"...Well then. I see how it is."

Sherlock rolled his eyes. "You're illogical."
"You're being childish. Does my logic matter?"
John sighed. "You're impossible." 'You're loyalty is quick and strong.' John paused at the sudden thought. Was that Mycroft's voice he heard?

Sherlock shrugged and buried himself under the covers.

"I'll go let the doctor know we're checking out, alright? Don't. Move."


John got up finding the doctor to check on Sherlock while he signed him out.

Sherlock technically didn't move. He didn't leave the bed, which was the intent, at least. He was just grabbing various wires and fiddling with them...it really wasn't his fault that the sheets caught on fire. He was trying to put it out-and succeeding, thank you very much!-when John came back.

"Sherlock!" John nearly yelled, helping put out the stubborn fire out, unhooking Sherlock and getting him out the bed as quickly as possible. "What were you doing?!

"...Experimenting," Sherlock muttered begrudgingly. "I didn't move, though!"

John sighed. "You're signed out, let's go home."

Sherlock smiled and got up, grinning. "Home, home, science, science, home!"

John shook his head. "No. Taxi, home, bed, tea, lunch, bed, NO science."

"But...science, John," Sherlock said, lower lip jutting out in something that could almost, almost be considered a pout. "I can do science in bed.

"You can. But I'm not letting you. No science, Sherlock. Not until I say you're allowed."

"But John, science will suffer without my noble contributions!" Sherlock whined.

"Science can wait one more day, Sherlock. Just one, then I'll see if you're well enough to work on little things in bed. Okay?"

Sherlock huffed. "You are a dictator, John Watson. A cruel dictator rivaling that of Stalin!"

"Hey! I'm not cruel! I'm watching out for my -insane, I'm telling you you're insane- best friend, whether he likes it or not." John crossed his arms stubbornly.

"Cruel! Sucking all the joy from the world! Medieval dictator!" Sherlock accused, pointing his finger dramatically.

John snorted. "Oh sure, I'm the bad guy for keeping you away from chemicals. Joy."

"Yes!" Sherlock shouted, stalking away.

"No!" John called back, following him out. "You're being childish!"

"You're childish!" Sherlock rebutted.

"You're the one being childish!"


"Bah! I am the Dark Lord of All and you are a peasant! Don't make me smite you, Sherlock!" John said it in a teasing manner in retaliation for being called a dictator yet again, but was seriously thinking about the smiting part.

"Oh, just try!" Sherlock growled, rolling his eyes and stalking out of the hospital.

"I don't need to. Lestride helped me lock up all your things," John commented as he followed Sherlock out.

"See if he gets my help on anything ever again!" Sherlock huffed.

"Sherlock, it's for your own good."

"Oh, thank you mother, that's so very helpful! Perhaps I should inform you that I stopped caring about my own good decades ago!"

"Which is when your bloody friends started! Or do you consider us your friends, Sherlock?"

"Of course I do. I just think you're all unnecessary worrywarts!"

"Get used to it! It's happening whether you like it or not!"


"Shut up and go to your room, Sherlock!" John relied tersely, making sure not to raise his voice at the childish man before him.

"Shut up and go to /your/ room," Sherlock grumbled, slamming his door.

"Make me!" John huffed, flopping down on the couch. Damned childish man.

Sherlock just growled and started playing with fire.

John smelt smoke. Smoke? Smoke! Sherlock... "SHERLOCK! PUT OUT THE FIRE!"

"NO! I'M NOT HURTING ANY-OW!" A brief pause. "I'M OKAY."


"FINE," Sherlock shouted, putting it out and sulking on his bed.

John sighed and walked upstairs, looking at Sherlock. "Sherlock..."

Sherlock simply rolled over, facing the wall with a huff.

"Sherlock... Come on..." John walked over, looking down at him.

Sherlock just sulked quietly, arms crossed.

"If I let you conduct a controlled experiment, will you talk to me?"

Sherlock perked up and nodded. "Yes!"

John sighed. Sherlock was insane. But he was /his/ insane Sherlock. He did agree to the flat mates bit of it, might as well claim what he knew to be his friend. "Alright. Let's go."

Sherlock jumped up and practically vibrated out of the room.

John followed quickly after to keep an eye on his little psychopath.

"Science science science, "Sherlock chanted excitedly.

John laughed, unlocking the door to Sherlock's experiment room, or death lab, as he remembered calling it. "Here you go, Sherlock."

Sherlock darted into the lab, cooing at some still working labs and beginning on some new ones.

John shook his head and settled into a chair to watch him and make sure nothing dangerous happened.

Sherlock splashed some chemicals and grinned as they started to smoke and bubble. "Neat."

John looked at the warily. "What is that, Sherlock?"

"Stuff," Sherlock answered, grinning maniacally.

"What stuff?" John didn't like that look. That look meant explosions.

"Neat stuff, "the detective chortled.

"...That tone was always used before your 'neat stuff' exploded," John muttered warily.

On cue, Sherlock dropped the chemicals and tackled John. "FIRE IN THE KITCHEN."

John groaned when he hit the floor from being tackled, glaring up at Sherlock. "Sherlock..." His tone was calm, though it was obvious he was upset.

"Not good?" Sherlock asked, rolling off of John sheepishly.

John sighed, sitting up, he put out the little fire. "Sherlock, you can't keep doing that. Our flat will be unlivable if you keep doing that."

Sherlock huffed. "But it's fun."

"Our home, Sherlock."

"I'll fix it!"

"You would have to break it to fix it. Do you think people would let you fix it?"

"I'd make them let me."

"How many times has that worked?"

"A couple! I can be very convincing!"

"Uh huh. Well. You can try, but maybe later. I like my home the way it is."

Sherlock just huffed, sitting on the floor.

John sighed. "Come on, Sherlock, don't be that way."

"Come on Sherlock don't be that way, "Sherlock mimicked.

"Now you're just being childish."

"You're being childish."



"Stop mocking me."