Chapter 19

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September 2014

Michael stood on the docks watching the ELQ crane unload shipping crates. A part of him wanted to leave Port Charles but that crane reminded him why he stayed. This was his home. Sam had taken much from him but he wouldn't give her this.

She left town after checking out of the hospital. A visit to Alexis confirmed that she wouldn't be back. He was relieved. Sam had done enough damage.

He grieved for the baby. As much as he hated losing it, the child was better off in heaven than a lifetime of custody battles and personal grudges. He cringed as memories from his childhood ran through his head.

He would have like to know if he had a son or daughter but it was just too early to tell. He thought the baby might have been a boy. The grandfathers would surely have fought over the name: Michael Corinthos IV or Alan James Quartmaine III. His mom would have pushed for something like Jason Jr. Maybe Elizabeth would have been the voice of reason and helped him pick something unique. His child deserved his own name, especially since that was all he would ever have. Michael decided he liked Nathaniel. Baby Nate would have been loved.

He looked back at the crane. Someday he would get married and have another child, maybe two. When he did, he wouldn't forget his first. But he would be happy.


Carly went to the baby boutique to find a new dress for lil Carly but found herself wandering over to the infant boys' section. Memories of Morgan's infancy ran through her mind as she imagined what Michael's child might have looked like. She may not have been ready to be someone's grandmother but she had been growing used to the idea. Losing the baby hurt her. Up till now her attention had been on Michael but here in the store she allowed a few tears to fall for her own pain.

Wiping them away, she touched the little blue sleeper in front of her. Someday.


Sonny picked up the picture of Michael as a toddler. His bright red hair had changed when he was in the coma and Sonny missed it. He missed so much. His kids were young adults now and would never again fill the playroom with laughter. The family he had tried to have with Elizabeth was across town with Jason.

His grandchild was dead. He rubbed his eyes and replaced the picture. It was time to move forward.

Max knocked on the door and stepped inside. He nodded at Sonny and left again. It was done. Sam got what she deserved for hurting his son. No one, not even Jason, would ever know. He doubted anyone other than Alexis would even care.


Jason wasn't one for emotional confrontations but he and Sonny needed to talk. They were family and they would be around each other at times. He didn't want another scene like the one when he found out Sam was pregnant. Jason thought he might be ready to forgive him, if for no other reason than not forgiving gave Franco a small victory.

The older man offered him a water bottle. "No, thanks. I, uh, I just wanted to clear the air," Jason said as he stood just inside the den's doorway.

Sonny smiled. "Good." He rubbed his jaw. "I'm sorry. I'm not in love with her anymore if that helps."

Jason ran a hand through his hair. "I know and it does. I don't think we can be like we used to but I want us to be friends again."

"Me too," Sonny agreed. "We'll get there. Carly and Elizabeth will see to it even if we don't."

The men found a little of their old camaraderie in the thought. Those women had a way of getting what they wanted.


Elizabeth once again called on Audrey to watch the kids. With three, Audrey had her hands full but Monica promised to stop by and help out. The young mother trusted them.

When she heard Jason's SUV in the driveway she moved to the stairs and took off her shoes. As the door opened, she removed her shirt. As their eyes met her bra joined the top on the steps. Backing slowly and shedding the rest of clothes, she stared him down. "Welcome home," she whispered when she was at the top and naked.

Jason moved swiftly to sweep her up in his arms and carry her to their bedroom.

Nearly two years ago, they flirted with reconciling before Jason's supposed death. A year ago, they had spent three days making love only to be ripped apart when Franco released her. They had survived and their reward was found in each other. The play was over, the curtain had fallen, and they got their happily ever after.

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