The detour into an empty classroom wasn't in Lydia's navigation system when she got the text to meet Aiden in the old utility closet. The tight hold the boy who grabbed her produced didn't make her feel any sense of security, not like he normally would have. Lydia shrugged him off with a mild glare and some pursed lips that were ready to be kissed senseless.

"Really, Lydia. An Alpha? I mean come on!" Stiles scoffed in her general direction. Lydia leaned against the teachers long desk, cupping her bags strap and slowly bringing it down her arm, setting aside. He had that crazy look in his eye again.

"Do you realize how dangerous that is? I mean when Scott turned, it took a lot for him to stay in control with Allison- and you just, just let him-" Stiles paused, hands firm on hips, teeth gritting together with some hidden restraint.

"Fondle you! You let that bastard fondle you and you don't even bat an eyelash. What gives?" Lydia rolled her eyes standing straight and smoothed out her skirt.

"Stiles, I told you a thousand times, I can take care of myself. I'm a pretty good judge of character I'll have you know."

Stiles grunted, muffled some cynical laugh she knew all too well.

"Yeah like your last boyfriend? Now he was a keeper wasn't he?"

At the mention of Jackson, Lydia had an urge to slap the sheriff's son so hard Scott would feel it. Jackson and Aiden were different. Jackson was off limits and Stiles knew it.

"It's not my fault you're just jealous." She spat with more emotion than she wanted. It wasn't an angry accusation but one of a hurt pride.

Lydia hadn't a clue how Stiles found out about her and Aiden but she wasn't going to feel bad about it, or make excuses. He was a decent guy once she got past the werewolf abilities and vague after school plans. It didn't matter, so did she. They never talked about what sides they were on or who was after who. It was simple and high school and hot.

"That's convenient." Stiles mumbled. "Play my own emotions against me when it suits you. But you know what? News flash, Lydia. I can't feel jealous when I'm too busy feeling sorry for you."

And then he was gone. Stormed out of the room and into the herd on the other side of the door. Lydia refused to get upset by Stiles' words. She missed the days when he wasn't very good at them, and keeping her happy was a goal. Stiles wasn't worried about that anymore. He didn't care what he said around her. His mediocre filter was gone.

But his actions always left her with a heavy heart. Because they were always pure. It was Lydia who was being the stubborn one this time, though she'd never admit it to him. He was looking out for her. But if that was all it was, then why did he leave her feeling so empty? His golden brown eyes, the ones that always reminded her of an autumn sunset were detached. Stiles didn't carry himself with that same flame any longer. Lydia was just a girl and Stiles was so much more than a boy.

Well Stiles be damned. Lydia wasn't going to stop her fling with Aiden just because he didn't like it. His lips were hot and trained against her neck. Her pulse bunched with his touch and she was simply ecstatic that he was such a fast learner. With his abilities, Lydia was banking on it.

Though, as his lips found hers again, she couldn't stop picturing a rather sour teenager. She felt his presence and at that moment she hated Stiles. It took all her concentration to stay focused. The boy moved against her, propping her on the desk and removing his shirt. His skin was as hot and dangerous as his kisses. She sighed into his mouth. Her latest boy toy, though good looking and eager, did nothing to distract her. She would blame Stiles for the rest of her life for that, and prayed she wouldn't actually know him that long. It wasn't her fault Aiden made a move.

Lydia jerked away from him. His eyes were kind and clouded with confusion. His chest rose and fell with the intensity and need. But Lydia found herself no longer in the mood. He trailed his hand down the side of her face.

"If you're worried about getting caught-" But she stopped listening. Why had she thought that? Aiden made a move? Her subconscious didn't have to follow up with a 'Stiles didn't.' It was overwhelmingly implied.

Before Lydia could pretend to care what Aiden was saying, he was kissing her again with an enthusiasm that made her heart feel like a weight in her chest. But the fire alarm sounded and Lydia was delighted for it.

"Let her go." His voice was determined. There was nothing light and airy about him right now. It was always something she came to expect. Stiles was just happy. He might have been cynical and a little too easy to fluster, but underneath everything, he was happy and helpful and Lydia hated herself for having a hand in taking that away.

Cora Hale told her to stay away. How many people were going to tell her that before the sun went down? It was almost like they knew something she didn't, but Stiles didn't keep secrets from her anymore. But she kept them from him. As Stiles dragged her to Harris' room, Cora tagging behind like the third wheel she was, Lydia had the feeling things still weren't right between them.

"Deaton is missing. You're going to find him." Stiles demanded. He opened his backpack on the floor, rummaging through it.

"Who's Deaton?" Cora asked. "The Vet." Lydia shrugged, briskly. If Stiles can act like a stubborn child so can she.

"Is this for real?" She spat looking down at the silly board game that Jackson forced her to play once. It didn't work needless to say and Lydia thought Stiles was smarter than that. But his eyes were desperate. Deaton was an asset and a friend but she couldn't focus right now. She didn't want to be something different. She hated what happened to her last year, she wasn't going down that road again without a fight. It was a shame Stiles was going to be the roadblock.

"You're something!" He snapped at her. Lydia's insides felt like they were set on fire but she remained indifferent to her tormentor and Cora Hale who didn't seem to get the hint and leave them to it. Stiles wasn't asking her to leave, and Lydia wasn't aware that Derek Hale and co. had reign over them.

Maybe Danny had the answers. Stiles ushered both girls to his jeep and then broke about seven violations getting to the hospital.

"Wait here!" He yelled over his shoulder while he jogged up the path towards the emergency room entrance. Cora stayed silent. So did Lydia.

Before she knew it, Lydia was learning that Beacon Hills was basically just a hell hole for the impossible and that this was far, far from ever being over. Deaton was in the bank that everyone went to that first week of school without inviting her and the alphas had Derek Hale trapped in his apartment with Boyd and Isaac. Part of her prayed Aiden wasn't there. She didn't need Stiles or now, their new BFF Cora rubbing it in her face.

Scott went to save Deaton and the threesome went to Derek's aid. The ride over, Lydia stayed quiet. She was still angry at Stiles, but more angry at herself. She never asked for any of this to happen and she never wanted Stiles to find out about Aiden. Mostly because she knew he would react just like this. But she couldn't blame him. She'd act the same way. Like that fire that inflamed her heavy heart when Cora who they've known for point-seven seconds grabbed his hand, finished his sentences and made such direct eye contact, Lydia found herself feeling like she was invading a personal moment.

That was their thing. She didn't want Cora apart of it. No matter how much she helped out. But Lydia wasn't jealous. Stiles just had that way with people. She looked over, watching as the street lights reflected off Stiles tense face. She didn't want to fight with him anymore. The fate of nearly everyone they knew was up in the air right now and she was grateful to be there with Stiles. He always made her seem stronger and sometimes that strength turned her stubborn. He looked back at her with the same intensity.

It was different than with Aiden. His intensity was purely sexual. Stiles' and Lydia assumed hers went much deeper. They were friends and they were going to drive each other insane but they were in this together and she was thankful for that. But then she remembered Cora, head held low, a firm line on her lips. Her eyes dark with worry and Lydia felt bad for all the horrible things she thought about her today. Her brother was in danger.

Boyd was dead. Cora was in hysterics over his body and Stiles was comforting Derek. It was all happening so fast, Lydia needed to lean against the stone wall to grasp anything but reality. She wanted Allison there. Boyd couldn't have been dead. They just saved him not even a week ago. But the black water lapped against his still body and the younger Hale was covering him, shielding the larger male in a way she supposed Cora wished she could have earlier.

Lydia looked over at Isaac and their English teacher. The woman wore a look Lydia knew all too well and Isaac remained stagnant, watching on in helplessness.

Stiles brought her home that night and he didn't even blink when she threw her arms around him in the only affection she would ever allow. The lines between indifference and more were really blurring with those two and she couldn't risk it. She couldn't lose him. He was her rock. Lydia mumbled an 'I'm so sorry' and she wasn't really sure which event it was for, but Stiles nodded, finding a situation to link it to. He was off to meet Scott and Lydia was going to crawl into her mothers bed tonight, not caring how old she was for it.

She watched him drive away and the heaviness slowly filled her heart as his taillights dwindled away with the night.