A/N: Moira gets taken to the future and finds Oliver engaged to Felicity, with Laurel no where in sight. Thanks, Paranoidbychoice for this prompt!

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Moira Queen was not pleased. She took note of her vacant home, the desolate state of her back gardens, and the abysmal treatment of her precious study. Her home was destroyed. The life she had cultivated carefully, and memories crafted, sat abandoned.

It took many calming breaths before she thought of her next steps. There was a goal she needed to accomplish, and a schedule to keep before Sara Lance brought her back to her time. Which in itself was quite odd, but Moira focused on other things.

First and foremost, her son was... living with Felicity Smoak. As appalling, the second discovery made the former pale in comparison. He was engaged to her, and Laurel Lance was missing. Sara mentioned something of that nature, but kept tight lipped when Moira questioned her. Moira concluded there was an event Sara wanted to prevent, with her direct transportation of Moira into the future. She had mumbled something along the lines, "I have permission from the Speed Force..." a comment which confused Moira.

Hatching plans was one of Moira's strengths, after all. She knew her son, too, and would wait to see what could happen. With her home abandoned, she had the perfect base. Two weeks was plenty of time for her to resolve the issues at hand.

Day 1.

Her daughter was a clever minx. Moira had set up base, configured the internet and computers in the morning, a feat that Walter and Robert would've teased her about. Her daughter arrived shortly before noon. Thea Queen strode into the study, with a weapon in hand, ready to strike. Moira swiveled her chair, much like the villain she did not feel, and smiled. Thea fainted.

It was now 1 pm. Thea slowly opened her eyes, and gasped when she saw Moira casually sitting across from her. Moira set down her tea cup. "I love you dearest... I need to know, who has neglected our home? Do you remember how much work your father and I put into building this place for you two? This is your inheritance."

Thea rubbed her eyes together. "How are you here? The last time I saw you..."

"I was killed by Slade Wilson? Yes, Sara informed me of that. She found me shortly before the event is supposed to occur, she said. There was something I needed to look into five years from my death... don't worry, dearest, I won't stop my death."

"Why wouldn't you?" Thea cried. "We've lost everything, Mom. There's nothing left... Dad and you are dead, Walter is nonexistent... Malcolm is terrorizing the world. Thanks for never telling me he was my father, by the way. Seriously? Why couldn't-"

"Robert Queen was your father. Malcolm donated the sperm. You were the unexpected reward from a stupid decision... and Robert cherished you every moment. He is your father. You are a Queen through and through. Tell me about losing the family fortune, please. We'll see if there's any way to regain it back while I am here and we can figure this Felicity nonsense out as well." Moira rose from her chair and sat on the edge of the couch. "Hello, darling girl."

Thea cried into her mother's lap for another half hour. Moira soothed her, kissing her child's head sporadically. Eventually they rose, and Thea told Moira about Ray Palmer, Felicity turning Queen Consolidated into Smoak Technologies.

Moira began writing various account numbers down, and handed them to Thea. "Find Walter. Your father and I saved a few million in separate accounts, which we left to you. There may also be a clause in our old contracts... which we'll need a lawyer for. Where is Laurel?"

"A prosecutor isn't precisely suitable, Mom," Thea replied. Moira frowned. Thea sighed. "She's in Coast City. I think she's living with some guy named Hal Jordan."

"As her to come for an impromptu visit this weekend," Moira said. "We need her opinion and your brother needs a reminder."

"Fine," Thea stated. She looked around the room. "Will you be okay here? I can bring things to... you know what, I'll come back here after I'm done with Walter."

Moira hugged her daughter tightly. "I love you."

"I love you too, Mom," Thea whispered.

Day 2.

Moira kept mulling over the papers in front of her, thanks to her daughter's ingenious access to Smoak Technologies and the old Queen Consolidated legal contracts. She knew there was a loophole somewhere, as her attorneys had reassured her when Oliver reappeared. Moira Queen knew her husband well enough to figure he had a few backdoors. She found them, and told her daughter how to reconfigure and influence shareholders.

Thea began campaigning quietly, much like her father did, and Moira knew there would be enough votes to back her. After all, with her business degree, Thea made quite the accomplished candidate. Moira had groomed her well.

Their family's future all but secure, Moira used Thea's cell phone to contact Laurel. Moira texted Laurel saying that Thea was cleaning out the mansion, and found some of Laurel's old things, including photo albums.

I can be there this weekend, came back the response. See you soon.

Moira texted her son, impersonating as her daughter, and stated a similar sentence. His response, Saturday would be good. I can be there about 10.

Moira orchestrated it so that her son and Laurel would meet in the mansion at 10 am.

Day 3.

Moira loved her daughter immensely. Thea stayed with her and told her about the upcoming shareholders' meeting. They ran over the numbers for the next two days, and Thea presented her claim at the meeting that Friday. An emergency session ran, and Felicity Smoak was ousted as CEO. She was still the head of her department, but the shareholders felt comfortable with someone having a business background running the larger extent of the corporation.

Thea petitioned for the company to be renamed Queen Consolidated, at least the Star City branch, as it would assist with reinvestment to the local economy.

"Oliver was pissed," Thea reported. "I don't know if he'll come tomorrow."

"He'll come, at least to give you his opinion on what you're doing," Moira smiled. "He's too much like me in that regard."

Thea laughed. They talked the rest of the evening about what should be accomplished with the company, and Thea mentioned Ray Palmer being alive. Moira had shrugged. "As long as the technology is innovative, it doesn't matter. The Curtis person needs to be compensated... start making deals with medical supply companies about the product in her back. It could help thousands of people, not just one woman."

"I'd forgotten how... persuasive you were."

"Anything that helps the common good is great business, dear, especially if it involves technology," Moira explained. "You have the knowledge, darling, use it. Let your creative juices flow."

Day 7.

Saturday arrived, and Moira hid while Thea arranged the items. Laurel came into he home first, hugging Thea tightly when the two women greeted each other. Thea showed Laurel the cleaned out living room, something she and Moira worked on throughout the week, and the old photos. Moira watched discreetly as she could.

The front door opened and clicked. "Thea! We need to-"

Oliver paused in the doorway, and Moira watched from the top the stairs as his expression changed from fury to shock. "Laurel."

"Oliver," Laurel greeted tersely. He walked out of Moira's sight and she quietly descended the stairs. Thea saw her come in the room, and sighed.

"I can't hide it anymore!" Thea exclaimed. Moira bit back a laugh. "You two need to talk and I..."

"Was told to bring you two back together," Moira finished. Her son's back went rigid and Laurel paled. Oliver turned, and Moira walked to him. He grabbed her and hugged her tightly. Laurel brought a hand to her mouth and grasped Moira's outstretched hand.

"How?" Laurel mouthed to Moira. She disentangled herself from her son. She set them both down, and Thea sat across from them. Moira told them about Sara retrieving her, and telling her about her own future... and her concerns. Laurel raised her eyebrows and shook her head at her sister's antics. Oliver gazed at Laurel.

"Is that why you left?" He asked. Laurel shrugged. "Stop. Tell me. Why did you leave?"

"Everyone was moving on. It seemed perfect for me to start another chapter. And I have, with someone I care for," Laurel said. She glanced at Oliver. "I don't have to worry about him, and wonder if he'll cheat on me... or have babies by different women."

Moira blinked. "You know?"

"You knew and never told me?" Laurel shot back. "Of course you did. Anything to protect your precious heir."

"I made my decisions because I wanted to protect you and Oliver. For your relationship to succeed, you both..."

"I had thought I loved her," Oliver blurted out. "I wondered what it would be like to have a son, and to know that he was mine... I wanted to see what life was like outside of being Oliver Queen. They were an escape. When it mattered, truly mattered, you appeared. You're my home, Laurel. Wherever you go, my heart goes with you."

"Why now? You had so many chances... you're engaged. We... I won't risk my heart again, Ollie," Laurel said. Moira glanced at her son, and he at her. She rose from the couch, and joined her daughter. Laurel inched away from Oliver. He grabbed her arm. Pulling her towards him, he whispered in her ear. Thea rubbed her mother's back and they reminisced. Thea quietly talked of the memories Moira missed, and about her darkest moments when she accepted that she was Malcolm's daughter. Moira led her daughter to her room, and showed her Robert's private note to Thea.

"I was supposed to give this to you when you were ready," Moira stated. "It was something that he wanted you to know, and... I think now is appropriate. Know he loved you, my beautiful baby."

Thea hugged Moira tightly. "Thank you... Mom."

A light flashed in front of them. Moira blinked and held a hand over her eyes. Sara appeared. "Moira... I'm sorry, but we need you back. There's... you worked quicker than they thought you would. I need to bring you..."

Moira kissed Thea's forehead and hugged her. Tears streamed down her face. "I love you, my darling girl. Never forget that. Tell your brother and Laurel I'll be with you always. I'm proud of you all... never forget that."


Moira knew the moment was coming. She anticipated it since the crash. She closed her eyes. She imagined a wedding she would never attend, and children running around the home she and Robert built.

It was quick. She felt nothing. Her eyes opened as she felt a hand grasp hers. Robert Queen knelt beside her, with his mischievous grin, and he pulled her up. They hugged tightly.

"Hello, darling woman," he whispered. "I missed you."

"And I you," she returned. They kissed softly. He grinned at her.

"Matchmaker did suit you," he told her. Moira looked at him confused. "Your... plot blossomed. They ended up together. And Thea, as CEO? Quite the accomplishment."

"Ollie didn't have the gumption she does for business," Moira stated quietly. "We both know that."

"He instead started his own company," Robert said. Moira gazed at him quizzically. "I'll show you."

He led her to a pool of water. "Here."


Laurel waddled around the kitchen as Oliver prepared a meal. She slid an arm around him and he kissed the top of her head. She groaned as he massaged her lower back. "Your son is being an ass."

"You should have this mastered by now," Oliver joked. "He's number six."

"Seven," William called from the doorway. Oliver grinned over his shoulder at his fifteen year old son, who was just arriving for the summer. "Mom says you two need to stop reproducing like rabbits."

"Tell your father that," Laurel muttered as she kissed William's cheek. He kissed her cheek and lightly hugged her. "Did you settle in okay? Your aunt and uncle weren't too loud, were they?"

"Aunt Thea and Roy were fine... the gardens are looking impressive this year," William noted. Laurel smiled. "She worked hard on them."

"When she's not taking the business world over, she is an amateur horticulturalist," Oliver said. "We're self sustainable, except for the meat... but, we know a local farmer, so we get that locally."

"The co-op is still successful?" William asked. Oliver nodded in pride. Laurel rolled her eyes.

"It's all he can talk about," she groaned. "Some of us are in court all day, and others get paid big bucks to play in the dirt and stay home with the kids."

Oliver kissed her lustily. "You need a kept man. I always make sure to have the meal on the table by five, don't I?"

Laurel nodded and leaned into him. Oliver played with her hair. Playful screams rose from the stair landing. "Our brats are up."

Thea walked into the room, surrounded by five children, and handed Oliver a toddler. Laurel directed their children and handed each of them their supplies for the school day. The children ranged from eight to three.

After Moira disappeared, Oliver conveniently broke off his engagement. He claimed it was conflict of interest, with his sister's abrupt hostile takeover. He moved to Coast City for a few months.

They moved back and Laurel was six months pregnant, and they had rings on their fingers. Something Laurel neglected to tell her father. He'd been furious, and almost threatened to disown her, when she showed him the wedding ceremony photos. They eloped to avoid societal pages, and kept it quiet until they moved back to Star City.

Oliver had started a local co-op mission in Coast City that he expanded to Star City. Local gardens prospered and he began to advocate for park grounds to be utilized by livestock. Everyone was shocked to see his success.

Thea tracked Roy down and married him quickly, and she completed her graduate degrees needed to run her business properly. Walter assisted her a lot, and she learned from the board. Felicity was happily creating technology with Curtis.

Team Arrow was headed by Diggle, and Oliver assisted with training the new recruits. Oliver made it his personal mission to make sure that Laurel stayed in the courtroom and not alleyways as frequently as possible. When William re-entered their lives, Laurel told Oliver to start... legally helping the city more than his night time adventures.

Oliver thanked his mother everyday, for coming to them. Sara told him frequently that he was welcome.