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"I want to touch your ears."

Grimmjow paused at the question and then did a double-take when it finally sunk into his mind just what the question was, "What the fuck, woman?!"

Kagome gave him a look, "I have nothing else to do," She shrugged, making a vague gesture to the room, "Aizen is not the mastermind everyone makes him out to be. The bastard locks me in a room with nothing in it and expects me to behave?!"

Grimmjow almost wanted to sigh, somewhat irritated that it was his turn to babysit the girl to make sure she wouldn't try yet another escape attempt (and she had made many of them).

She was defiant, the exact opposite of the other girl Aizen had taken from Karakura Town, and it pissed him off.

"Let me touch them!" Kagome insisted and Grimmjow almost took a step back, his instincts telling him to run and run fast, "I want to touch them! Let me touch them!" Her face turned red as she seemingly began to fantasize about something and he bristled slightly when she let out a creepy little giggle. He even swore he saw a bit of drool leaking from the corner of her lips.

If he had to be absolutely honest, he would say this tiny slip of a girl terrified him a lot more than Aizen did.

"Get the hell off!" Grimmjow roared as Kagome latched onto him, attempting to climb up his person in order to reach his ears.

"Turn into your Resurrección form! I need to pet your ears!" Kagome smiled excitedly, not minding at all when Grimmjow got a little rough. After all, it was funny to rile him up.

She had nothing to do otherwise...