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Here we go.

Lexi woke at 7:30 in the morning . It had arrived. The day she had been waiting for since July the 21st had finally come around. The 1st of September. Lexi rolled over to find Lily , her big brown eyes staring back at her, and one humungous smile stretched over her face, mirroring Lexi's.

" Let's go" Lily commanded.

" Yes m'am" Lexi replied.

They simultaneously jumped off the bed (Rose was already awake and in the shower), grabbed their trunks and heaved them onto the bed. Lexi folded all her robes , and tiled the bottom of her trunk with them, on top of that she layered her black pointed hat , a thick winter coat and a pair of dragon-hide gloves. Next , she placed in ink and parchment , potion ingredients, her cauldron, textbooks, some of her muggle books , a gold telescope for her astronomy lessons , and finally a set of crystal phials.

" There" she announced" I think that's everything"

" No , it isn't." Rose had suddenly come out of the bathroom ,wrapped in a towel. " You haven't anything from home"

" what do you mean?" she asked , perplexed.

" Well , when I went to Hogwarts , I was the first to go. I didn't have my brother , or any friends to begin with , so I packed a few home comforts, a couple of pictures , a blanket from my own bed, and when I got there , I just felt a little closer to mum and dad" she explained , but her throat caught at the last part.

"That's a good point , but I have you guys , I doubt I'll be short for company." she pointed out.

" There aren't that many of us" Lily interjected.

" Well let's see , there's You , Rose , Hugo , James , Al, Molly , Lucy , Louis , Fred, Roxanne, wait , there's also , Alfie and Jodie Finnigan and Leo and the other Lucy Thomas ."

" Touche" Lily conceded " But Rose is right , take something to remind you of home"

" I will , one photo , and my blanket. I don't need anything else , the rest of my family will be there with me" she blushed slightly and muttered " I love you guys"

" We love you too" the other two replied. Rose went redder than her hair , and quickly shot back into the bathroom saying she had to get ready. `

" Come on" Lily began " Let's go downstairs , I smell sausages."


It was 8:30, rain pouring down on the windows of 64 Wenlock Way.

" Are you all ready? "Ginny asked , as she poked her head around the girls room " We're leaving now"

" Alright mum , we'll come down with you. Can you get our trunks?" Lily asked her mother.

" Sure I can sweetheart " she waved her wand and all three were hovering in the air , in one neat pile " go outside , your father's waiting and all the boys are in already in the car" She told them. And so they did.


*2 hours to go*

" You excited Lex?" James questioned her in the car " only a couple of hours to go now"

" Yeah" she breathed , although for some reason , she wasn't excited. Not one bit. She felt sick to her stomach. And at that moment , the only person that she wanted to see was Grandpa V. But he wasn't there. Not anymore. A tear fell down her face.

" You okay Lex?" Hugo asked sounding concerned.

" Yeah , I'm perfect , just excited you know?" She lied. He nodded his head, and turned back to his conversation with Al.

* 1 hour to go*

Images of her Grandfather kept rushing through her mind. He would never see her go off to Hogwarts . The picture on his face as she imagined how proud of her he would be, seeing his little girl becoming a witch. She held back the tears , not wanting to raise concern.

*Half an Hour to go*

" We're nearly there everyone" Lily called out.

" Hogwarts Hogwarts , Hoggy , Warty , Hogwarts , teach us something. Please!" All of them began to sing , all but Lexi , she just smiled feebly while everyone enjoyed their time together. There time together as a family. The same face she had been thinking about the whole journey , flooded through her mind again.


" Right , come on everybody out , James , Hugo and Rose grab some trolleys. Lexi , your dad is over there , why don't you go and get him?" Harry instructed them all as they jumped out of the car.

" Dad!" Lexi called out "Dad!"

" Lexi!" he shouted back across the station. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist as if she was five years old again.

" Oh , I missed you sweetheart. Listen , your ... mother's here. She's just through the station , with your brothers. Shall we go and see her?" he asked her.

" Dad , I know about the whole situation. George gave Hugo his extendable ears, and Hugo leant them to me , and I wanted to know what you and Harry were talking about that day in Diagon Alley, so I listened in. I haven't told anyone though. I'm sorry. Please don't be angry. And to answer your question. No. I don't want to see her. But I do want to see my brothers, shall I meet you on platform 9 and 3/4 while you explain to 'mother' what's going on?"

"That was sneaky of you , I suppose you've been spending too much time with James. Listen , Lexi" but he stopped what he was about to from the look in her eye" Okay. I'll meet you in 10. And so they went off in opposite directions , Lexi finding one half of her family , an Dudley the other.


" Lexi , you ready?" Harry asked her as she clung onto his arm.

" Let's do this" All though inside , she just wanted to run as far away from Kings Cross as she could. The ran at the wall , and slid through , finding the rest of the family on the other side. One face she did not want to see , was greeting her.

" I told you , I didn't want to see her" she practically growled at her father.

" Well , I had to see you off , didn't I?" Elizabeth told her. " I want to apologize" she continued " To all of you , for how awfully I have treated you. Lexi , look at me" Her daughter eyes , slowly swivelled up towards her mother's gaze. " Can you forgive me? I have been an abysmal mother , and frankly, I don't deserve you as my daughter. I am so proud of you , and I know you are going to be wonderful. Please?" Tears were strolling down her face, but she ignored them and let them roll.

" Okay. I forgive you mum. But please , start acting like one , sooner rather than later." Liz gasped , but nodded her head vigorously , and stretched her arms for a hug, Lexi returned it.

" I love you" Liz said.

" Me too" Lexi replied. And she moved over to see her brothers.

" I'm going to miss you , you littler squirts. As much as you annoy the Merlin out of me , I really am going to miss you guys. Stay happy , and stay safe , and make sure mum and dad are happy too." she asked them.

" I love you Lexi, have fun at Pigfarts" Lucas told her.

" It's Hogwarts you numpty"

" Oh" he chuckled " my bad" and blushed red.

" Love you big sis" Seb chimed up to her.

" Love you more little bro , I'll always be around to help you, you know that yeah?"

" I know. Bye bye." And with that , they ran back through the barrier , causing Elizabeth to ran after them , shouting ' I love you darling , be safe!' on her way.

" I'm going to miss you the most" Lexi told her dad.

" I love you sweetheart"

" I know. Me too." she wrapped her arms around him once more. Said her final goodbye , and watched him , as he disappeared back through the barrier. Only then , did she finally let the tears out. She looked at her watch. It was 11 minutes until the train left. There was a near-by pillar , well hidden from the platform , she moved over to it , wanting some privacy , she wanted to cry over her Grandad in peace. But it didn't last for long.

" Hiding?" Harry appeared around the pillar. He saw her face , and the redness of her eyes , sat down and put his arm around her.

" You know , if you really miss them that much , I'm sure Slughorn wouldn't mind pulling some strings to let them come and stay for a while" he comforted her.

" No. No , it isn't that" she sniffed " It's granddad Vernon" Harry tensed, but didn't let his face show his disgust at the name.

" What about him?"

" He should be here!" she cried " he should be here , waving me off , telling granddad jokes , and telling me to write to him every day , he should be here to give me a hug and a kiss , he should be here to tell me to be safe , and that he's proud of me. But he isn't. Because he's dead." he voice broke at the last bit. It took Harry a lot of effort not to spill the entire story about her Grandfather, he didn't of course , he couldn't tarnish the memories.

" Let me tell you something. Hey , look at me" she gazed up at him , her green eyes sparkling with tears." Years and years ago a very wise man once told me that the ones who love us , never really leave us. And that we can always find them , in here." and he place his hand on her heart. She smiled at him. " I bet you anything that your Granddad is smiling down at you now , wishing he could be here with you."

" Yeah. You're right. Thank you Uncle Harry. I love you" It had just slipped out , she had never said it to him before, and she blushed.

" And I love you" he chuckled.

" Come on , let's go back , it's 10 minutes until the train leaves." Lexi said, and so they made their way back onto the main platform.

" Lexi!" She turned around , and there , standing in front of her was none other than Louis Weasley. " May I talk to you?" he asked , but then looked around as he saw Lily , Rose , Hugo , Al and James all staring at the pair " In private?" he blushed as Lily suppressed her giggles. Lexi nodded , and they ran over to the other side , where they couldn't be seen. He held her hand , and placed a kiss upon it.

" Will you" he began " Accompany me , to the Halloween ball on the 31st of October?" he asked.

Lexi squealed " I didn't even know there was one!" Louis' face fell. " But , of course I will!" And she wrapped her arms around him , they stood there for all of 2 minutes , until they saw the smoke emerging.

" Quick!" Louis gasped. And they ran , only just managing to make the train. Lexi only just managed to catch a glimpse of Harry , Ron , Ginny and Hermione before the train pulled away from the station, the smile on her face gleaming at thought of the adventures she was about to embark on.