By: Jessenia

Treize kills Lady Une to protect Wufei -which saves Duo and makes this a 1x2 fic!!

"So he'll only bite virgins?" Quatre asked.

"That seems to be the case." Trowa stated, looking at his hands.

"And he'll only bite the four of us?"


"Then that means we're safe!" Wufei sat with his legs crossed, perched on a chair. He was talking to Trowa, Quatre and Heero about the tiny problem that they had recently discovered with the absent American pilot. Quatre's eyes widened at Wufei's blunt comment. Wufei decided to rephrase. "Well, none of us are virgins, right?" He completely understood what Trowa and Quatre were to each other, something that became verified when Trowa went red and Quatre hid his head against his lover's shoulder.

Wufei didn't mind.

He had Treize.

And Zechs.

And Heero must have....

"That isn't true." The voice caused everyone to look at the Japanese boy who was sitting on a seat a bit away from the group.

"What do you mean by that?" Wufei asked, feeling a little shocked.

"I'm still ...." Heero trailed off, blushing a little and averting his eyes from the group. This situation was confusing as hell. And it had all started with Duo coming back late from a mission they hadn't even known he had taken .....


Duo was running. He hopped over a fallen bicycle and ran faster, pushing himself to his limits and beyond. Heero would be proud of him! The only problem was that Duo wasn't sure who he was running from. But he was definite that he wasn't getting away. He stumbled over some fallen rubble from the explosion that he had caused.

Shit. Duo cursed to himself. This is a pain in the ass. I'm gonna die here and no one is gonna KNOW!! Heero won't even know how I....

He stopped as he was tackled by something. It was heavy, and felt like a body. He struggled with all his might but the thing was too strong. Suddenly, Duo felt very calm, and very sleepy. He closed his eyes and relaxed into inevitable thoughts of Heero...


"It could work Treize-samma! I mean, what if that is what happens!?" Treize frowned and looked at the unconscious boy lying on his desk.

"I don't give a damn what happens. You will not go around biting those Gundam pilots, Une!! I have not the slightest clue as to what to do with this one!" Treize frowned. He wanted to sit behind his desk and look superior but that boy...he had no desire to get close to him now.

"Protecting your lover, Treize?" Treize almost lunged at her. Of course he was protecting Wufei!! If he got bitten then....then...what? "I find it quite adorable. But you see, I am the only one who knows the cure for such things as these. And my dear Treize. I will bite who I want to. That includes your lover. Or should I say....lovers?" Lady Une gave a half smile and strutted out the door. Of course she knew how to save that Gundam pilot. The only way to heal a vampire was to kill the leading one. Her. And there was no way in hell that someone was going to do that.

Treize frowned harder. Then he stopped and ran to the door, hoping to catch Une before she strutted her way into oblivion. "Une!! Take this carcass out of my office and off of my DESK!!" He didn't like that woman....the term, BITCH came to mind.



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