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Chapter 12 - Redemption

Pike sat in the central seat, eyes following the flashes streaking across the main view screen, yelling out orders. The crew, seated in their positions around the perimeter of the bridge, followed his every order quickly and efficiently relayed the information he asked for. The Romulans had opened fire moments after he had seen their guest's face. Pike had ordered return fire against the monstrosity revealed to them as their cloaking dropped. Veins pulsed between the stars, the only evidence of the small one-man fighters darting in and around the tentacled beast. The fighters were effective; small and maneuverable, able to carry any type of missiles you could come up with, each aiming for any weak point in the enemy ship. They had little shielding but they didn't need it when they could dodge the return fire.

The flagship was the command point, staying well back from the fighting to give orders and act as a launch pad. It was their job to assess the enemy ship and direct the fighters to the best points of attack. Pike wasn't always happy with sitting back and letting others risk their lives, but a General's job was to direct his troops and it was satisfying to see them succeed in crippling the enemy.

He repressed a grin as he watched rolling clouds of fiery color light up the inky blackness, two groups of fighters streaking away from the heavy mass. The Romulan ship listed to the side, stabilizers failing. They had breached the shields, taken out their main thrusters and disabled their weapons. The Narada was dead in space.

It would be assumed the Romulans would have put up more of a fight, their ship being larger and more advanced then anything the Earth fleet had, but there was one main thing that they had ignored; Pike had come prepared to take down an armada.

Nero had been attacking unprotected civilians and outposts, meeting little resistance. He and his crew had never had to go up against trained fighters, bred for war, in an all out battle and it showed. Pike was quick to take advantage of their weakness and now he took his victory, motioning for his communications officer to hail the defenseless ship.

"Captain Nero, I am General Christopher Pike," He spoke, focusing on the Romulan that had appeared on the screen. Nero eyes were dark, his anger all too obvious as he stared down the General, facing him over the open com-link, "Your ship has been disabled, your weapon's destroyed. Surrender your ship to the United Earth and your crew will not be harmed. Do not and we will be forced to destroy you."

Fires flared up behind Nero, his crew frantically running to put it out, "You think I would surrender my ship to the likes of you?" he growled, clutching the console in front of him, "I would-" he cut off, his eyes darting behind the General, the turbo lift doors opening with a squeak. Pike kept his focus on the Romulan Captain.

"You will be boarded and your ship taken, any crew that put up resistance will be killed. Do you understand?" Pike's voice was even as he relayed the words dictated by war protocols.

"No!" Nero exclaimed, crowding into the flickering view screen, the link corrupting as the Narada lost power his eyes focused on the two who had entered the bridge, "I would rather watch Romulus die a thousand deaths before I let you have my ship." The statement rattled around the bridge, the duty crew turning to catch a glimpse of the officers Nero was talking to because it definitely wasn't Pike.

Pike barked an order for all the fighters to fall back, front shields to be increased 20%. The crew fell silent, their eyes focused on the Romulan ship a succession of explosions lit up its hull, pieces tearing off until the entire thing was a mass of flaming debris plummeting to the icy planet below. Nero had chosen to self-destruct rather then allow anyone to board his ship.

The General sighed, disappointed but relieved the battle was over, he took his time to turn and greet his visitors. He was not looking forward to the discussion he would have to have with Kirk about following orders.

"Captain, Commander," Pike acknowledged rising from his chair, "Number One, you have the con," he told his first, motioning for his Vulcan guest to follow him to the turbo lift. Kirk and Spock hadn't moved from the raised floor in front of the turbo lift doors as they watched the elusive Romulan ship destroy itself.

"General Pike," Jim formally greeted Pike, glad that the Captain did know when to hold his tongue, even when his curious blue eyes flickered towards the elderly Vulcan standing at his shoulder. The General spared a glance at the Vulcan, a man who was the most emotionally expressive Vulcan he had met. The ease in which the man could keep his impassive expression yet portray just enough feeling made him tolerable.

The turbo lift opened and the small group stepped through, heading towards his ready room. Lieutenant Uhura had been working to decode the information her platoon had taken from the Romulan base as soon as their shuttle had touched down in the landing bay. Whatever she found would only add to what they had already learned; it was now very obvious to all that the Romulans had taken part in this war, and even with their physical similarity to Vulcans, their hatred for the logical race was clear. There would be no denying Kirk's claim that it was Romulans that had drawn out this war for so long. Which, lucky for him, also meant he wouldn't be court-martialed and as much as that boy irritated him at times, he didn't want to see him caged for following what he knew to be right. He did, however, have to discipline Kirk for insubordination and Pike was sure he could come up with a few good punishments.

"In here, Gentlemen," Pike invited them into his ready room, the door opening at his presence. The General took his seat at his desk, motioning for his guests to take a seat in front of him. Only the elder Vulcan took him up on the offer, Kirk and Spock stood at attention waiting for answers.

Steepling his fingers together, his eyes moved from one to the other, recognizing Kirk's slight fidgeting as impatience. Neither Vulcan showed any outward sign of emotion but the elder definitely had an amused glint reflected in his eye as he observed Kirk.

"Captain, Commander I'd like to introduce you to Spock," Pike began, deciding sate their curiosity.

"Sir?" Kirk questioned, eyes darting back to the elderly Vulcan once more. The Commander's eyebrow rising was the only indication of his confusion.

"Spock here is someone Military Intelligence picked up on the edge of Earth space about 2 years ago. For obvious reasons, they decided to keep the discovery under raps until they could corroborate his story and understand why a future Vulcan appeared out of a lightening storm in space," Pike explained, a little bemused at his own explanation knowing how ridiculous it sounded, "They decided to hand him over to me when they heard your little story Kirk, even if it took them a couple of months to do it. Nero and his ship match the descriptions Mr. Spock here has given us for the Romulan ship that proceeded him through the black hole that brought him to this timeline, so we now know he was telling the truth," Pike paused sitting back in his chair, making sure the two younger men in the room were following along, "Anything you would like to add Captain?" Pike eyes flickered to Kirk noticing the twitching fingers and clenched jaw. The General knew from experience he did that when he wanted to speak, but discipline dictated to wait for permission.

"Just clarification, sir," Jim spoke quickly indicating the elderly Vulcan, "His name is Spock and he is from the future?"

"Is he Commander Spock from the future, you mean?" Pike asked, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth before passing over to the elder, "I think it's best you explain it to them."

"Perhaps it would be easier," agreed the elderly Spock, turning his chair so he could see all the occupants in the room "Yes, I am Commander Spock from 129 years in the future, however, while we are physiologically the same, I come from circumstances vastly different," the Vulcan spoke easily deep brown eyes straying to reflect blue, "For one, the Federation was never disbanded and Vulcan and Earth did not go to war."

The Vulcan paused, turning to Pike for instruction. The General indicated for him to continue; he had to admit he was vastly entertained watching Kirk's reaction to all this new information. It was also very interesting to see the intense curiosity reflected in the eyes of the ever-silent Vulcan Commander.

Mr. Spock turned back to the two soldiers and explained everything, from when the Supernova was detected to the red matter. About how he had failed in his promise to save Romulus, giving Nero a reason to go after him and finally how that the confrontation with the Romulan had led to them being sucked into the black hole.

"Years of senseless war, millions of people killed because of my failure," Spock finished eyes, filled with regret as he finished his story.

"While your failure to save Romulus may have caused Nero's hatred towards the Federation, you are not responsible for his actions nor of those of our people and the people of Earth," Spock spoke up, pulling some clarity from Mr. Spock's words, amazing Pike at the sympathy in his words.

"Nero admitted that the Romulan Council was the one to encourage him to take his revenge by forcing Vulcan and Earth to go to war," Kirk spoke up, adding to the Commanders statement. Pike could see the gears turning in his head as he out all the information together, "And the future destruction of Romulus would explain a lot of what he ranted before we escaped."

Pike lost his humor when Kirk mentioned the Romulan council being involved in Nero's revenge. If that was the case, then they had violated the Neutral Treaty and had encouraged War between two former Federation planets. The Earth council would consider those actions as a declaration of War, and he was sure would the Vulcan Council would as well.

"You're sure he said the Romulan council was involved?" Pike needed to clarify.

"Yes ,sir, he did and I have a feeling the data we took from the Romulan base will support that," Kirk replied nodding.

The General frowned, deciding on his course of action, "I want a full report of your infiltration of the Romulan ship and what the Romulan Captain told you. Have Lieutenant Uhura report to me about what she has found in the data collected from the Delta Vega base."

The Captain hesitated for a second before replying, "Yes, sir."

"Your punishment for insubordination and implementing an unsanctioned mission will come later," Pike eyes narrowed as he stared Kirk down, voice lowering to make sure he understand the severity of what was to come.

"Yes, sir," Kirk replied coming to attention, his eyes focusing on the wall behind the General's head.

Pike nodded, knowing the boy understood there would be severe consequences to his actions before continuing in a lighter tone, "Now, I have to report to Earth base and organize salvage teams, so you're dismissed. I will be expecting your report by tomorrow Kirk."

"Yes, sir," Kirk replied, flat hand rising to his forehead in a standard salute, "Thank you, sir."

Pike watched them leave, the Vulcan Commander performing the Vulcan salute in acknowledgment of his rank before following Kirk into the corridor. His prisoner rose from his chair at his quick nod, sparing a pleasant good bye before he too left him to his reports. Earth Council would be very interested to know about the Romulan ship they had found over the desolate ice planet and the information could finally mean peace. It would be a nice sentiment after so long he thought, a smile touching his lips.


Jim caught Spock's arm as they stepped out of Pike's office, stopping him before he could go in search of the rest of the platoon, "Wait, I want to talk to Mr. Spock."

"You think it wise?" Spock questioned him, allowing Jim to lead him a little way from the door.

"He's you from the future, don't you want to speak to him?" Jim asked interested, watching Spock's eyes darken with a touch of fear. Before he could get an answer Mr. Spock stepped out into the corridor.

"Mr. Spock?" Jim asked warily, stopping the elderly Vulcan in the corridor as he beckoned him forward.

"Yes, Jim?" He replied, a smile in his voice, eyes twinkling as he made his way towards them. His hands folded behind his back in a very Spock-like gesture Jim thought with a smile.

Jim paused for a moment deciding on the best way to start, "You knew me back in your time didn't you? You and I were.."

Mr. Spock's lips twitched in a smile, eyes filling with fond memories, "We were friends, and you were my Captain."

"Did I know my family?" He needed to know if maybe this war hadn't happened he would have known his father, the decorated soldier killed in action, his mother MIA when he was 10 years old and assumed dead, and his bother who disappeared into the stars the first chance he got, running as far away from the war as possible.

"You did and they were at your side when you became Captain of the Enterprise," Mr. Spock eyes darkened with sorrow at his question, "The war has altered much in this timeline and I fear it will not give you the same chances I and my Jim had. I see, however, it has given you chances that I was never able to take," He nodded down to where Spock's hand had strayed to brush against Jim's when he asked about his family. An attempt to comfort Jim in his own small way, revealing to any Vulcan the nature of their relationship.

"You were never," Spock pulled his hand away, an involuntary action at being caught pausing to find the right word, "Intimate with your Jim?"

"We were as close as two men could be," Mr. Spock explained, "Without becoming intimately involved."

"But you wanted to be," Jim caught on quickly, able to read the elderly Vulcan as easily as he read his own Spock.

"He was my T'hy'la; I was most content at his side," the elderly Vulcan spoke, a waver to his voice that wasn't there before, "I am glad to see even under such circumstances you were able to find each other."

Jim decided to ask what T'hy'la meant later, noticing Spock tense at the elder's statement, "It is pretty impressive, did you meet, um, me when he became your Captain?" he grinned trying to lighten the mood and steer way from the line of conversation that could reveal to the other Spock the exact circumstances of their first meeting.

It worked well as Mr. Spock told them the story of he and his Jim's first meeting and asked about the others that were in his old crew. Jim smiled encouraging him to continue as they walked deciding it was time to move the conversation from the corridor and find where his platoon was so he could start on his reports, Spock adding in his own questions as they went.


Three years later the war was over, peace had blossomed into a renewed friendship between Earth and Vulcan, and the Federation was being reformed. The Romulans were blamed for everything; the other previous Federation planets didn't feel so hesitant about re-pledging their allegiance. The Romulans, with the threat of war with the two planets they had pitted against each other, signed a treaty confessing their part in the Earth-Vulcan war and released several former federation planets they had conquered while Vulcan and Earth had been busy. Their race, being descendent from Vulcans, weren't stupid and knew the treaty was the only way to prevent their planet from being obliterated by two very disgruntled planets that had been refining the art of war for the last 40 years against an equally determined and intelligent opponent. They had also heard about Pike destroying the Narada, considered by the Romulans to be the most powerful ship in the galaxy in less then half an hour, which may have been a factor in their agreement to sign the treaty.

Jim sighed looking over his application for Starfleet, the organization was slowly being returned to its former glory as it integrated the resources of the Vulcan and Earth military. It was interesting to watch as ships and weapons designed for war were being turned into implements for exploration and discovery. Sure, the ships were still armed to the teeth, but weapons bays were being turned into research labs and gun-totting soldiers were being switched out for scientists. It was going to be an organization prepared for war but always looking to bring peace for the future. Pike, one of the main driving forces behind the folding of the Earth military back into Starfleet, had asked him to apply. They needed men like him he'd said. Jim, however wasn't sure; he'd just been discharged from the military and he wasn't exactly looking forwards to going back, especially when he would have to do another two years of training at minimum before be could take over his own star ship. He could skip the training and get on an exploratory vessel straight up, any Captain would be lucky to have him on their ship as tactical officer, but he never did well under authority. His back still gave a twinge of pain when he thought about the punishment Pike had doled out after he'd defied his direct orders when he'd uncovered the Romulan's plot. Loading every single crate possible for a human to lift by hand into the transport shuttled as they'd packed up Earth base was killer on the lower back muscles and had taken him 3 weeks. They weren't exactly in a hurry to leave since the peace talks were in full swing at the time.

Thinking of the peace talks and Starfleet sent his thoughts straight to Spock. The Vulcan also had a big decision to make. During the first year of peace Jim had seen him very little, he'd been reassigned to Earth to help with the release of the Vulcan prisoners of war since he could relate to their situation to some extent and had first hand experience with dealing with their 'winning' personalities. Spock had stayed on Vulcan to help the Council to finalize the peace treaty. His work revealing the Romulan plot had given him a new standing in Vulcan society and some were perhaps not seeing his human half as such a weakness. After everything was finalized and on the first anniversary of peace Spock had been asked to come to Earth by General Pike, well admiral now since he moved to Starfleet, to reintroduce Vulcan cultures to Earth hoping for people to gain an understanding of the Vulcan people to prevent old prejudices returning. The Commander had easily accepted and Jim had found himself inviting Spock to live with him, since he had a spare room after Bones moved out to go back to Georgia. The Doctor had been quiet happy to accept his discharge papers and disappeared back to his hometown. They still kept in touch but it would never be the same. The others in his platoon had already moved on; Sulu and Chekov had been pulled into Starfleet as soon as they were discharged, Uhura followed, eager to learn more then the 15 languages she already knew. Scotty had spent a good amount of time back in Scotland, enjoying his freedom before getting bored and returned to work on the new ships being commissioned for the new and improved fleet. He was happy for all of them, each one telling how amazing it was to be doing something that was for a greater purpose then just fighting back and forth over an empty desert.

Now, two years later, they were thriving and he was doing odd jobs for the remaining military section. Spock had moved into his room after much discussion, well, discussion on Spock's part. Jim just went emi meni minie mo and turned Spock's old room into an office. They were now officially classified as a couple, but that could all come to an end depending on what they chose to do. Spock had been offered a place at the Vulcan Science academy, which he would happily accept now that they had switched their focus from finding new, and interesting ways of blowing shit up to more peaceful scientific discovery. Sarek was pushing for Spock to return to Vulcan and take up his place in the VSA, but his son also wanted to apply for Starfleet after Pike offered him a place amongst the star and a chance to explore to the far reaches of the universe. For a mind like Spock's, it was a hard thing to turn down. If Spock did decide on Starfleet, Jim could be quite happy standing beside the pointy-eared hobgoblin on the bridge of a starship, just as their counterparts had. On the other hand, if he opted to return to Vulcan, Jim didn't know if he could follow; the thought of returning to the planet of scolding heat and vast deserts made him shiver.

Whatever choice the Vulcan made, Jim knew he had to make his own decision for his future. As much as he loved Spock, he couldn't let the Vulcan's actions dictate his own.

Running a hand over his face, Jim put the pad down and pushed back from the kitchen counter. The sun reflected off the sink as it filtered through the window, its low angle indicating the late hour. Spock would be home soon, probably with dinner being take-out night. He smiled, not really sure when the tradition started but was glad for it never the less; he really wasn't in the mood to cook.

A chill had entered the air, sending pins of cold up and down his bare arms since he had been staring at the blank form for the last half hour. The bedroom was cluttered with stuff and the laundry hamper was filled with most of his clothes, including his only two sweatshirts. He really hadn't gotten use to having more then one of everything since he'd left the barracks. Spock had offered to wash them, but Jim being stubborn and slightly annoyed at the time said he could do his own laundry. Three days later he kind of regretted that decision goose flesh rising as the cool breeze from the open window washed across his exposed skin. Years in the desert really had left him with little tolerance to cold evenings.

Making a quick decision Jim strode over to the wardrobe pulling open Spock's drawer. The Vulcan had a variety of sweaters, having to wear them in the summer and doubled in the winter here on Earth. He smiled, fingering a soft sleeve remembering the nights he had spent curled up against the fuzzy clad shoulder, enjoying the quiet rhythmic breathing as the Vulcan read over his missives, occasionally asking him what he thought of a comment or request.

Shuffling through the sweaters and soft knitted jumpers, a flash of red caught his attention stuffed right at the back. The cold became more the skin deep as he reached for the length of red fabric, running it slowly through his fingers mimicking the movements of a different set of hands from too many years ago.

The lock snapping open pulled Jim forcefully to the present as the front door swung open on its slightly creaky hinge and a strong steady voice called a greeting. As if on autopilot he turned shuffling towards the kitchen. His hand he kept steady as he held out the strip of red fabric to Spock. The Vulcan froze, the cotton bag holding their soon to be forgotten dinner inches from the bench.

"Why?" he asked, the tremor in his voice more difficult to hide then the trembling in his body, "Why do you still have this?"

Spock eyes darted down to the red then back up to him, "I..." he started, placing the bag on the counter to think through his words, "It is hard to explain my reasoning for keeping such a memento."

"Then try!" Jim demanded, hand curling into a fist around the offending fabric, the cold crystallizing his veins.

"It was my decision to keep it, to remind me..." Spock tried again, breath following his words, his stance ridged, "Something, I will admit, is usually unnecessary for a Vulcan."

"Why?" Jim asked again, desperation building as his need to know why his Vulcan would need to keep such a thing.

"I use it to remember my regretful actions, to how I was able to create reasons to justify a most despicable act, how I could remove myself from my own moral character. What I did to you Jim can not be set aside by thinking of the needs of many, I should have thought only of the needs of one, of you. You did not deserve to experience what I did to you, and I am sorry for what I have done," Spock's eyes darted down unable to look at him any longer, the regret and sorrow swirling in his darkened irises.

"You did it to end a war," Jim breathed, his fist still tense around the red as it bunched in his fingers, trailing to the floor.

"That is as it maybe, but it does not remove the regret if feel for my actions, nor does it fix the traumas I put you through, " Eyes cast downwards, Spock's head inclined towards the red, "That is to remind me, so I will never consider sacrifice to be a justifiable course of action for any purpose."

"You," Jim felt the word slip pass his lips as his hand fell the red fabric slipping through his fingers, "You've never said anything, you never…" Jim was unsure what to say. Spock, as much as Jim knew held some regret about what he had done, he'd never imagined it had affected the Vulcan this much. He'd never even truly apologized until now. What had happened that night, how the Vulcan had tied him down forcing himself inside him, he could never forget it, not in three years not in ten. But he could move past it and if he could then Spock could too.

"Spock," Jim stepped away from the red pooled at his feet, taking the angled chin into his hand forcing the brown orbs to focus on him, "I forgive you."

"Jim," His name was a breath as Spock's hand curled around Jim's, "For your sake I should have let you go, allowed you to move on, but for my own selfish reasons I could not."

Jim leaned closer his lips brushing against the Vulcan's in a shadow of a kiss, "I wouldn't have let you," he murmured pressing himself against the hard body, using the hand on Spock's chin to guide him through the kiss, his free hand creeping under the soft fabric of the blue sweater.

Entwining his fingers with Spock's he pulled back, tugging the Vulcan to follow. The bed was as he'd left it that morning in his half-hearted attempt to straighten the rumpled covers after he'd slept in, his military discipline severely lacking in the bed-making department.

The Vulcan became more involved as Jim pushed him on the bed, tugging the human after him. Clothes fluttered to the floor, the sheets becoming more crumpled as two bodies slid together, running hands and lips over heated skin, pulling appreciative moans between panting breaths.

"Jim," Spock moaned as the human settled between green-tinged thighs, sliding lubricated fingers into his puckered hole, preparing the Vulcan for something bigger.

Jim pushed every feeling, every thought into every touch, trying to show the man beneath him how much he loved him, how much he needed him. Pressing into tight heat Jim matched Spock's groan and they moved as one pushing and pulling against each other finding that perfect spot sending waves of desire flooding through them.

Spock reached for him pulling him closer, a hand caressing his brow, his cheek, before three fingers rested on his psi-points. Six months ago Jim had let Spock into his head and now he fell willingly into the minds embrace, their thoughts and emotions becoming one and the same feeling each touch, each caress as giver and receiver.

White hot pleasure surged through his veins as Jim's release exploded from him, Spock's name on his lips, the Vulcan following him over the edge a moment later clenching tight around him milking anything that was left.

"T'hy'la," Spock murmured in his ear as Jim slumped onto his chest, sweat glistened on cooling skin.

"Ashayam," Jim smiled, placing a kiss on his chin before pulling himself away to rest on the bed beside his Vulcan basking in the after glow. They stayed silent and still, fingers tangled enjoying the silence. Jim didn't know how long they stayed like that comfortable in each others presence before they rose together and bathed washing the evidence of their love from the others skin.

The bed welcomed their return as they slid between the sheets dressed for a night of rest. Jim watched as his Vulcan relaxed into sleep, trailing every smoothed line with keen eyes spiriting the sight into his most precious memories.

When Jim's eyes finally pulled away from the sleeping face of his Vulcan he rose from the bed heading towards the kitchen. He stopped on the cusp feeling silk under his toes. His eyes turned downwards stooping to pick it up. The cool fabric caressed his palm pulling goose dumps from his flesh, the red barely visible in the dim light of the apartment. This unassuming piece of cloth had held him captive once, allowed an enemy to take from him something he wasn't even aware he had and that was something he could never get back or forget. But he would move forward, Jim thought. Feet moving once more, taking him step by step into the kitchen; it would be worth it, because Spock was worth it.

His own mind had separated the man from the beast. To him Spock wasn't the Vulcan that attacked him; he was and always would be the man he loved. He was aware he was completely crazy, Bones told him constantly, but he was happy and that's all that mattered, Jim smiled letting the red fabric slide over his fingers into the waste receptacle.

The End.


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Tarsus IV, a planet of blood. Star fleet has ordered a mission to survey the planet to find out exactly what went wrong. But something was left behind, something other then spilt blood. AU Spock / Jim