Hey Guys, its been a LONG time since I've posted one of these and frankly I didn't want to have to post another one but the last guy (whose name will not be said) failed to keep up with the requirements and has went MIA. So the story is open for adoption and this time I'm going to tell you the requirements.

1). You HAVE to post chapters consisting of 5,000+ words.

2). A summon he later gets is the Dragon Summons (talk to Masamune about the summoning contract since he has that planned out.)

3). His pairing aside from Karin of course would be Yugito, Samui, Shizuka and Kurotsuchi. If you don't want a harem that big then its okay to cut it down one or two. Since he is restarting a clan he will need more then one wife.

4). Speak to Masamune X23. He helped SoulReaperCrewe and I with the story and is extremely excellent at what he does. Any changes or new ideas must be spiking with the both if us for approval since the last guy had some... "Out of this world" ideas.