuggled against his chest. "At least I don't have to worry about another woman."

He blanched and she looked up at him. "I forgive you, Ollie."

"She's still a big issue to deal with," he stated. He smiled sadly. "I faced death more than I want to count on that island, but I have nightmares of the night that everything went down. I see her face when I close my eyes. She's a ghost I can't get rid of."

Laurel twisted her body so that she faced him directly so that her knees were by his hips. He grinned lecherously at her and she shook her head at him. "We'll go to couple's therapy if you want."

Oliver laughed at the thought of both of them sitting next to each other on a leather couch spilling every decent and indecent secret to a therapist. He struggled to keep a serious face as he said, "No shrink wants what's going on up here."

Laurel gazed at him seriously. "No, but we can work through it together."

"Well, a five year break finally made me serious enough to commit," Oliver joked. Laurel kissed him again. He took in a deep breath. "I seem to take everyone that matters to you away."

Laurel felt tears run down her cheeks and saw his eyes tear up in response. She met his eyes and wiped the tears away. "We'll get through it, Ollie. You've survived so much that I know you and I can weather this out."

Ollie nodded and collapsed his forehead on hers. She kissed his cheek while he cried into hers. She held him until his tears subsided and kept him safe while he slept.


Laurel tightened her grip on his hand while the priest moved to Tommy's eulogy. Oliver glanced down at her and they nodded together as the priest called them up to speak. Oliver cleared his throat and laurel clasped her hands in front of herself together. "I was asked to speak about Tommy, but I could only tell you one side of him. Oliver and I called Tommy our best friend and we wanted to tell you our favorites memories of him."

"When I came home, Tommy showed up at my house, gave me a gigantic slap on the back, and asked me where we were headed that night. We started our friendship right where we'd left it. Tommy was a deeply loyal friend and I will always be grateful for that," Oliver stated quietly. He didn't tell the crowd about the time he'd found Tommy in a bathroom within an inch of his life on his twenty-first birthday or any other disastrous night on the town.

Laurel smiled and looked at Oliver. He nodded his assurance and Laurel spoke, "Tommy would always joke that the three of us were a trio. Every important memory of us growing up is as a group. It wasn't until Oliver disappeared that we didn't know how to function as a pair rather than a trio. It took almost a year after Ollie's supposed death that Tommy admitted to me that he was finally over his grief. We lived off of each other every day after that. He became a part of my life I couldn't imagine living without."

Laurel took a steadying breath while Oliver continued, "One time, when we were younger, I'd been thrown from a horse by accident. Our fathers came running over and Tommy told them that I fell off of a fence because he'd pushed me instead of letting them know I'd been riding the horse they'd told me not to."

The people in the church laughed and Oliver grinned. "He was always my partner in crime and my redeemer. Whatever trouble we got into, I could always count on Tommy to get me out of it."

"He was a rock for both of us and we will miss him dearly," Laurel finished. Everyone applauded gently and they went back to their seats. Laurel wiped tears from her eyes and squeezed Oliver's hand reassuringly.

Oliver leaned down and whispered, "I love you."

Laurel whispered the same thing back. He smiled as she leaned her head down on his shoulder. He felt Diggle's questioning gaze, but kept the broad smile on his face the rest of the tense day.

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