It was June the 17th , middle of the Afternoon. Dudley Dursley was sitting on the frumpy old arm chair in his living room ,that had once belonged to his father, reading the Sunday Times. His wife , Elizabeth ( or Liz) Figg- Dursley - the Granddaughter of Dudley's old neighbour Mrs Arabella Figg , was picking their children , 7 year olds Sebastian and Lucas , and 10 year old -soon to be 11- Lexi, up from their after school club . Dudley had a good hour on his hands before his wife would arrive home so he decided to give his cousin a call. He went to pick the phone up and dialled the number. He didn't know if Harry would answer , Dudley knew that he had a very prestigious job at the Ministry of Magic ,but he continued anyway. After the third ring , however , his wife , Ginny , picked up the phone.

" Hello?" She said

" Oh hi there Ginny , it's Dudley Dursley here , how are things ?"

" Oh hi Dudley ! How great to hear from you. Things are good at the moment actually yes , how is everything with you?"

" Great thanks , I was just phoning to invite you around to our house for lunch for Lexi's birthday , I know how much it would mean to her for you and Harry , and of course James , Lily and Al , to be there." The idea had just come to him , but it had seemed perfect and a great excuse to catch up.

" That sounds wonderful , when will it be?" she asked

" This Saturday at noon , it's a surprise so don't let it slip that you're coming"

" Perfect ! Although Harry will need to get in touch with Slughorn to see if arrangements can be made to have the children home for the weekend"

" Slughorn?"

" Oh of course you don't , Professor Slughorn , the potions teacher, has just been appointed Headmaster of Hogwarts , isn't it wonderful ! That's the second Slytherin headmaster !"

" Sorry Ginny , but you're going all magical on me , I didn't understand a word you just said" he joked, it was funny how easy it was for him to talk about magic now , considering just saying that word was counted as a curse when he was growing up.

" Ahha , oh sorry Dudley, listen Harry just walked through the door , would you like to speak with him?"

" I'd love to , thanks Ginny , see you on Saturday"

" All right Dudley , see you soon , here's Harry"

" Hey there big-D" He greeted

" How goes it Harry?"

" Great great , what can I do for you ?"

" Nothing much , cant I call without there being something wrong! " he laughed.

" Well , I was just checking" he laughed back. It was a good half an hour before Dudley put the Phone down, he always enjoyed speaking with his cousin and was glad that he had made contact with him, Dudley had always been grateful to Harry that night when he saved his life. He was happy that he could finally make amends, in many ways Harry was now like the brother he never had.

It was Lexi's birthday in four days the Potter's would be coming over for a party. He thought it best to clean the house a bit , and start to cook the dinner before the family got home. He thought his wife deserved a little relaxing time , what with the death of her grandmother. Dudley was incredibly upset when Arabella Figg died - he had known her all his life , and without her , he never would've met his beautiful wife , and had his children, he would always be grateful for that.

At six o'clock in marched his three of his favourite people in the world. His two twin sons , with scruffy black hair ,hazelnut brown eyes and only a few freckles to tell them apart , and one beautiful girl with green eyes and wavy reddish brown hair flowing all the way down to her hips, his daughter. Lexi looked much older than she was , sometimes mistaken for 14 because of her height.-5'5 - Not only that but she acted like a 14 year old would act as well, moody , sarcastic and treated her parents with quite a lot of disrespect , but despite that , he still loved her very much. His wife came in carrying three bags full of food. She was just as beautiful as her daughter. She wore square glasses that seemed to be too big for her and had her chestnut coloured hair up in a tight bun on the back of her head. She had no wrinkles , but carried a frown with her from being so stressed at her job as the headmistress of the local Secondary School , a million miles away from where they lived. But , underneath the stress and the tiredness , you could see how breathtakingly beautiful she was. She had a twinkle in her eye , gorgeous thick hair , and a figure that any female model would sell their soul for. Dudley knew he was a very lucky man to have such an incredible wife.

" Hi dear" She walked over to him and gave him a quick peck on the lips, both boys shouted ewwww! but Lexi thought it was cute.

" Hey dad" , Lexi called from the top of her Iphone,

" Don't I get a kiss from my daughter?" he asked , feeling a little offended.

" No !" she said , and with that , she ran upstairs saying something about "need to tweet" but he was sure he miss-heard her.

" Seb , Lucas , do I get a hug?" he asked his sons.

" YEAH !" they both said to him , they ran over and clambered all over him. Then they ran off , into the garden , to go and play one-on-one football. Dudley collapsed onto the sofa , Liz came over and they snuggled up together.

" So , how was their swimming today" he asked.

" Well , Seb came 1st in his race and Lucas came 4th, and Lexi won her tournament so she was really pleased with that. Although her instructor told me something strange had happened when they were practising diving"

" Oh , which was?"

" Well , she stayed in the air for an abnormal amount of time , he said it was around 6 seconds before she made her way towards the pool"

Dudley got a shiver down the back of his spine- this was not the first time she had been prone to do weird things. It also didn't help his worries that he had been told the story of how his Aunt Lily had discovered her magical talents , and the fact that his wife's Grandmother was a squib , meaning someone on her side of the family would've also been trained in the magical arts. And that his cousin was a wizard. But , he put his worries to one side and just replied with

" It was probably just an adrenaline rush