Ringo "Ronny" Himi was at home playing video games with her little bother Tomoki "Tommy" Himi. Ronny was an eighth grade girl who was very, and I mean very, protective of Tommy, considering he was picked on a lot. She wears a blue and green striped quarter sleeve shirt under a black tank top, skinny jeans, and black hi-tops. Her hair had natural waves at the ends of her dark brown hair and a fringe going to the right. Tommy was a third grader who shared his hair color and teal eyes with Ronny. His choice of apparel consisted of an orange shirt under a white V-neck, orange shorts, green and white sneakers, and a very large orange hat over his shagged hair.

"No fair!" exclaimed Tommy as he lost their sixth time playing. "You gotta be cheating, Sis!"

Ronny reached over and pulled his hat over his eyes, "How dare you accuse such a thing upon your fantabulous sister!?" She dramatically placed her hand on her forehead and closed her eyes, "How shameful it is having a boy such as you for a brother," she teased.

"Hey, that isn't nice!" Tommy complained.

Ronny opened an eye and grinned before grabbing her younger sibling in a headlock, "Aw, you know I love ya, squirt!" As the older sister continued her tyrade, their older brother Yutaka came in with an annoyed expression.

"Can't you two be quiet? You're being a nuisance," he told the two younger siblings. Yutaka then turned on his heel and walked away.

Ronny blew some of her fringe out her face, "That jerk, the first thing he says to us in the whole day and it's to scold us..."

Suddenly, the pair heard the ringing of the living room phone. "Ringo and Tomoki Himi," someone said through the device as Ronny held it between herself and Tommy's ears, "it's time to decide your future."

Ronny glanced to her sibling, "You think it's a joke?" All she recieved was a shrug.

"Your destiny is calling," it said as the siblings stared at each other. "Take the 5:45 west outbound train."

Ronny and Tommy glanced to the digital clock not far from their seat, "It's 5:30 right now," Tommy commented.

Ronny gave a single nod and turned to her brother, "Go tell Mom that we're goin' out while I grab a few useful things, 'kay?" Tommy nodded in response as she took off for their rooms, grabbing things in a hurry.
She grabbed a few spare clothes and her pocket knife. A girl can never be too prepared, can she? Quickly, she ran to the kitchen and grabbed some snacks and ran to the door to meet her younger sibling. Once she reached the door, she shooed Tommy out, "Prisa, prisa!"

"When did you learn Spanish?!"

"No time!" And they were out the door and onto the train station.

They were able to board the train to Shibuya on time. Ronny and Tommy were a panting mess as they stood, bent over with their hands on their knees. "I didn't... know... I was... this out of... shape!" Ronny said in between pants.

"I don't... think it helped... having... that messenger... bag," Tommy commented in the same condition. Suddenly there were phones ringing all over the train. Ronny heard one coming from her bag. Looking down, she began to dig for the electronic device.

"What'cha doin', Sis?" Tommy questioned as he kept their living room phone in hand.

"I think there's a phone in my bag..." Ronny then pulled out a flip phone.

They answered their phones, "Take the 6:00 westbound train." Ronny glanced at the time on her phone and saw it was 5:54.

She gave a defeated sigh then looked to her brother, "You up for runnin' again?" Tommy also sighed in despair.

"Tommy! Where in Heaven's name did you get this freakin' surge of energy from?!"

Let's back track a bit. After the two had gotten off the train from Shibuya, Tommy bolted off for the elevators. Once Ronny had reached them, the doors had already shut with her brother going down. Ronny let out a frustrated yell and looked to the side. She saw a kid with black hair and blue eyes wearing a blue and black camouflage bandana, a blue jacket streaked with yellow over a yellow shirt, capris, and white sneakers walking into the elevator next to her.
She quickly walked over and entered the elvator. Ronny gave the kid, Koji Minamoto, a smile before walking to stand on the left side while he stood on the right. As the doors were shutting, another kid ame flying in; literally. This kid had tan skin, dark brown hair, and brown. His atire was a hat on backwards with a pair of goggles over it, a gold shirt under a dark orange buttoned top, cargo capris, and orange and yellow sneakers. The kid, Takuya Kanbara,
actually ended up smacking into the wall.

"Hey, kid," Ronny called over to him, catching his attention, "you okay? You smacked that wall pretty hard there."

He rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah, I'm good!" Ronny replied with a smirk. Takuya looked over Koji, "You here for this message, too?" The Koji just turned away, "You could answer me at least!"

"I don't know about him," Ronny started, turning to Takuya, "but I am. Me and my brother came together." Before he could ask anything about her age the elevator started speeding up and going past the floor limit.

"My destiny is really starting to bite," Takuya commented anxiously. Suddenly, the elevator crashed to halt causing Takuya took fall down while Koji and Ronny kept their place. "Man... I really need to stop falling on my head..."

"It's up to you now," Ronny heard the voice say. "Which one will you choose?"

Koji then bolted off. "Hey!" Takuya called. "Which one are you taking?! Geez... My phone talks more than that guy..."

Ronny began looking around for a train to take when she saw Tommy getting pushed in a train by two others kids, "Tommy!" she called over as the three looked her way.

"Ronny!" he called back but that gave the two an advantage enough to push him in the train as the clock stroke six.

The door to the train then shut and locked Tommy in the train, "Oh no!" Ronny then took off, Takuya behind her, towards the train. At one point Takuya manage to pass by her and was able to reach the train. It soon began to get further out of her reach. Then another train started passing her and she was able to junp on the platform next to Koji. The let her get further onto the platform as she panted and staredat the train containing her brother in it longingly. How could she protect him now?

After the stare down with Koji on the other train, Takuya was able to enter the train and walked into the cabin. He saw two kids and another that looked like the girl in the elevator. The first two glanced up at him while the third kept looking down. One was a blonde girl with blue eyes in a very purple outfit while the other was a thick guy with brown hair and brown eyes in a one piece out =fit of blue and yellow.

"Uh," Takuya started awkwardly, "you here for the phone thing?"

The only response he got was from the girl, Izumi "Zoe" Orimoto. She looked to the other boy, J.P. Shibayama, "With him here, there's four of us. I wondewr if that means something imortant."

"Something special?" Takuya repeated. "What? Why'd you guys get on this train?" He walked to stand in front of J.P., "I mean, was it 'cause of the message?"

J.P. looked up at him boredly, "Hey, kid, this was the closest train to the elevator, okay?" He sat up a bit more and pointed his chocolate bar at Takuya, "Now look, just leave me alone."

Takuya looked down, "Well, gee, sorry..."

"I'm just nervous."

"But there must be a reason you picked this particular train, right?" he questioned Zoe as she giggled.

"Unlike him, it was the closest to the elevator."

As the three continued to converse, Tommy sat in his seat in depression. After he ran off from Ronny, he bumped into those bullies that shoved him onto the train. He knew he shouldn't have done it! Now Tommy was wallowing in self-pity. He heard the others introducing themselves and thought back to what Ronnny had once told him, "Whenever you're in a funk, do something to distract yourself from it! The smallest of things can help!" He figured he could try it now. "I'm," he stopped as a waave of sadness hit him. "I'm Tommy, but I didn't wanna get on this train..."

"What're you saying?" Takuya questioned.

"I wanted to wait to get on a train with my sister when these two kids, bullies, pushed onto the train and shut the door." Tommy turned to the kids with tears streaming down his face, "Why are kids always picking on me?!"

On Ronny's train, she sat in the cabin with the ever quiet Koji.

"So," Ronny drawled, "can I know your name?"

"You don't need to," came to short reply.

"Well, this'll be oodles of fun..."

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