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Tommy Merlyn hated his best man duties. His friend was acting like a complete douche, and dodged every attempt to get down the aisle. It was the day of Oliver Queen's wedding, and Oliver was missing.

His mother was going to freak. That was the least of Tommy's problems.

As cliche as it was, Tommy was in love with the bride to-be. She was everything that he wanted in a woman, and she was the epitome of his type. He wanted to protest the wedding as loud as he could. Her father seemed to like him more than Oliver, anyways.

Tommy knew he had to make sure Oliver made it to the wedding, despite his own reservations of the union.

A little ways away, Oliver and Laurel Queen stood at the docks, with a private ceremony. His sister and hers served as witnesses to the occasion. The priest sealed the union, and Oliver kissed his bride.

Sara and Thea hugged them both tightly. Laurel laughed as she saw her phone display light up. "We have to get back. Tommy's figured out you're gone."

"We'll take care of it," Thea told them. Sara nodded. "You two start your honeymoon."

The couple smiled and made their way to the Queen's Gambit. Thea and Sara waved them off. Sara smirked at Thea. "Our parents are going to kill them."

"Isn't it nice to not be the one causing trouble?" Thea asked her. Sara laughed and they made their way to the church.

Sara snuck into the back of the church, and Thea motioned for her mother to come. She also found Tommy, and they made their way back to the bride's room. Sara opened the door and let them all in.

"They just got married on the docks," Sara said. Moira gaped. Tommy shook his head and laughed. Quentin sighed and Dinah smiled at him tenderly.

"All this planning, the money… her dress…" Moira said as she lowered herself to the couch. "How are we going to explain this?"

"Like everything else they do," Quentin said. He cleared his throat. He motioned for everyone to follow him. He made his way to the church's altar. He turned to everyone in attendance and cleared his throat. "My daughter has decided to elope. We were just informed that Oliver and Laurel Queen were married fifteen minutes ago in a small ceremony. In their absence, we will celebrate their union and eat all their food. Who's ready to celebrate?"

"He's the number one person i thought would be against this," Thea whispered to Sara. Sara grinned down at her.

"Laurel told him a month ago," Sara confided. Thea shook her head and walked with Sara to the reception area.

Oliver had asked the captain to circle the Queen's Gambit back around and dock her. He and Laurel got off the boat and made their way to their apartment. The caterers had given them their plates, as they were also aware of the plan. Oliver served Laurel at their dining room table and she smiled at him.

"We got lucky," she admitted. He nodded in agreement. They looked at each other lovingly. They ate quietly. "I'm glad we did this."

"So am I," he agreed. They kissed softly.

Tommy was going to murder the newlyweds. He knew they'd been planning something, but he didn't imagine they were planning on dropping off the grid for their honeymoon. He hadn't heard from them for three weeks. They were due in town a week ago.

He finally received a postcard. It was from Barcelona, Spain, and Oliver wrote briefly that they were enjoying the beach. He didn't know when they'd be back, and Laurel had taken an extended leave of absence from work.

They deserved it, Tommy mused. Laurel picked up everyone else's messes, so she deserved time to be with the man she loved.

Besides, that's what their happily ever after was all about.

And it was.

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