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Slash Spock/Kirk

Non-con rape

AU fic

AN - Please be advised this story does contain a rape scene. I have done my best to make it as non-graphic as possible and I would have left it out if it wasn't such an important part of the story. The reason behind it will be explained as the story progresses. I apologize if it offends you in anyway. And if you think it's going to, do not read this story.

This story will all be from Jim's point of view.

Chapter 1 - Sacrifice

Jim didn't struggle as he was lead down the lengthy corridor, chains weighing down his wrists. There was no point, his guards being heavily armed and Vulcan making them three times stronger then him. There were also five of them, the fifth, by the markings on his uniform was a general. One of the bastards that would likely break his neck if he so much as stepped out of line.

It was his fault he was in this situation, his fault his platoon was holed up in a cell beneath the very citadel he was being matched through. If he had just paid more attention, if he had just notice the displaced light a moment before, they wouldn't have been ambushed. They wouldn't be in this mess.

He had made captain because of his unorthodox methods. Methods that brought results and as many victories as you can count. The war against the Vulcans had been going for decades, no one really even knew why anymore. But it was war and as humans they refused to back down. Jim had been doing his best to win every battle to maybe one day win this war, to end it. He hated losing the people closest to him, first his father, his mother then his brother. Now he could lose his whole platoon. Bones his trusted second and medic. Uhura, beautiful deathly and the best radio operator this side of the milky-way. Sulu and Chekov both amazing tacticians and brilliant Scotty able to whip up any weapon they needed. He couldn't let them die just because he made one stupid mistake.

But he couldn't do anything, not now he didn't even know his own fate. As far as he knew he could already be being lead to the executioners block. As the leader they probably wanted to get him out of the way first. Either that or they knew he was a hero to the Federation of Earth and they logically decided to use him as a bargaining chip to get Vulcan prisoners of war a ticket home. Not that there were many of those.

He was yanked out of his thoughts rather forcefully as they stopped in front of a door. A very plain door with a coded lock and some weird marking in Vulcan, probably the room number. He was shoved through it rather unceremoniously as he failed to follow a command spat at him in Vulcan. Sure fighting them he knew the basics but he had Uhura for the more complex conversation, not that there was much of that. And well killing them didn't really require speaking to them.

The General followed behind him gripping his arm to drag him further into the room. It was not what he excepted. When prisoner, you would assume they would be dragging you to your doom or say to some form of tribunal or a dingy cell. What you didn't expect was to be dragged into a bedroom, a really nice once going by the elegant drapes and the king sized bed taking up the majority of the space.

He also hadn't expected to face his nemesis in such a space. Spock, Commander Spock by Earth rank was the Vulcan to take him down. He was the one that had ambushed his platoon and captured each and every one of them without even a shot being fired. Ok maybe one since Jim hadn't resisted a pot shot. He was so far the only one to ever defeat him at his own game and had very much come out on top.

He stood there addressing the general holding a length of red cloth in his hand. His eyes did not waver completely ignoring Jim's presence. Which was extremely annoying, especially since he couldn't understand a word of what was being said nor could he read their very Vulcan, very neutral expressions.

It was a complete surprise when the general turned to him, finished with what ever he had to say and released his shackles. Jim stood dumbfounded just long enough for the general to exit the room and lock the door behind him.

Jim quickly found a defense stance staring Spock down trying to gage exactly what it was Spock was after. Another glance at the bed was a bit of a give away as he saw the metal hooks dead bolted into the stone headboard. His eyes returned to the strip of red Spock was pulling taunt between long fingers.

"You are here to fight for your honor," Spock spoke in English, his accent almost perfect, even thou his voice kept to the Vulcan way adding no inflection to his words.

"What do you mean by that?" Jim asked warily he knew the Vulcan could speak English, he had known since the ambush.

"We will fight, the conqueror will take what is owed as a sacrifice," Spock explained pulling the red fabric between his fingers, eyes fixed on Jim.

Jim still had little idea as to what Spock meant but he could work out what the sacrifice was and that was definitely not happening. His eyes darted around the room quickly locating anything he could use. Vulcan's were too strong to fight head on, without a weapon he was defeated already.

He spotted a wooden elegantly carved chair to his left. It wasn't prefect but it would do he decided lunging for it, managing to shatter the flimsy joints before Spock could react.

Darting away further he took in hand the two thickest pieces, ends sharp with splinters.

Spock came at him in a dash striking at his weak points, Jim managing to block each one, the batons shielding against Vulcan strength. It would only take one lucky shot and he would be down. But he did have an advantage, while Vulcan's had strength their high body density weighed them down making humans quicker on their feet. As long as he kept his stamina he could dodge or block most of the blows. It was only if he lost his footing that he would be completely vulnerable now that he had his makeshift weapons.

Jim kept his distance only darting in to land a hit managing to give the smug bastard a split lip, before darting back again out of reach. He needed to take Spock down if he wanted to get out of this and find his platoon. Some how get them out of here and back to Earth base.

It only took a second, a screech from the courtyard below the open window startling Jim enough to give Spock the opening he needed. The Vulcan was quick to wrap an end of the red cloth around Jim's wrist forcing him to drop his baton. He swung at the Vulcan's side aiming for the heart, missing as Spock twisted hip taking the blow instead.

He was pulled forwards as a strong blow aimed at his diaphragm winded him. His high impact Kevlar fatigues ripping like silk in the Vulcan's grip, as his other wrist was bound. The red fabric bit into the soft flesh as he was yanked forwards once more bringing him to his knees.

Jim grit his teeth sucking in a precious breath as he pulled back trying desperately to regain control to free himself from his new shackles.

"Let me go!" Jim screamed desperately as he was dragged closer to the bed his whole body twisting, completely ineffective against Vulcan strength. This was not what he wanted he was going to defeat this bastard and get his platoon back. He needed to get free. He managed to dodge a blow to the head as his struggles started to gain some ground but he couldn't avoid the next. Seeing stars, he pitched sideways hitting the ground hard. Spock took the advantage and bodily lifted him on to the bed securing his hands to the headboard.

He didn't comment as he ripped the rest of Jim's shirt from his chest, only moved away for a moment. It was enough for Jim to regain his senses tugging at his hands now stretched above his head, hoping to get some give. He only needed a little to slip his hands threw the loops of red fabric.

Jim lashed out to the side catching a flash of red out of the corner of his eye. Spock had returned with another length of red fabric twisted between his fingers. Jim grunted as he managed to catch Spock in the thigh with his heavy combat boots.

The Vulcan was quicker then most as he got out of the way grasping the boot as it retreated snapping the lacings and pulling it from his foot. Jim twisted in his bindings and shot out with his right foot grazing the commander as he moved.

Their eyes met sizing the other up challenging them to try something. Spock twisted the length of red readying himself for an attack. Jim could do little but defend in his position lashing out to keep the Vulcan at bay while be worked at his bindings.

It was unnerving to face an opponent that made so little sound. It was common for even Vulcan warriors to scream their blows forcing the air and their energy from their body to enhance strength and stand ready for a return hit. But Spock, he stayed silent calculating every move, his eyes focused.

Jim lost his other boot as his opponent managed to catch it in a precise hold, his bare foot ineffective in breaking it. Now he was completely weaponless, and very vulnerable as Spock advanced grasping his pant legs ripping them off as effectively as his shirt. He didn't hesitate in looping the red fabric around one of his thighs before securing it to the bed, rendering it completely useless and himself exposed.

But a Captain never gave up and he struggled furiously against his bonds surprising Spock enough for him to step away from his last free limb. He aimed viciously for Spock's side hoping his hit was hard enough to stop his heart. He restrained a sob as the Vulcan avoided his blow easily catching his ankle in a grip strong enough to break bone if he wished.

He couldn't let it end like this, like some sort of Vulcan plaything, but his final struggles were for naught as another length of red fabric was looped around his other thigh securing it to the bed leaving his legs spread wide and him completely vulnerable to what ever the Commander had planned. Only his ripped pants protecting his dignity.

But those pants were quickly removed, Jim crying out as the rough fabric was dragged across skin. He could feel the ghost of the Vulcan's gaze fluttering over his bare flesh, his muscles quivering, unable to suppress his disgust.

Relief flooded over him as the probing eyes left, the silent Vulcan commander stepping away. Jim breathed, trying to relax his tense muscles as he twisted his wrists once more in an attempt to free himself. But all it did was dig the fabric deeper pressing into his delicate wrists bringing the life blood to the surface as it bloomed across skin in shades of deep purples. Each tug drew more patterns, the softness of the combined threads preventing him from pulling it out completely. Preventing him from using spilt red blood, to perhaps, slip out.

Then Spock returned and Jim cringed away his eyes lingering over the bottle clutched in the Vulcan's hand. It was maybe a hint of hesitation he saw in those brown depths as he paused eyes roaming over Jim once more, taking in his handy work. But it was so fleeting Jim swore it was his mind trying to give him a reason, a reason why this was happening.

The bottle he followed as it was placed on the table beside the bed, taking note of the precise way it was placed down the fingers almost trembling. He tensed again as the clink of a belt hitting the hard floor echoed through the room. Then after a moment as if the Vulcan was once more waiting for silence the slide of fabric followed. The commander stood bare before him, allowing perhaps Jim to scrutinize as he had been. But he took his chance only briefly, turning away from his tormentor. Refusing to look at the defined muscles under pale flesh tinged a slight green, or the dark hair scattered over it.

Jim tensed eyes squeezing shut as the bed dipped and he felt it shutter under him as the Vulcan crawled closer making himself comfortable between his legs. He jerked feeling searing fingers caress his flesh, "Don't touch me!" he snarled the bonds preventing him from moving more then an inch.

"It is illogical to fight," Spock fingers found his flesh once again probing a long digit into his puckered entrance, "It will only cause you pain."

Jim just growled not interested in making it any easier, his eyes following the long fingered hand as it reached for the bottle beside the bed. He did his best to kick out, his lack of leverage doing little damage. And the fingers were back, now slick with oil probing and pushing, one ghosting over his limp member, exploring the curled hairs surrounding it.

"Get off," Jim screamed his sudden twist startling the Vulcan to sit back, the eyebrows rising.

"You will calm," He replied his hand reached out before he could turn away. The heated pads rested on his face, the other hand coming up to grasp his hair preventing away movement, "You will relax," The Vulcan intoned Jim feeling tendrils of the command reaching into his mind. He knew Vulcans were touch telepaths and he knew once they had a hold of you, you could do very little. Humans had no defense against the invasion. The only reason the Vulcan's had not learned all their secrets was a code of honor preventing them form stripping a living mind, even their enemies. It was probably the only thing Jim admired about the pointy-eared elves. It is was also the one thing he most feared.

"Don't" Jim's voice came out as a plea, trying to force his face away from the delicate touch trying to pull his mind away as he felt his muscles relax one by one, his whole body going limp. The commander pulled away once his task was complete, he would not attempt to enter the humans memories.

He could hardly breath, his body feeling detached from his mind as it hung in his bindings. He could feel the long heated fingers enter him, the oil making the way slick. He felt them scissor, stretching his relaxed muscles. Preparing for something larger. He tried to suppress a whimper as they pushed deeper brushing over the bundle of nerves that sent sparks of pleasure through him. Jim could do nothing to stop the shame for his traitorous body's betrayal. His dick rising in interest as blood flowed south.

A voice, his voice clawed forth in a scream as a third and forth finger were added stretching him open to much too soon. He could feel his hole wanting to rip, pulled too thin to go any further. The fingers paused as a burning hand came to rest on his thigh moving over the flesh in soothing circles and Jim looked up. His blue met brown, the only element to open the Vulcan to the world. Jim could barely believe the concern he saw shinning there as the hand moved upwards caressing his stomach pulling his mind away from the fingers now continuing their work.

A breath caught in his throat and he ripped his eyes away not wanting the knowledge. He didn't want to know his captor had any care for him. He didn't need it as the fingers removed themselves. He knew what was coming next. He had seen it long and thick extending from the crease as it became aroused. The Vulcan penis was much like a humans bar the sack it hid in when it wasn't being used to viciously subdue any dignity or pride he might have left.

"I apologize if this hurts," the Vulcan's words were murmured Jim hardly able to catch them as he felt the blunt tip at his entrance, but the meaning vanished as he was breached and stretch beyond anything before.

His pained scream reached around the room his body arching from the bed as he was filled. He could only grasp at his bonds, dig his blunt nails into his palms to quell the pain just slightly.

A hand brushing over his face forced his eyes to snap open focusing on the bead of moisture clinging to the tip.

"Fascinating," Spock murmured his body stilled over the prone human eyes fixed on the trails of moisture falling down reddened cheeks. Jim hardly registered the tears leaking from his eyes focusing on the wonder filling the brown depths before the finger pulled away.

Jim gasped, the large dick shifting just slightly, hands hot as the desert sands gripped his hips. They would leave bruises where the fingers dug into his flesh anchoring their owner as he thrust into the tight body below him. The Human bit his lips trying in vain to stop the startled moans as the probing head found his nerves once more. Pleasure and pain raced through his body each trying to win their place as the pressure built. Jim could not stop his tears as his mind fought against his body's reactions.

Spock's heavy breathing was able to keep his anger as the brute's flesh slammed into his. The obscene sound echoing from the walls surrounding him refusing him the luxury of denial, the pain too real to be a nightmare.

Jim groaned his release, as his body's betrayal was made real, tightening around the hardened member within him pulling the Vulcan's seed from him. The burning heat was the last thing he felt as white over took his vision and exhaustion pulled him under.

He wasn't conscious as Spock pulled from his body, carefully undoing the bonds and placing each abused limb on the bed. He wasn't conscious when the commander returned with a cloth and cleared the white vicious fluid from his chest and stomach or when he was tucked under the covers so he could rest more easily.


Jim eyes snapped open as he woke. It was apart of his training to be able to function as soon as he awoke to allow for emergency situations. In this case however he really wished he wasn't. A few minutes of blissful confusion would have been better then waking up to the full vivid images of what had happened the night before. He blinked trying to access his injuries. He only felt bruises and noticed his stomach was clean of the seed he had ejaculated all over himself. Seems like the Vulcan had cleaned him up before putting him to bed. Heat radiated from his right.

Confused as the sun was streaming in from his left he slowly sat up to not aggravate his injured muscles he found the furnace to his right was his aggressor. The Vulcan's face was slack with sleep and Jim could almost admit to himself he didn't look like the monster he truly was, almost. Shifting further he realized he was completely unbound and his eyes darted to the door. The red light blinking on the panel meant it was well and truly locked. It would take him time to hack it and in that time the Vulcan lying beside him could wake.

His hand shot out, pausing as it hovered over Spock's neck. He could kill him, this Vulcan who had brutally raped him. Who had captured him and his platoon and brought them to this place. He was just laying there his prone body relaxed, unable to defend himself. It would be too easy to just stop the blood flowing to his brain. Let him slip away in his sleep. He probably wouldn't even feel anything, even thou he deserved any pain he felt.

Jim sighed in frustration as he pulled his hand back. He couldn't do it. No matter how justified he was he couldn't kill in cold blood. Sure as a soldier he had killed many times, but always those at a distance or when his opponent had the ability to defend himself. He had never shot down an unarmed man or killed those would could not defend themselves. And Spock was no exception.

In his thoughts Jim had not caught the brown eyes flickering open to survey his conflicted face, "A wise choice," the voice caught him off guard. He jerked back toppling off the edge of the bed, hitting the ground hard.

Jim groaned staring up at the ceiling as the Spock's face shifted into view.

"Are you functional?" he asked voice mild, head tilted in mock concern.

"Fine, no thanks to you," Jim growled pushing himself up against his protesting muscle's wishes.

Spock drew back, affronted by Jim's anger but accepting. Jim watched as the Vulcan slipped out of bed, gathering his clothing before putting them on. Realizing his own nakedness he pulled the sheet from the bed wrapping it around his waist.

"I must prepare for the day," Spock informed him as he moved towards the door. Jim wary of what the Vulcan intended stayed where he was. He knew he hadn't the strength to fight against the Vulcan even if he thought it would be of use.

His eyes didn't waver and Spock must have taken his silence as acceptance because he typed in the code for the door. The locked clicked and he turned back to the human briefly,

"Someone will be here to attend to you in 30 minutes," Spock said before slipping out of the door. Jim heard the lock click into place behind him and the security code beep as it switched to red once more.

Jim finally allowed himself to fall against the bed his legs unable to support his weight. What Spock had done to him the night before had left its mark. He could barely stand without shaking and it had taken all of his stubbornness not to let it show in front of the Vulcan commander.

'Fuck' Jim swore letting his head drop in to his hands; for once he didn't have a plan. He had no idea how to get him out of this mess or how to free his platoon. But he knew one thing and that was he wasn't letting himself become some bastard Vulcan's sex toy.

Shuffling towards the window seat, Jim made a decision. He wasn't able to run now but he could gather as much information as possible before going. The courtyard three stories below was a hive of activity. He could see many vehicles coming and going through the massive gates manned by six heavily armed Vulcan's. The wall surrounding the courtyard and he assumed the rest of the complex as he notice it stretch beyond his sight, was massive shear stone reaching almost 10 meters into the air, too high to climb even with proper equipment.

He looked further out the window searching the walls of the building he was in currently. They were made of the same stone as the perimeter walls, blasted smooth. There were no holds he could see just a straight drop to the paved courtyard below. He could not use it as an exit. Searching further a field all Jim could see was desert stretching out to the horizon a small cloud of dust to the east as the wind picked at the sands moving them as it pleased. Even if he got out and got to his people they would have to gather supplies to survive the long trek back to Earth base.

It seemed an impossible task but if anything Jim was determined and he never believed in no-win scenarios.

He groaned, his muscles giving him a sharp reminder as he returned to the bed. It was not somewhere he wanted to rest but it was the most practical. From his side he eyes searched the room looking for things he might be able to use for his escape. A wardrobe stood in one corner opposite a book shelve filled with what he could gather were Vulcan texts, well warn by the looks of them. There was only the one bedside table and he noticed if he tilted his head just right a crack in the wall opposite him. It was almost invisible but it was there and when followed around resembled the width and height of a door.

Before Jim could force his body to comply and investigate his find the main door panel clicked and swung open. Three Vulcan women stepped inside, their impassive eyes landing on his form laying prone on the bed. Trying to gather himself Jim was too slow to react as one pulled him from the bed and another open the mysterious door to reveal a large stone bathroom. The third carried in her arms a small pile of white cloth and gold chain. Too bewildered to fully comprehend or fight back against the women he was pulled into the bathroom and unceremoniously shoved into the empty bath tub, his sheet pulled from his hips.

"Hey," Jim managed it protest trying to hide himself.

"Do not fight," intoned one of the women, nothing showed on her face but Jim thought she might be a little annoyed at him.

"I don't.." Jim tried to say before he cut into a yelp as water gushed out of the concealed faucet. It was freezing for a moment before the hot kicked in and warmish water filled the tub around him caressing his skin and soothing his muscles.

"You will be cleaned," voiced one of the women holding up a rough looking cloth, in Jim's opinion rather aggressively.

"No," Jim disagreed trying to pull himself from the tub. He got a total of 5 centimeters before being shoved back into the water and accosted by the women. One utilizing her Vulcan strength held him down as the other rubbed at his skin, taking away all the sweat and grim from before his ambush. He managed to catch a breath before they pushed him under the water to wash his hair. But the most humiliating part was when they scrubbed between his legs completely insensitive of his boundaries as his penis and bum were rubbed clean. He didn't know whether he should be greatful as they scrubbed away the evidence of Spock's attack or disgraced as they manhandled him out of the bath to pat him dry with a towel.

Seeing what he was expected to wear had him decide this had to be hell, he just couldn't still be alive to have to endure this kind of humiliation. The third Vulcan woman completely ignored his protests as she tied the white cloth around his waist. And all it was, was a cloth. One piece hung over his ass, the other between his legs barely covering anything, putting all his bruises on display for everyone to see. They even framed the ones pressed into his hips. He back away horrified managing to dash back into the bedroom before he was caught again, his injuries slowing him down.

"You will cooperate," one said snapping golden shackles around his wrists, the short chain forcing his hands together.

"No I won't," Jim growled trying to pull away, he wouldn't strike a woman if he didn't have to but they were making it awfully hard. Their grip was strong and he got nowhere before they dragged him to the door. The lock clicked under their fingers and he was pushed into the corridor to meet a full guard of Vulcan's including the General from the day before.

"Fuck," he swore under his breath, knowing the Vulcan's sensitive hearing would have picked it up. He was totally screwed he thought as he was crowded down the corridor, no idea where they where taking him this time.

After many long corridors and steep stairs, where the echo of boots drowned out the slap of his bare feet against stone, they came to a stop. What Jim saw wasn't good. It was a friggen stage filled with Vulcan brass, Spock standing among them. Leaning slightly to the right Jim caught a glimpse of the audience and closed his eyes. His platoon stood front and center surrounded by a whole compliment of Vulcan soldiers. What ever was about to happen Jim really didn't want to be apart of it. At least he didn't see a chopping block.

Before he could voice any protest he was pulled onto the stage by the Vulcan general and forced to his knees before Spock. The commander looked over him eyes assessing the damaged he had done, nodding as if to acknowledge his work. Jim's lips thinned, he could hear McCoy swearing at the Vulcan's on his behalf, the others were yelling at him trying to get his attention, trying to see if he was alright. He had to face them he knew, but he wished they never had to seem his like this beaten and humiliated. But he was Jim T Kirk and he would never let anyone see him defeated.

Tilting his head he caught Uhura's eye giving her a reassuring smile even managing a wink to let her know he was alright. She managed a tight smile back before they were caught and forced to pay attention to the Vulcan speaking.

It surprised him the general used English to give his speech but it seemed it was more for them then the Vulcan's present.

"You have taken his sacrifice," The general asked of Spock after a lengthy introduction, eyes sweeping over Jim's abused body before returning to stare the Commander, taking note of his split lip.

"I have," Spock inclined his head in answer.

"You have completed it as the ancient rules dictates," The general continued, Spock answering in the affirmative once more.

Even in English Jim still had no idea what they were talking about and it was really starting to annoy him. But before be could voice his frustration he was caught off guard by the general turning to speak at him.

"This sacrifice has been acknowledged and carried out accordingly, by Commander Spock choosing to perform such a sacred ritual your submission will be taken as payment. The human platoon will be returned to their people to fulfill the final right."

Jim blinked up at him taken aback by what was being said, "You're freeing my platoon."

"We are, you will remain here." The general's simple answer brought a flurry of motion as he was pulled to his feet and directed off stage by Spock.

"Don't touch him," McCoy yelled breaking their forced silence, "let me see him, I'm his doctor." He tried fighting against his Vulcan guard as they attempted to lead him away from his captain. The others equally frantic as they understood that their captain was not coming with them.

The General turned to Spock, "He is yours."

"I will allow it," Spock nodded finally pulling Jim off the stage. He was taken to a small room and told to wait as the door slammed in his face. Not moments later it was opened again to admit his disgruntled Medic. McCoy was on him like a flash.

"The hell did they did to you kid?" he growled looking him over able to check his bruises more closely.

"Do you really need to know," Jim replied allowing his defeat to show.

"Jim," McCoy's voice dropped, steady and concerned hands running over Jim's bare shoulders.

"I would have done it willingly," He finally looked up needing Bones to see the sincerity in his eyes, "If I had known they would let you go free, I would have done it willingly."

"Dammit Jim," the doctors growled shaking him, "You shouldn't have been the one.." he stopped unable to say it.

"I am the leader, Bones. I wouldn't let this happen to anyone of you if I could stop it," Jim told him unable to embrace his friend with his hands so bound.

"It still shouldn't have happened, these bastard are fucking barbaric," McCoy almost yelled angry at the man that had hurt his friend, "He shouldn't have touched you."

"But he did, and now you get to go free." Jim tried to make his friend understand finally finding some understanding himself, "He didn't hurt me, not really. There are only bruises, when he could have done a lot worst."

"You can't defend him," Bones growled eyes darkening in fury.

"I'm not," Jim implored, chained hands coming to rest on McCoy's chest, "But I'll be alright."

"We'll come back for you," the doctor promised as they heard the rattle of the door.

"I'll be here," Jim tried to smile, "Tell the others I'm ok."

"Don't let them win," was the last words Jim heard as his friend was pulled out of the room. Shaking he sat down taking a moment to pull himself together. It was possibly the last time he would see any of his friends again.


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